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[Lost Universe pp290-291 (in Atogaki [After Write])]
Atogaki (After Write)
I am sorry to make you wait so long.
I send the last volume of LostUniverse: "Yami Owaru-Toki" ("The Time of Darkness's end").
Because the words which make another novel I wrote remember, such as "Dark Star" and "Nightmare", had often appeared in this story from the beginning, it seems that there were also the readers with the question: "How this story and Slayers are related!?"!
Answer of it!
You probably understood when reading, "Most such things cannot be found" is the correct answer.
...Oh! Wait! Do not throw stones to me!
...Well, in honestly, because I was pleased at first in printing "Dark Star" as the readings alongside "Yami wo Maku-mono", and the name of "Gorun Nova"etc., I only used them in both of novels. In fact.
Listen, since they are separate works, though they have some parts which make somewhat another work remember, an Edoite's spirit makes it a spice grade to the last.
Though I was born in Hyogo and am living in Osaka. [Page Top]
[Slayers DX p77]

(interviewer) Then, next, how about to talk about the birth of characters? First, about Lina.
(Araizumi) First, I read only "The Prince of Saillune" and drew illustrations for the story. At that time, I hadn't heard about setting of character in main series. So, only "The Prince of Saillune" has different character-design. *laugh*
(interviewer) She is full-bosomed. *laugh*
(Araizumi) Then, I was watching TV in the middle of the night, and Audrey Hepburn just appeared on the screen. So, I thought "Oh, she is nice.", then I made character-design from her.
(Kanzaka) But, when you read main series, Lina is flat-chested and wears trousers. *laugh*
(Araizumi) Yeah, I thought "What? It's odd. It's different." *laugh* Then, I consulted the person in charge of me, and he said "This is very flat-chested in today's standard." *laugh*
(Kanzaka) No way. It's pushy. *laugh* [Page Top]
[Encyclopedia Slayers p121]
----For example, which is stronger Luna or Xelloss?
(Kanzaka) Hmm. Maybe, Luna is stronger. *laugh*
----She's the monster. *laugh* But, Lina also beat 1/7 of Shabranigdo, didn't she?
(Kanzaka) Yeah, yeah. Well, it's incomplete version, though. If Shabranigdo wasn't incomplete, he is the being no human can defeat. At that time, he had many uncertain factors, so Lina could defeat him. So, if 1/7 Shabranigdo wakes up completely and fights in order to kill the opponent, Lina can't win and her elder sister also can't, I think.
----Sorry for my persistent questions, but are the parents of such Lina and her elder sister really ordinary human?
(Kanzaka) Their parents are ordinary people. Probably, they were traveling mercenaries or the like. Then, they arrived to the country and "Well, we had a kind of strange baby, didn't we?" *laugh*
----The parent was like Luke and Millina, wasn't they?
(Kanzaka) Yes. And, they was working as ordinary traveling fighters. Then, they met, loved, and go to settle in somewhere...like that.
----Then, they go to such a town, didn't they? The town of whole people with such way of thinking. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Yeah. *laugh* I think probably the birth of Lina's sister, Ceiphied Knight, affected in some way. In short, Lina has extraordinary magic-capacity, etc.....was happened as the effect, I think.
----Lina's parents are managing general store, aren't they?
(Kanzaka) Yeah, a general store. In my image, probably Luna is somehow famous, and traveling swordsman sometimes comes to challenge. And, Luna says "If you want to have a match with me, please buy goods of several tens of thousands of coins in that general store." *laugh*
----She properly helps the business of home. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) If you visit Lina's family home, you could find a swordsman with many cabbages being at a loss on the entrance of the city.
----It's awful visual image. *laugh* But, Luna's work is waitress, isn't she? Isn't it in her family home?
(Kanzaka) It's not in her family home. Another restaurant.
----How restaurant is it hiring the world's most powerful waitress?
(Kanzaka) Umm, it seems normal. *laugh* It's an ordinary restaurant. [Page Top]
Attention: Don't forget that setting in fan club's interview is NOT official!
P.S. BLASTER! is the report by Mr.Kanzaka's official fan club (Mega Brand Project) and it has interview to Mr.Kanzaka.
["BLASTER! I to VI" p2]
(T) First question. "Are you still 'pretending to be an ordinary office worker'?"
(Kanzaka) Fufufufufu. I resigned.
(T) In order to concentrate to writing, as it's hard to work in office in parallel to write novels, huh?
(Kanzaka) Well, no.....a while ago, my annual income as a novelist became to more than that as an office worker. So, I decided to resign. *laugh*
(T) Then, next question. "When did you have the desire to be a novelist?"
