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[Special series Vol.3 p100]
At a glance, it looks a spirit, but it isn't magic spell. It is projected the figure on a morning mist just by mirror and crystal lens.
Probably, the voice was heard by a speaking tube or something.
In my childhood, I also play with this device. For example, I projected the scene of that my elder sister is taking a bath, and showed it to neighborhood young boys with some money.
It's just a trick by an innocent child.
.....but, one day, it was detected by my elder sister, and.....
----no, stop. I don't want to remember what happened at that time. [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.8 pp191-196]
Now, the mystery of copy Naga becomes clear.
(L) Then, let's talk about "Special".....
Well, talk about Lina, Lina's elder sister, etc. later!
Talking about "Slayers Special", the first is that person, Lina's rival and who make crying child laughing; Naga, the serpent!
(Author) Wow!? She expedites the talk in normal way!
(L) Talking about Naga, the strange appearance is her characteristic, but.....why does she wear such a strange cloths?
(Author) Because it's the keepsake from her mother.
(L) ..................................................
(Author) The cloths are the keepsake of her dead mother. Moreover, Naga also has such a dress sense.
Then, there's no reason to refuse to wear that cloths!
(L) .....uh.....well.....taste depends on the person.....
.....But.....I wonder how Naga's mother was.....
(Author) Fu! Mr.Diol, who appeared in "the Horror of Chimera" and "the Adventure of Naga", is greater! Though he is male and old, he ordered ten of that closes! [memo by Tokitama: "that closes" means Naga's close. Thanks.]
If "brave man" means the person who is true brave, he deserves to be called as "brave man"!
(L) .....I never accept such a brave man.....
(Author) ......well.....me too.....
(L) BTW, speaking of Mr.Diol, ten copies of Naga he made, what happened on them?
(Author) neglected.
(L) .....hey.....
(Author) Well, there're some theories: they're sold for the entertainment and amusement trades, they're missing without Diol's notice and he didn't care it, etc.....
But, I'd like to adopt the theory of left Naga.
(L) left Naga?
(Author) Yes! In villages and cities in various places, Lina, who had difficulty in disposing, packed Naga=Cory one by one in corrugated cartons of tangerines or something like that, and.....
(L) .....There're corrugated cartons in that world?.....
(Author) I said so just for the atmosphere.
And then, she shut the lid down, write "Name is Naga. Please treat with affection.", and leave it on the roadside.
(L) ...............
(Author) Then, a passing child wonders what is in, and opens it. And, there's a Naga=Copy stooping and laugh "Hohohohoho." when they exchange looks.
(L) .....ve.....very frightening.....it is.....
The child.....must cry.....
(Author) .....Umm.....surely, it may be veeeery frightening with to imagine the scene.
If that scene should have had an illustration by that words of mine when this is published, oh my gods!?
(L) ....Umm..... innocent readers find this book in a bookstore, pick it up saying "Oh, there's a new volume of Slayersheartmark", and flip through the book, then they will find an illustration of Naga who is in the corrugated cartons of tangerines and laughing "Hohoho.".....
(Author) ......maybe.....this becomes a scary book.....
(L) .....Stop thinking about it.....
(Author) .....Yes.....
(L) BTW, speaking of the increase of Naga, there's Shadow appeared in "the Threat of Shadow".
They're popular and there're some letters say "Please make them re-appeared in Excellent."..... [memo by Tokitama: "Excellent" means the newly written short novel in Special series of novels. Thanks.]
(Author) Yes. I wrote that story smoothly.....
But, with calmly thinking, they are very difficult to make them re-appeared.
(L) Surely.....they have the reverse personality of Lina and Naga: obedient, good girls, and kind.
They are typical "good girl" character.
(Author) Yes. Very common story will be written by making such people as the leading character.....
In other words, Shadows are funny, only when they are compared with original and it is the first time.
(L) I see.
If so, that Shadows will live silently and peaceful on somewhere, won't they?
(Author) Yes, that's right. [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.8 p221-224]
Are you a monster!? Lina's elder sister!
(L) .....Lina's elder sister.....
(Author) Yeah, Lina's elder sister.
