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here's rough translation of the article about stage service of Premium on "Anime Square" (in Japanese only) in E-goo/Anime Square (the page was closed).
The 5th movie! "Slayers Premium" was released.
"Winter-Kadokawa-Anime",which has 4 stories including "Sakura Wars the movie", is put on the screen now. Dec.22, the release day of the movie, the stage service of "Slayers Premium", which is one of the 4 stories, was did in some movie theaters in Tokyo.

"Slayers Premium" is the 5th movie in the aggregate of a popular fantasy anime. This time, all main characters of TV anime version first appear on the screen, and rush about more wildly than past movies. Megumi Hayashibara, who play Lina=Inverse(the heroine of Slayers), Yasunori Matsumoto, who made his first long-awaited appearance on movie, Jun_ichi Satoh, the director, and Toshimichi Ohtsuki, the executive producer attended this stage service, and gave short speech to many fans who came to the place.

Megumi Hayashibara said "Tadaima!" in high spirits as soon as she appear on the stage, and was answered "Okaeri!" by many fans full to the doors. [memo by Tokitama: "Okaeri" and "Tadaima" is Japanese greeting. Man arrives at his home say "Tadaima" and his family answer "Okaeri".] Then, she gave her impressions of after-recording. "After an interval of about 3 and half years, isn't is? I'm very happy to make the movie with members of TV version this time. This may be the same like one of the time when I meet friends again by accident after I graduate from school. I didn't feel something is wrong at all. "

Yasunori Matsumoto, who play Gourry, the second main character next to Lina, in TV commented, "I had been taking my stance I have no connection to movie, but I had been thinking "Someday, I'll appear in movie." in my heart.*laugh* To tell the truth, I felt anxiety, but I could do after-recording in good mood with everyone."

Mr.Satoh, the director who first work on "Slayers" series, introduce the hidden side of making. "Slayers is a popular work which continues for a long time, so I started from to study the original. [memo by Tokitama: this "original" doesn't mean novels but 3 TV anime series. Mr.Satoh watched all of TV anime series.] I probably the person who has less knowledge about Slayers than any other people in this place.*laugh* After I started making, I felt characters move of their free will after I once grasp them. It may be because characters are strong."

Mr.Ohtsuki, the executive producer who has taken part in the making of Slayers from the TV series, gave his thoughts, "I have take part in Slayers for 5 or 6 years, and I have memories of all of the works. This time also is like a class reunion after a long time."

"Slayers Premium" is the work deep-seated fans have been waiting for a ling time. The popularity won't declines hereafter.
[memo by Tokitama: in prompt report of movie ranking of Dec.22-23, "Winter Kadokawa Anime" was ranked 7th.]
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