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(March 2001, I posted this message on WWWboard of inverse.org, but its log was passed. So, I thought it's good to put this also here.)
The special number of Dragon magazine (named "Fantasia Battle Royal"-"Slayers VS Orphen") was put on the market on March 15 in Japan(it's price is 800yen(taxes included).
"Slayers VS Orphen" is the plan of making it compete for two popular works(=series) published by the Fujimi fantasia bunko(=library).
I'm sorry. I can't summarize it well. And, there may be some mistranslation and miss-spelling.(^ ^;

Color illustration pinup(=poster?).
5 special cards of 'Slayers Fight(which is trading card game of Slayers)'. (The cards with which illustration of Slayers and Orphen's character was drawn. By this, the character of other series will be applied to the game for the first time.)

===Color illustration and introduction===(from Page.10 to P15)

===Novel(Slayers VS Orphen)===
(It is written by Hajime Kanzaka(the author of Slayers series) and Yoshinobu Akita(the author of Orphen series). And illustrated by Rui Araizumi(the illustrator of Slayers series) and Yuuya Kusakawa(the illustrator of Orphen series).)
==Part.1: Kaikou(=Encounter)==(from P16 to P31)
In the strange foggy city. It seems that nobody is in the city.
Zel meets Dorothy in the street.
Ameria and Gourry meet Koggie and Bonny in the cafe. They can't understand why they are in this city. They find a huge castle. And in order that they may return to their world (or in order to beat enemies which are the causes of this situation.), they go to the castle.
Orphen meets Kieth. But Kieth escaped, before explaining to Orphen. Orphen thinks that this situation is not my dream.
Lina meets Naga after a long time at the restaurant. Lina pursue Naga who ate Lina's dish, but Lina miss Naga.
Lina meets Orphen in the open space with a fountain. They notice what commonsense subject cannot understand to each other. They are surrounded by the 'Insect's which have same size as big dog. Their magic is ineffective to Insects and all the substances of the town (for example, a building and the ground). However, Insects disappear suddenly. They are invites to the castle by Voim's messenger: who seems an ordinary salaried worker.

===The 5 matches: Kanzaka VS Akita===
==Part.1: Bowling==(from P32 to P33)
The ball of Akita takes over 20 seconds to roll the lane. The speed of the ball was 19km/h.(^ ^;)8 pins fell.
Kanzaka rolled his ball with both hands. And the ball fell to garter.(- -;
....An average of scores. Kanzaka:58point. Akita:75point. Akita won. It was fighting with a very low level.(^ ^

===Four-frame strip cartoon of Slayers and Orphen===(from P34 to P37)

===Novel(Slayers VS Orphen)===
==Part.2: Poimono(=the thing like that)==(from P38 to P55)
In the dining-room of the castle (there are 11 chairs and a table). Lina and Orphen meet Voim(he wear the vulgar dress(colored by many vivid colors)). Voim said ,"I am the Absolute and Load." Voim ask Lina and Orphen to become the resident of my town. They refuse immediately.
They(Ameria, Gourry, Koggie, and Bonny) infiltrated into the sewer of the castle. The light produced by Ameria's spell ("lighting") became attached to Bonny.
Koggie says to Gourry, "Without permission, walking with a sword is a crime". So, Gourry put the sheath and the edge of his sword in charge of Koggie. Gourry had only the handle of his sword.
Suddenly, they have noticed Bonny straddling the back of big insect. Koggie was able to interpret the language of insects. Insects said, "We were forcibly taken to here. We want to return. We are tired. There is the strong king in the castle". And, they heard from the Insect(small one) that the cruel living thing(=Lina and Orphen) was taken to the castle.
Lina and Orphen heard from Voim "I want you to live in the town which I made as samples of resident for a while.", "Although I called Insects from another world, they are not suitable as residents. Insects cannot be caught although I want to return them to their world." Lina and Orphen understand that each came from two different worlds. Voim said that I am existence like God. They attached to Voim the nickname "the thing like that". Voim got angry. Voim said, "I want you to live in this world for one week. After that, I will efface your memory, and return you at time of your world a few seconds after you come to this world." Voim introduced two people (Naga and Keith attach the mask made from feather) to them as the perfect residents. They imagined the spectacle: many clones of Kieth and Naga were living in this city. They released spells and escaped.