(L) .....a....at last, came to......her.....
(Author) Yeah! Because she's the character which must not to be ignored to talk about the origin of "Slayers".
(L) If I remember right, she was the heroine of kinda SF novel, which you thought when you were a high school student, huh?
Her name is----Luna.
(Author) Yes! I decided the name because I like to see the moon, but.....a princess battles against phantom-demons, the demon fighter, a black cat with a crescent-shaped bald spot, etc. It became popular. So, it's a little awkward for me to say the name, and I haven't made it public till now.
And, in the story, there's brain-reinforced clone of Luna, who is about 10 years old and is an abnormal machine maniac. That's Lina.
(L) .....Umm.....The clone of "Luna" is "Lina".....
It's intelligible.....but, too simple.....
(Author) And, their enemy is super-civilized being called as "Creator".
And, there's an executive of "Creator" as the enemy of Luna for the time being. He is a good-looking man, but he is clear-headed and cold-hearted. His name is Gourry=Gabriel.
(L) .....What....?
(Author) Yes. Though it's not Gabrie"v" but Gabrie"l", he is surely the model of Gourry=Gabriev of Slayers.
(L) .....He was intelligent in the origin..... *feel heartily*
Why in the world did he become such a man.....
(Author) .....Well.....in "Slayers!", the 1st volume, I made him "a man don't know well about the magic", because it's useful to explain about the magic, but.....
I don't know why, but he became "a man doesn't know well about the past" after Vol.1.
Well, the world goes in such ways. It's no special problem because he is Gourry.
(L) .....Gourry.....he may be more pitiful than subordinate-S.....
(Author) Anyway, by such circumstances, Lina's elder sister is a kind of the super-character in "Slayers".
(L) Then, how about the possibility of that Lina's elder sister appears in "Slayers".....?
(Author) Probably no.
First, I wrote some topics about Lina's elder sister in the treat like Mrs.Columbo.
And, more than anything else, the balance of stories would be broken if she appears, because she is pretty strong.
Her ability is enough to beat easily Raltark with one hand. [memo by Tokitama: "Raltark" is Gaav's priest. Xelloss is twice more powerful than Raltark. Thanks.]
(L) .....she is already over human.....
Then, Luna=Inverse remains unknown, you mean?
(Author) It's not decided. She doesn't appear in "Slayers", because she breaks power-balance with Lina.
For example, it may be interesting that she appears with Xelloss in spin-off story, I think somehow.
(L) I see.
.....But, is it O.K.....? Such a person is mere waitress in a rural district.....
(Author) Most rural districts are almost peaceful.
(L) .....Is such a reason OK?.....
I think----there're 3 people: elder sister and parents, in Lina's home: Zephielia, right?
(Author) At the time when Vol.8 of main series was finished, a pet was added.
(L) Pet?
(Author) Dilgear.
(L) *burst into laughter*
(Author) Luna often feeds stray dogs and stray cats.....
Dilgear was beat easily in Vol.3 and have nowhere to go (he's alive as you thought). He wandered and went to Zephielia.
Then, he broke down from being starving, and was picked up by Luna.
He woke up to find himself being kept on a chain with a big doghouse in the backyard of Lina's home, and was named "Spotheartmark" by Luna.
(L) .....Di.....Dilgear.....
(Author) "Boss, I have a name: 'Dilgear' not 'Spot'." Saying so, he took exception in tears to Luna. But, she turned a deaf ear, and called him "Spot, Spot." putting a set lunch of steak slightly out of the length of his chain. So, Dilgear said ".....I knew my name is Spot....." crying.
(L) .....Ceiphied-Night may be crueler than Mazoku.....
.....usually, a person done such a thing will run away.....
(Author) Well, unfortunately, Dilgear is charmed by Luna in a sense, not because she is the person to whom one owes his life.
By the way-----
I think this won't appear in novel, but there's an episode that Lina, who visited home after a long time, found Dilgear and had a hearty laugh pointing him.
(L) Oh! There's one more unfortunate character! [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.8 pp224-226]
The history of the birth of Slayers.
(Author) Well, but, Luna, in original SF taste story, had a little different personality.