(Kanzaka) Well, when I was a junior high school student, I wanted to be a novelist or a comic artist. While, I began to write novels when I was an elementary school student.
(T) Why do you think so? For example, because you like books?
(Kanzaka) Yes. I like books from childhood. I preferred making origami rather than running around. *laugh*
(T) "Are you single?"
(Kanzaka) Yes! *answered firmly at once*
(T) .....you have no plan in near future, too?
(Kanzaka) I had no chance at all. In the company, for which I was working before, there're only not-young women as part-timers. It was just like Sabbath. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p3]
(D) How do you make the request about illustrations?
(Kanzaka) Before, I drew rough illust and handed it to the editor to show how illust I'd like. But, lately, I rarely do such. The only point which I don't see is that dots on Lina's forehead. *laugh* I don't think I ordered so.
(T) Maybe, Mr.Araizumi drew the dots without special reason?
(Kanzaka) Well, in a volume of Dragon Magazine, Mr.Araizumi said "it maybe moles.", huh?
(T) Yeah, I remember. If it shouldn't be mole, what in the hell is it!?
(D) Tentacles. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) I just thought, it's maybe black dirt which happened to stick to the illust I wrote. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p7]
(D) How do you name characters?
(T) He said "most are ad-lib" in the interview of Dragon Magazine.
(Kanzaka) I sometimes name by parody. For example, there's a sword named "Falsion", isn't it? It became "Halshifom", and "Georgia" (a brand name of coffee) became "Gio=Gaia" by reading in Romaji, etc. And, "Seigram" is from "Seagram".
[memo by Tokitama: Seagram is a brand name of whisky.] [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p7b]
(T) I wasn't going to ask this, but there's many people asked same question, so....."Is Naga the same person with Greisia?"
(Kanzaka) That's right. To tell the truth, at first, I was going to make Naga appear on "The Battle of Saillune". (vol.4 of main series) But, after I began to write, I noticed it needs long explanation. So, I thought it makes sentences flat, and gave up. Then, I thought a new character should appear, and Ameria was made.
(T) Naga doesn't appear in main series, you mean?
(Kanzaka) Ameria is with them, so Naga won't appear. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p9]
(T) Ellis is also popular somehow, huh? Well, her popularity is understandable. But, what point of Rezo did Ellis like?
(Kanzaka) It's also a mystery, huh?
(D) There're people have various taste in the world.
(T) Ellis is a human, huh?
(Kanzaka) She is a human, but her age is different from her looks.....
(T) She looks teenager, but.....
(Kanzaka) Well, she would be in the age she can't tell to others.
(D) Ah, this is question addressed to "Magic research room" section, well.....
(T) What, what? "Didn't it in a craze in school of Sorcerer Guild, the mischief to lift girls' skirts by Diem Wind?"
.....how did the questioner hit on such thing? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) *laugh* It may happened if there're girls wearing skirt. But, such thing is a scandal, so it wasn't brought to light. *laugh*
(T) The mischievous boy will be killed if he does such thing on Lina or the like. *laugh*
There's another question "Since when have Lina been a sorceress?".
(Kanzaka) Well, Lina's mother can use magic, so Lina said "I'd like to be a sorceress" and coaxed her parents to letting to go to the school of Sorcerer Guild.....
(T) About magic, some people are asking about the effect of some magic spells, which isn't written in detail.
(Kanzaka) In most of such cases, detailed setting wasn't made by me. *laugh*
(T) "How do you make the title of episode in Special series?"
(Kanzaka) I often have difficulty in making the title. When I can't decide till the end, my editor decides it.
(T) Some titles use Kanji, and some use only Hiragana or Katakana.....
(Kanzaka) In fact, it's not unified. *laugh*
(T) The spine of books doesn't have the word: Slayers, so unfamiliar people won't think these are in same series..... [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p25]
(D) I also ask serious question. In Slayers world, is there magic to transport (move to far place in seconds), which human can use?
(Kanzaka) No, it's not in that world.
(T) Which has larger magic capacity, Lina or Naga?
(Kanzaka) Lina and Naga have same-size bucket-capacity, because they're human. But, Naga may have larger pool-capacity.
(T) Then, Naga can use "Giga Slave", if she knows how to use it, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yes. It's frightening, though. *laugh*
(T) Is there the human who has larger capacity than Lina and Naga?
(Kanzaka) Except for people mixed with Mazoku or the like, Lina and Naga are the largest in human.
(D) But, there're 10 copies of Naga.