===Four-frame strip cartoon of Slayers and Orphen===(from P56 to P61)

===The 5 matches: Kanzaka VS Akita===
==Part.2: Karaoke==(from P62 to P63)
Kanzaka and Araizumi sang "Give a reason":85point // Akita and Kusaka sang "Ai-Just on my love":80point
....Totaling points. Team "Slayers" (Kanzaka and Araizumi): 502point. Team "Orphen" (Akita and Kusaka): 511point. Team "Orphen" won.

===Novel(Slayers VS Orphen)===
==Part.3: Trick Stars==(from P64 to P79)
They(Ameria, Gourry, Koggie, and Bonny) go to the Insects' temporary residence. They heard it from the insect about their miserable life. They arrived at the temporary. ....Insects' house was gorgeous. However, Insects say that they want to return to the swamp of our hometown. Insects are unexpectedly strong, but they are dependent on others. Insects asked heroes (Ameria, Gourry, Koggie, and Bonny) to beat a mighty enemy. When they had talked with the senior of Insects, heard a loud sound. Seemingly, Lina and Orphen escaped. They made the small insect way guide and went to the place in a hurry.
Lina and Orphen had escaped, blowing away the subordinate of Voim who pursues by the wind produced by the spells("Diem Wind" etc.). pursuers were the men who are salaried worker style and did the same form. Although their magic is ineffective to pursuers, they were able to be frozen. However, pursuers were in large numbers very much. They succeeded in assembling pursuers in one place and confining in the lump of big ice. However, Naga and Keith caught up with them then.
Lina kept Keith in same place. Lina's spell is not effective to Keith without knowing why. In the meantime, Orphen made Naga who was going to melt the lump of big ice faint by blowing away by explosion spell("I call the sister of burst") repeatedly. Kieth disappeared suddenly and appeared near the lump of big ice. Kieth is going to melt the lump of the big ice with two incense sticks. Although it was clearly impossible, Lina extinguished the fire of incense sticks by "Aqua Create" once. Voim appeared then.

===The questionnaire with prizes===(from P80 to P81)

===The beginners guide of Slayers Fight===(from P82 to P85)

===The fiction with the documentary style of the editors who produced this magazine===(from P86 to P91)

===The 5 matches: Kanzaka VS Akita===
==Part.3: Slayers Fight==(from P92 to P101)
Kanzaka VS Akita and Mitsuhiro Nakazawa(the producer of Slayers Fight) Kanzaka won.

===Novel(Slayers VS Orphen)===
==Part.4: Kutujoku(=Humiliation)==(from P102 to P121) Voim (who is burned) appeared suddenly. Keith becomes their ally suddenly. Lina and Orphen call Voim "the thing like that". Voim got angry again. Voim said, "Your attacks are not effective against what I made while I wish so." Lina and Orphen have noticed their attack being effective against what is not what he made (=himself). They blew Voim away.
Suddenly, Lina and Orphen are caught by Voim's subordinate. Between when, Kieth and Naga had melted the big lump of ice which had shut Voim's subordinate up by 40 incense sticks. Voim forced Lina and Orphen into calling his name not under a nickname(=the thing like that) but under his real name(=Voim).
Then, Ameria has jumped down on the Orphen back. And, Koggie, Bonny and Gourry also appear. Keith (He is the butler of Koggie, Bonny, and Dorothy's house.) said to Koggie and Bonny, "I was worried about you. I was fighting as an ally of Orphen." Ameria found Naga and blinked wonderingly. And Ameria tried to ask some about Naga to Lina. But, Naga interrupted it with her voice shaken strangely. By his command, his subordinates(They increased in number again) attacked to them(Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Naga, Orphen, Koggie, Bonny and Keith). They(Lina and Orphen) will beat Voim previously. However, Orphen's attack to Voim was blocked by Keith. Lina and Ameria were caught by Voim's subordinate. And Koggie fainted.
Then, Dorothy appears beating Voim's subordinate by the chair put on the castle. (And, Zel also appears with Dorothy.) Their attack is not effective against subordinates. However, it can perform attacking them by the thing of the castle(furniture etc. Because It cannot be broken.). So, they attacked subordinates by furniture of the castle. Subordinates were beaten. Voim called the ultimate resident(It named "Kihga") made by making Naga and Kieth unite. The castle collapsed. They blew away some of rock lump which falls by spells.