(L) She had a little more grounding, huh?
(Author) Yeah.
I haven't written the story about Luna at all.....
But, I had such a plot for novel, so I thought "OK! I'll enter!" when I read the 1st edition of Dragon Magazine in a bookstore, and saw the ad inviting to the 1st Fujimi Fantasia grand prize of long novels.
(L) You decided almost spasmodically, right?
(Author) Yes!
----Then, first, I began to make a draft on a large-sized notebook, but.....
The story wasn't "Slayers!".
I thought rough storyline, but it easily came up against a brick wall in the halfway.
(L) But, now, I think that story was great in a sense.
(Author) Yeah. There's a lot of prototype of Slayers' characters. Though the names are different.
The story was in modern times or immediate future, and the leading role is human who gets rid of Mazoku. But.....
(L) Rezo, Zorom, and Zelgadiss appeared as Mazoku, Flagoon and the boss monster of "The Evil-Sword of Bezeld", in 2nd part of main series, also appeared.....
Moreover, even I also appeared.
With this name "L", I run a shop of magic items, pretending human.
It almost same with that doctor in the dark city. [memo by Tokitama: There're such novels with Dr.mephist in the dark city, written by Mr.Hideyuki Kikuchi in Japan. Thanks.]
(Author) Yes, yes.
(L) .....Oh!? It means, I would have had more time to appear, if you had finished writing the story, huh!?
(Author) *be startled* .....w.....well, it's only when the story was accepted, isn't it?
The atmosphere of the story was completely different from Slayers. So, if I sent the story, it may be easily rejected and remain unknown.
Considering from that.....
(L) .....U.....Umm.....well.....surely, it's better than to remain unknown.....
(Author) Isn't it?
Anyway, the story easily came up against a brick wall.....
I thought "Oh, no! In this pace, I won't finish by the deadline! I have no time to think storyline over! O.K! Then, I should write unrehearsedly, while thinking storyline!" And, I began to write "Slayers".
(L) Unrehearsed? At all?
(Author) Yeah, unrehearsed.
"As it's unrehearsed, it must be written by easy way to write! O.K! It will be a first-person novel narrated by a girl! The leading character is.....O.K! I'll use that younger sister: Lina, from that story I thought when I was a high school student! But, it's unnatural that 10-year girl travel alone, so I change it to about 15 years old! There isn't the enthusiast for machine in the world of Sword and Magic, so she should be an enthusiast of magic!" I decided such things in about 30 minutes.
(L) It's really instant story, isn't it....?
(Author) Yes! When I came up against a brick wall, I searched that story, which I had failed to finish, and used some characters and some episodes.
When Lina and Gourry did fishing, I didn't have even the plan of appearance of Rezo and Dark Lord!
(L) Then, when did you decide? To make them appear?
(Author) .....Well.....I can't remember well, but I decided when I was writing the beginning of the night attack by Rodimus, I think.....
(L) .....hey.....
It's really haphazardly.....
(Author) At that time, I worked for a company, and while pedaling a bicycle on the way to and from company, "Umm. Then, where should the story go....? Well okey, it's very simple, but, as it's RPG-like fantasy story, Dark Lord should appearheartmark" I decided really in such a pace.
(L) .....You are making a fool of fantasy....huh?
(Author) .....well.....to tell the truth, I also think so.
So, I, the author myself, much hesitate to say that Slayers is a fantasy novel.
.....well, I write Slayers not as a fantasy novel, but as a novel for amusement.....
(L) Then, you thought out some things while pedaling a bicycle, right?
(Author) Yeah! I thought out also the spell of Giga Slave, muttering "You, the being darker than darkness....." while pedaling in the night.
(L) .....I don't want to make friends.....with such a guy.....
(Author) Shut up!
.....Anyway, then, I finished to write "Slayers!" and sent it. But, at that time, its last scene was in more expedient way.
Then, I thought "Well, it will be rejected" and began to write another story, in order to send to the 2nd grand prize, and.....
(L) You got a notice of being accepted, right?
(Author) Yes, that's right.
Of course, at that time, I didn't expect that Slayers become a serial and become a big title at all. So, Lina shot Fire Ball against Zorom, the pure Mazoku.