(T) Oh, there're 11 people who has larger capacity than Lina..... *laugh*
(D) However, where are that copies now?
(Kanzaka) An editor insists "Copy Naga must be sold to the entertainment and amusement trades." *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I and II" p41]
Long ago, it was one continent called as "Sleeping Dragon". But, by the battle of Ceiphied and Shabranigdu, the center of the continent became a round crater, then became the sea now.
There's culture area in the outside of the area appears in novels, but both areas can't exchange their culture because of the obstacles: "Demon Sea" and "Desert of Destruction".
And, the area, which appears in novels, is covered by the barrier made by high-class Mazoku. So, people can't use attack magic by Shinzoku's power in the area. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p30]
(M) Ah, I also have wanted to ask this question.
"Does the hair of Zelgadiss get rusty? His body may become moss-grown....."
And, is his hair tousled?
(Kanzaka) Zel's hair doesn't get rusty, and his body doesn't become moss-grown. And, his hair isn't tousled with sleep, but makes holes on his pillow. *laugh*
(M) When he sleep in the open, fallen leaves will be stuck by his hair. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Lina may play by "ikebana" during he is sleeping. *laugh*
[memo by Tokitama: ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Thanks.]
(M) *imagine* Cute. *laugh*
(H) *laugh* .....I have to stop laughing to go on.
"Please tell what color Lina and her company like, if you have the setting."
(Kanzaka) Lina would like blackish color, I think.
Gourry won't like color to speak of, because he doesn't stick at things.
Zel may like white.
(H) I think white is really attract attention.....
(Y) But, he always wear white.
(Kanzaka) It would means he likes white so much.
(Y) How about Naga and Ameria.
(Kanzaka) Naga would like black. Ameria like justice, and justice is reminiscent of whiteness, so Ameria would like white.
(H) "How do you hit on story? If you have your good place to spark the idea, please tell me."
(Kanzaka) It means the trigger to make the story, doesn't it?
Well, I don't have certain thing, but I often make the idea when I'm walking or in train.
(H) "How person are the mothers of Naga and Lina?"
(Kanzaka) Naga's mother would be the person like "HO-HOHOHO".
Lina's mother is normally smiling person.
(H) "Spirit magic has 5 types: earth, water, fire, wind and astral. Please tell me the strongest magic in each types in detail."
(Kanzaka) I can't answer immediately.....
Astral type is "Ra Tilt". About fire type.....
(T) "Blast Bomb"?
(Kanzaka) Hmm, but human can't use the spell.
(T) Then, "Burst Flare".....
(Kanzaka) I think it would be.
About earth type.....well, look, that spell to change ground to lava, which Zelgadiss tried to use in "The Weird-Demon of Sairaag".
(T) It's "Vlave Howl".
(M) Why does the author forget and the president of fan club remember? *laugh*
(T) That's just the way it is.....
(Kanzaka) Yes, yes.
(M) ...............
(Kanzaka) About water type, it doesn't have name yet, but human can't use the spell while only walking fish can use.
(T) It means it's like the spell which is similar to "tidal wave" spell in Final Fantasy and only Nonsa can use, huh?
(Kanzaka) And, wind type.....umm.....I can't answer as there's no setting yet.
(H) "In the battle of Lina VS Rezo in vol.1, Zel was covered by fire. Is Zel's clothes noninflammable?"
(Kanzaka) I didn't write his clothes didn't burn. *laugh*
(M) So, it was burned?
(Kanzaka) Well, look, it often happen that "trousers never get torn no matter how strong he is attacked." in Dra**n Ball etc.
(M) In short, it's unspoken rule. *laugh*
(H) "Drag Slave has very strong power. If it's shot to the target who is close enough to talk, the user won't be safe, huh?"
(Kanzaka) Yes, the sorcerer won't be safe.
But, in Special series, character has tens or thousands-fold vitality of main series. So, it won't be much damage. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p31]
(T) Next question is suddenly about Lost Universe.
(H) "Can the engine by spirit-power explode into flames, like when gasoline catches fire?
Even if "spirit" can be used physically, it won't become liquid or gaseous body. And even if it can be liquid or gas, spirit needs not oxygen as fuel, so it can't explode in a vacuum, can it?"
(Kanzaka) Fu! No problem, no problem. "There's no scientific evidence in Lost Universe"! *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p44]
(T) "What is ma-ou of 'Astral Vine' and rei-ou of 'Vis Farank' in Kanji spell?"
(Kanzaka) Those Kanji don't have meaning. *laugh* HAHAHAHA.