===The fiction with the documentary style of the editors who produced this magazine===(from P122 to P127)

===Introduction of the characters who appear in other works published by the Fujimi shobo===(P130 to P133)

===Introduction of Slayers and Orphen's characters===(from P134 to P137)

===The 5 matches: Kanzaka VS Akita===
==Part.4: Fortune-telling==(from P138 to P139)
The fortune-teller said to Akita, "You are quick-tempered and dislike physical labor." "When you become 35 years old, you will write the novel in another genre." "You will be successful since you are a shrewd man."
The fortune-teller said to Kanzaka, "You like cooking." "Something good is likely to happen to you this year." "However, it is likely to become that it is completed about in April." ("A...APLIL!?" The editor of Kanzaka got angry.) "Another work will be successful." ("....Mr.Kanzaka, I want to talk with you for a while." The editor got angry further.) "...Well...If your best is done, it may complete by the end of February." (^ ^;

===Novel(Slayers VS Orphen)===
==Part.5: Ultimate resident==(from P140 to P157) The castle broke completely. They escaped from under debris somehow. And, Kihga(It has a form like an old-type robot. However, the face of Naga and Kieth attaches on the position of Kihga's eyes.) appeared. They tried to make Voim order to stop at Kihga. But Voim escaped. Lina and Orphen pursued Voim.
Although Naga held a life consultation to Kihga, she steps on to Kihga. Their attack is not effective against Kihga. Dorothy is going to attack Kihga with a stone. However, since she is pregnancy three months, she is told to stop it. It was not able to do, although Bonny was going to ask the friends of Insect for help. Koggie proposes escaping. Naga and Kieth united(They exchanged their dress. In other words, Naga had Keith's tuxedo on. And....Keith had the dress of NAGA on.). Dorothy and Bonny beat and buried Kieth. Although Naga held a life consultation to Kihga again, she steps on to Kihga again. They decided to escape. And, Kihga pursued them.
Lina and Orphen found hidden Voim. They order Voim for their attack to be effective against Kihga. However, Voim refuses. Kihga hangs up and began to devastate the city. They order Voim again.
Lina and Orphen joined them. Voim permitted that their attack was effective against Kihga. So, they attacked Kihga. Kihga's size became half. Only Kihga's head remains. However, four legs have grown from the Kihga's head. Suddenly, Kihga fell down. ...It seems to be unable to rise.
One week has passed since they came to this world. Voim returned Insects to their world. They greet each other in separation. Voim asked them, "How should the Kihga's head be processed?" They shouted "I DO NOT KNOW!" (end)

===The 5 matches: Kanzaka VS Akita===
==Part.5: Atogaki(=After write)==(from P162 to P169)
Kanzaka and Akita arranged using chat from August two years ago to December of the last year. They discussed on the chat 3 days per month (about 12 hours per one day). But 95% of the talks were the subject about Gandam etc.(^ ^;) The plastic models of Gandam increased in number rapidly in Mr.Kanzaka and Mr.Kusaka's room during discussion.
After that, it takes half a year until the time the manuscript was completed. Each original author wrote the portion of the character's dialogue. Mr. Akita thought about clothes exchange of Naga and Kieth.
As for Mr.Kanzaka and Mr.Araizumi, one age is different. Mr. Akita and Mr. Kusaka like Ameria in the characters of "Slayers". And, Mr. Kanzaka likes Reki in the characters of "Sorcerer Orphen". [Page Top]
[rough translation of p110 of Slayers VS Orphen]
The girl with white courtesy dress, whose ache may have disappeared gradually, dried her eyes by wiping tears and she just raised her face. I heard her name as Ameria. Then, she found Naga's figure and blinked wonderingly.
She pointed at the woman of black hair putting on the strange mask made by feather----indeed it will be difficult to find the part which isn't strange in her form----then Ameria asked to Lina.
(Ameria)".....Lina.....that woman.....?"
Before Lina answered, Naga said that with her voice shaken strangely.
(Naga)"FU! I'm Lina's old friend!"
(Lina)".....Huun.....I'm your friend?.....I didn't know it at all....."
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