(L) I see.
By the way, what happened on the story you began to write to send to the 2nd grand prize?
(Author) Well, it was renewal of that story I had failed to write. I wrote it on the premise that "Slayers!" will be rejected. So, there're many materials which already used in "Slayers!".
So, it's impossible to publish the story.
But, well, as a result, Slayers gained public favor.....
(L) I see. It's "All's well that ends well" in French.
(Author) .....why in French....? [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.8 pp229-233]
Is the magic by Gods' power available?
(L) But, I think it turned from "the secret story about the birth of Slayers" to just "reminiscences of old man" before I knows, huh?
(Author) Who did you call as an old man!? .....well.....surely.....considering from my age.....uh.....
----well, aside from such a thing!
Then, return to main topic.....well.....what were we talking about?
(L) About Lina's elder sister. And, before it, about Mazoku.
(Author) Oh, I remember now.
I thought I should explain about magic, in relation to Mazoku.
(L) Surely. It's no problem just to interpret as "unknown wonderful power", but the explanation isn't enough to understand systematically.
Two of questions often asked are "Why doesn't Mazoku, who has bigger magic-power than Lina, use Drag Slave and other strong magics?" and "Why isn't there magic by God's power, though there's magic by Mazoku's power?"
(Author) About the reason Mazoku doesn't use Drag Slave. Like it was explained a little by Fibrizo's words in vol.8 of main series: "The Lord of the Ghost-City", because to borrow other Mazoku's power denies the power and the existence of himself.
It's in the same rule, though the opponent to borrow power is in higher class.
It's not problem to use some Spirit Magic to pretend as a human like Xelloss did (though he got some damage even in the case), but if Mazoku uses Black Magic, the magic borrows Mazoku's power.....
As they are spiritual being fundamentally, it's at the risk of his existence.
(L) Well, in other words, it's like that a salary worker is told to do a job and take. Then, he says "Well, I can't complete this job. Chief, please give me a helping hand.", and he is fired or is demoted after the job was completed, right?
(Author) Hmm.....it's a little different, I feel.
(L) BTW, Brass Demon and Lesser Demon use Flare Arrow. But, it's no problem, because they make Flare Arrow by their own power, while human sorcerers make Flare Arrow by spiritual power.
(Author) The magic by God's power is.....not available in that world, to be exact, in that area appeared in "Slayers". [memo by Tokitama: In novels, Lina and her company didn't go out of the barrier. Thanks.]
.....Well, surely, three of 4 Dragon Lords Ceiphied left: Flare Lord, Air Lord, and Earth Lord are alive, and it's possible to borrow their power, but.....
(L) The problem is "The barrier to seal Gods' power" which was made by 4 of 5 Subordinate Lords of Mazoku, in order to weaken Aqua Lord's power, during Kouma War. [Memo by Tokitama: Kouma War = Demon's Advent War: the war between Aqua Lord and 1/7 Ruby Eye. Thanks.]
The barrier was working to weaken Aqua Lord's power when Aqua Lord is alive, and is working to insulate outside Dragon Lords' power after Aqua Lord was destroyed.
(Author) The area appeared in "Slayers" is as large as Europe, but is isolated from other area by the sea and the desert.
It's possible to across the sea or the desert physically, but there're strong points of the barrier: HellMaster's in the desert, and DeepSea's, GreaterBeast's, Dynast's in the sea. So, by the menace of nature and miasma of Mazoku, it is impossible to interchange----no, it WAS.
(L) Oh, I see. It's because HellMaster was ruined in "The Lord of the Ghost-City".....
(Author) .....Don't say as if it's other people's affairs.....
(L) .....Ugh....!?
A.....Anyway, the ruin of HellMaster means one part of the barrier was broken, so.....
That means it's possible to use the magic by Gods' power and to go across the desert now, doesn't that?
(Author) Yep.
.....But, it will take a long time till people notice it, and go across the desert or develop the magic by Gods' power and make it fit for practical use.
So, "White Magic" Lina and other people use in that world isn't the magic by Gods' power.
(L) .....Then, what in the hell is that?