(T) "Doesn't the power of 'Drag Slave' drop down, by some pieces of Ruby Eye like Rezo=Shaburanigudo were beaten?"
(Kanzaka) Maybe, it happens only a little. But, there won't be so much difference in power, till as much as 4 or 5 pieces in 7 pieces are beaten.
(T) Then, again, let's invite questions from participators. OK, do you have any questions?
(*) "Will Ameria appear again?"
(Kanzaka) To be honest, I don't know. I don't have such plan now, but there's a possibility of sudden appearance just like Sylphiel in vol.8.
(*) "How much angular range of the view does Noonsa has?" *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Well, it would be close to entire circumference.
(*) "Lina was once possessed by 'L'-sama in vol.8, but is there the possibility of reappearance?"
(Kanzaka) There would be the possibility, if Lina use "Giga Slave" in the same way again. But, Lina won't use that again, so there's no such plan.
(*) Is the number of Mazoku only decrease by being destroyed?
(Kanzaka) Mazoku's energy source is misma, and it creates low-class Mazoku when it gets power to some degree. So, Mazoku breed though it's slow.
(T) Then, is it possible that Xelloss suddenly become two people like cell division? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) I don't want to imagine, but it may be. *laugh* But, well, not to divide power into two, but to tear a small piece off and make weak guy.
(*) Well, in your words a little while ago, "Ra Tilt" is strongest (among spirit-magic), but Zelgadiss is a chimera of human, Lock Golem, and Brow Demon, huh? Though, he can't use stronger magic than "Ra Tilt", huh?
(Kanzaka) ...............well, yeah, but I didn't hit on it.
(T) Maybe.....if you hear this question before you write vol.8, how to solve in vol.8 was different.....huh?
(Kanzaka) Well......maybe.....
(T) Zel.....how poor.....
(Kanzaka) Right......surely, that's right. Zelgadiss has more capacity than human.....hmhmhmhmhm......
......no, in the case of Zel, probably, by to be composed with Brow Demon, not bucket-capacity but pool-capacity became bigger.....
(T) Oh, but it's a little far-fetched interpretation. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) So, he can use magic repeatedly, but his limit on magic he can use doesn't change. *laugh* OK, OK, OK, OK, it's OK.
(T) It was justified, but Zel's fans won't consent completely. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) And, I suppose that Zel was a sword man originally, and wasn't good at magic.....but, he learned to use magics after he was changed to chimera.
(T) I see. It seems it gets persuasive gradually, so let's go to next question.
(Kanzaka) Whaaaat!? *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p46]
(*) About Gorun Nova, when and who on earth did bring in the world of Slayers and changed its form to the Sword of Light?
(Kanzaka) .....long long ago, there was a great person. *laugh*

*burst out laughing again*

(T) Thank you for clear answer. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p56]
(N) Which kind of cat does you like, long-fur or short-fur?
(Kanzaka) I prefer, if anything, short-fur. I don't much like too long fur.....
(N) If you have a cat, which do you choose: tortoiseshell, striped, or tabby?
(Kanzaka) Uh.....it's difficult question to answer-
.....Among the three, if anything, I choose striped.
If other is OK, I like all-white or all-black.
(S) And, in the forehead, it has bald patch in crescent shape, huh?
(Kanzaka) No- *laugh*
(N) "If you compare yourself to animal, what animal?"
And, the questioner wants to know also the reason.
(Kanzaka) .....It's fox.
The reason is "in some way". *laugh*
(N) Then, questions about Slayers begin now.
"Isn't there people eat with 'chopsticks' and 'bowl'?"
(Kanzaka) Umm, I think there's not. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p56b]
(N) "In SFC game, Lina can use 'Resurrection'. Lina learns it in 2nd part of novels?"
(Kanzaka) I don't have the plan now. But, she may use it suddenly. Nobody knows tomorrow.
(N) "Is Gourry's sword skill in his own way? Or, he learned the skill from someone?"
(Kanzaka) Basically, in his own way, well, he learned from his parent. But, the skill doesn't in specific school.
(N) "Gourry has the Sword of Light, because he ran away from home with the sword?"
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(N) Next is the question about Zelgadiss.
"What is full name of Zelgadiss?"
(Kanzaka) Zelgadiss=Graywords.
(S) Graywords.....it means gray word?
(Kanzaka) I chose the family name, because it won't have uncomfortable feeling to put after both Zelgadiss and Rezo.
(N) Now, I can use it in Doujinshi. *laugh* (note: like this, it spread among fans, before the editor knows the family name.) Then, next question.
(N) "How old was Zel, when he became to chimera?"