(Author) In short, people living in that area just call magic to recover, purify, etc. as "White Magic". So, it's Spirit Magic in reality. [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.8 pp233-234]
The report of Sorcerer Guild's business.
(L) By the way, there's Sorcerer Guild in the world, and.....it appears in many episodes, but it's somehow mysterious.
Its work seems to be different in regions.
(Author) Yes. It's unsystematic.
(L) .....well.....
(Author) Well, that area is dangerous as there're many Mazoku. So, there're many people want to learn magic to defend oneself or the like.
But, it's not enough that each sorcerer take pupils and give trials.
So, Sorcerer Guild was organized.
But, if it tells how to use Fire Ball easily, it would be made bad use. So, it tells only theory and concept.
(L) Well, in short, it's a school, isn't it? It gives knowledge. But, that's all. It depends on the person how to use it in practice.
(Author) That's right.
The basic system is also same with school. Sorcerer guild collects tuition from people wants to become sorcerer, and gives lessons and allow reading books of magic.
By her inferiority complex to her sister, Lina coaxed her parents into allowing her to enter Sorcerer Guild, in her childhood, and----
(L) She became such.
(Author) .....yeah.....
As other ways to make profits, Sorcerer Guild introduces work to sorcerers traveling and takes a cut off charge.....no, gets the mediation charge. And, it tells harmless magic like Lighting to the general public with a lecture fee.
It also sells how to use magic, which seem to be a miracle (e.g. magic to purify), to shrine by the back door.
(L) Hey, wait.
(Author) By the back door----doesn't mean the way which has a guilty conscience. I just meant that the general people don't know the dealings.
And, it does the pay service to send message by Vision, and recommends sorcerers to lords and kings want to employ sorcerers.
----Of course, under the condition not for military or illegal purpose.
Sorcerers, stationed at Sorcerer Guild, do such managements. And, the profits are used to research etc.
(L) .....it means.....it is chain university doing diversified business, right?
(Author) Yes. That's just right.
But, it's a problem that there's no the head store.....the headquarters.
Before, there was it.....in Sairaag.....
(L) .....it was crashed by Zanafar, the evil beast, wasn't it?
(Author) Yes. Easily.
And, after that, there's nothing controls Sorcerer Guild. So, detailed way is different at each place, while the basic line is same.
Well, that's about it.
(L) I see.
By the way, talking about Zanafar, the evil beast, Xelloss subtly expressed and it didn't make it clear whether Zanafar is annoying or don't matter. After all, How Mazoku Zanafar can beat?
(Author) Hmm.....I think it can't beat Mazoku in the class like Kanzel.
(L) .....it may be.....weak....?
(Author) Yes, about pure Mazoku.
But, Zanafar is far stronger than subspecific-Mazoku like Blass Demon and Lesser Demon.
If the full-scale war breaks out between human etc. and Mazoku----
Surely, pure Mazoku is strong overwhelmingly, but their number is very little.
So, after all, the main force of Mazoku will be Blass Demon and Lesser Demon. Then, if human uses mass-produce-type Zanafar.....
(L) I see. Mazoku would have a hard time, even if they don't lose finally.
(Author) Actually, if all Mazoku go into action all at once, they can completely destroy all human in the barrier to seal Gods' power.....no, it's impossible. As there're people like Lina's elder sister.
Anyway, it's possible to destroy almost all human. But, if 3 Dragon Lords, who Ceiphied left, attack after Mazoku do that and is exhausted, Mazoku will be beat easily.
(L) Surely. And, Mazoku's nutriment is fear, hatred, etc. So, it's best to be moderate in being cruel to human, till Mazoku accomplish their purpose by to delete the world.
(Author) .....well.....don't ask my agreement so easily. [Page Top]
[Special series Vol.13 pp251-261]
Atogaki[after-write] / Author + L + S
(Author) Sorry to have kept you waiting, and long time no see! Now, here's Slayers Special vol.13 "Aogeba Uttoushi"!
(L) Phew. It was really long time, huh?
(Author) .....Ugh....!
A.....Anyway, setting it aside, first is a notice.
New Year's Card of this year was, as I said, "L, in Lord of Nightmare version but 1 year and 8 months old, with Greater Beast and Deep Sea." illustrated by Hajime Kanzaka!
(L) O.....One year and eight months old!?
(S) *take the card* Wow, it's really little.....hey! This is....!
(Author) Hm. I thought to draw the background more like scribbling, but I couldn't.....maybe, to use crayon was better.....
(S) I'm not talking about the background! Maybe, you called this stray cat having a fish in its mouth.....as Greater Beast and Deep Sea....!?
(Author) Yes. Like that.
(L) Really like that....?
(Author) Well, put such small thing aside!
(S) .....Is it a small thing....?
(Author) Put it aside!
Finally, now is the time!
(L) Oh, it's that, huh!?
(S) Yes, that's right!
Ladies and gentlemen, and young and old! Listen, boys and girls! Come near to see! Now! I announce the result of "The law of the jungle, unexplored! First with weak fire and middle with strong fire! Put the fire off if it's boiled, and never open the cover even if a baby cries! The 3rd popularity vote of Slayers!"
(Author) .....Why is it how to cook good rice....?
(L) More than that.....I wonder when subordinate-S changed into the tuxedo with gold and silver on.....
(S) The commentator is, as you know, L-sama! The master of ceremonies is me, subordinate-S!
And, the author is the stage setting.
(Author) Wait! The stage setting in the book.....means there's no my time!?
(S) No, please talk much, to a wall.
(Author) ....................
(L) Ah, he really turned to the wall.
(S) His tractability makes a favorable impression, doesn't it?
(L) R.....Really....?
(S) Anyway, leave such man. We finished to add votes up after thousands years.
I begin to announce from 10th place!
The 10th place is.....
Me, subordinate-S! 385 votes!
(L) You begin with you, huh!?
(Author) *his voice from far away was managed to be caught by microphone* It seems to sing his own praises.....
(L) Wow, I was surprised! Are you a psychic phenomenon!?
(S) Well, hm.....but, it's strange to begin from 9th or 11th place.
(L) Hmm.....well, OK. Then, next is 9th place!
(S) Yes!
The 9th place is, joyful and shameful, out of human and entered in demon's world, as you are well aware, Naga the serpent! 452 votes!
And, the 8th place is, does she appear someday!? Lina's elder sister, Luna=Inverse! 628 votes!
Next, the 7th place is the original character of TV anime "TRY", midriff-baring outfits, slender waist, and sidelong glance. Half-demon half-dragon, Valgaav! He got 982 votes!
(L) Hm. Around here, 9th and 10th change places, but it's not difference much from midterm result.
(Author) *like to whisper* .....Valgaav's good fight..... *microphone couldn't catch the latter half of his words*
(S) Ignore the psychic phenomenon.
Next, the 6th place is!
It's no problem as long as the justice is done! She was active also in the spin-off story put in this book, curve the space, crush steel, Princess Ameria! 1340 votes!
(claque) *clap clap clap clap*
(L) Oh no, you brought strange group, again.
(S) Eh, it's outside broadcasting from Saillune Royal Magic Library, where Ameria is now.
The reporter is Norst, Dynast's priest. Hello?
.................... *silence for a while*
.................... *silence for a while*
Eh, Norst, the reporter, seems to be thrown out of the library.
Well, because he is Mazoku.
(L) .....Is it OK....? For Dynast's priest....? No, for Mazoku.....
(S) Well, it seems impossible to obtain comments from Ameria. So, let's go to the next.
The 5th place! He fell just one step short of Gourry! He is cool basically and a little mischievous. Magic fighter, Zelgadiss! 2077 votes!
(claque) *clap clap clap clap*
(S) I don't know where Zelgadiss is now, so I couldn't get his comment unfortunately.
And, the 4th place is! Did I eat lunch, Lina? Lina's protector, genius swordsman, Gourry=Gabriev! 2379 votes!
(claque) *clap clap*
(L) Claque is enough! And, author, come back and stop gloomy things!
(Author) Okeeeey! I'm baaaack!
(L) You become cheerful suddenly.....well, OK. Let's continue. Please.
(S) Well, I omit Gourry's comment, because I think I can't obtain decent comments from him.
(Author) .....poor Gourry.....
(S) And, the 3rd place is!
Finally, the day comes! You realized long-cherished desire: to place in the top 3!
Our idle, the mother of darkness! Insolent after-write woman! L-sama! 4184 votes!
(L) Goody *whistle whistle* .....wait, you said something in confusion.....
(S) How do you think? You couldn't take the top, but the 3rd place.
(L) .....Oh.....Eh, well.....
*comments for 786 hours were cut* .....well, that's about it.
.....Hey, wait! Why did you cut my comments!?
(S) Well.....because of the shortage of pages.....
(L) If so, cut the body text to put my comments! It's the way to show your good faith!
(Author) What's the good faith? Huh?
Who did take the 2nd place!?
(S) Yes!
Finally, the day comes! You are defeated! Lina=Inverse!
5147 votes!
(Author & L) Wooooooooooooo!
(S) She couldn't beat the theory: "the leading character can't keep taking the 1st place"!
Then, let's ask the state of mind to Ms.Lina=Inverse, who is in broken-hearted travel to Nishinakajima-Minamigata station!
Connect the outside broadcasting!
(Lina) .....Fu.....
Well, it's natural a person can't keep the top forever.
It's okey as to take the 1st place doesn't offer a prize.....
The 2nd place is fine. Thanks for voting.
(S) It was the comment from Lina=Inverse, eating hot-fried-rice madly to ease her frustration.
It seems she is really mortified, in reality.
(Author) .....And, that means.....
(L) The 1st place must be!
(Author) The strange worm under a stone!?
(L) No waaaay!
.....Well, surely, such result is suitable for Slayers in a sense, though.....
(S) Then, the top is!
Acts of appalling atrocity with mysterious smile! Poor middle manager! Everyone's idle, Greater Beast's priest: Xelloss! 6359 votes!
(Author & L) Uooooooooooooooo!
(S) Then, let's connect the line!
Xelloss, on a business trip in Amagasaki Center Pool Mae Station!
(Author) .....Where on earth are they.....I know these places, though.....
(Xelloss) Well, hahaha. It's awful result.
To tell the truth, I feel my life is in danger because I took upper rank than that lord.....
Well, anyway, thank you for voting for me. In return for your vote, I'll kill you before you know it, if you like.
(Author) .....It's not happy comments. *step back*
(L) .....Well.....because he is Mazoku.....
(S) By the way, below the 11th place,
from 11th place, Filia from TV "TRY", Dynast's general: Sherra, Chaos Dragon Gaav, Hellmaster Fibrizo, and Sylphiel is in 15th place.
Then, Greater Beast Zelas=Metallium, Remmy who loves swords, author, Sarina from movie, and Luke is in 20th place.
Just for reference, Luke in the 20th place got 145 votes.
And, 21st place is "piko-piko Lina-chan" from movie and the plurality between 20th and 21st is only ten and some votes. So, if the term to vote is different a little, around 20th may be much different.
(Author) Hmm. Surely.
Xelloss won an overwhelming victory, because this 3rd popularity vote doesn't have minus-point system like the 2nd popularity vote, so Xelloss wasn't attacked by anti-fans this time.
(L) Hmm. It seems I had solid fans finally.
(Author) Your fans include pet animals, though.
(S) Anyway, now, the 3rd popularity vote finished peacefully.
*L smiled and turned around*
(L) Then,
In midterm announcement, you said various things thinking "L can't beat us till the popularity vote finishes" You
(Author) .....Eh....!
(S) Do you remember!? Still!?
(L) Yeah
(Author) .....hey, wait a moment!
(S) W.....Why do you have a metal saw!?
(L) For what do you think am I going to use this
(Author) P.....Perhaps, for m.....
*sound of broadcasting was turned off*
*silence for a while*
*sound of broadcasting was turned on*
(L) Then, everybody, thank you for going along "the 3rd popularity vote of Slayers" for a long time.
See you next book.
*L waves her hand while smiling. You can't find other 2 men, and can't hear their voice, too.
You smells something like iron rust in the wind-----*
----come to an end----
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