(Kanzaka) Hmm, I think it wasn't long ago. Maybe, 18 or 19 years old.
(T) Now, he is 20 and some years old, huh? So, it's about 3 years ago from main series, right?
(Kanzaka) Yes. About 3 years.
(N) "Is Zel's viscera also full of stones?"
(Kanzaka) I think the viscera are probably normal. *laugh*
(N) "Is Zel heavier than ordinary people, as he is made by stone?"
(Kanzaka) Yeah. He may be somehow heavier, but it won't be much different. If it's very heavy, the skeleton won't be able to support.
(N) "Is Zel float on water?"
(Kanzaka) He is a little heavier than human, so he will sink if he is as he is. But, he can float if he breathes as much as possible.
(N) "Why did Zel so want 'power'?"
(Kanzaka) ......probably, by his shadowy past. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p58]
(N) Then, next question.
"When did Ameria, Naga, and Zel begin to learn magic?"
First, Ameria......no, Naga is better as order to ask? Then, first is Naga.
(Kanzaka) Yes.
Well, from when the wife of Prince Phil is alive, Naga.....Greisia was learning as a part of education. And, Ameria didn't learn yet.
And, once, a matter was happened: the wife was killed by Boorey, the assassin.
Then, Greisia beat Boorey, but she said "If I had more power....." and started on a journey.
Ameria began to study magic saying "to achieve the justice" from about then.
(S & N) *impressed for a while* Wow, there's such a setting.
(T) ..........when did you make the setting?
(Kanzaka) ....................from about the beginning of this year. *laugh*
(S) But, it means that Naga was already capable to make original magic: Chaos String, huh?
(Kanzaka) No, probably, she learned also that spell from her mother.
(S) Then, why was the mother killed by Boorey?
(Kanzaka) Well, to use same magic don't mean that to use in same level, and how good reflexes is, etc.....
(S) I got it.
(N) Then, next question.
(T) Hold, hold it. I didn't get the answer of when Zel began to learn magic.
(N) Oops. I remember now. Though I'm a fan of Zel. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Zel began a little while later from when he became a Chimera.
Well, he was learning magic before to become a Chimera, but he used the sword mainly till then. So, it's after he became a Chimera that he began to learn magic eagerly and learned to use spirit magic efficiently.
(N) "Since when, Naga wear that cloths?"
(Kanzaka) ......by that reason I said, since she start on a journey.
(T) How old was she then?
(Kanzaka) Well, it's about 2 or 3 years ago, so 16 or 17 years old, I now decided. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p62]
(K) "Did you make Zangulus, the original character of TV anime version? The name of his sword, too.....?"
(Kanzaka) No, he was completely made by TV anime staff.
(K) "How personality of Zel's parents was?"
(Kanzaka) Normal personality, I think. Probably, they had bad feeling toward Rezo's way, and be killed being made look like an accident, I think. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p68]
(T) Next question is "Is Zelgadiss grow older?" The intention of the question would be "Is Zel age?", I guess.
(Kanzaka) He would age, but I think his speed to age is about half of ordinary people's.
(T) It means, Zel's life span is twice longer than ordinary people?
(Kanzaka) Yeah.
(T) I think we may already get this question before..... "How is Zelgadiss' weight?"
(Kanzaka) Uhm.....as his body has stone......
(I) How his height is, Mr. said?
(T) Before, I probably heard about 178 cm. So, his ideal weight is about 65 kilogram.
(Kanzaka) Well, then......about 60 kg when he was human. Now is about 80-90 kg, as his body is that.
(T) In the weight.....he may be able to float on water, huh?
(Kanzaka) If he breathe in as much as possible. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p72]
(T) "Wasn't Lei=Magnus blind?"
(Kanzaka) No, he wasn't blind.
(I) Really?
I think many people think he is blind.
(Kanzaka) I agree. In image in TV anime, all successive people were written as blind.....
Sorry, don't ask details, because it will get to the core of the story I will write......
Anyway, it's OK to say Lei=Magnus could see by his eyes, so the answer to the question is "yes".
(T) I'm looking forward to read it.
Then, next question.
"Isn't Thousand Winny's father in fact?"
(Kanzaka) No, he isn't. Fortunately. *laugh*
(T) "Does Mazoku feel the pain when he is kicked?"
(Kanzaka) I don't know whether it's appropriate to call it as pain, but Mazoku would sense "I was damaged" and it would be "pain" in human's language.
(T) "Is Mazoku exhausted, if he keeps releasing the miasma, which is the source of his power?"
(Kanzaka) Yes, he will be exhausted.
(T) "The source of Mazoku's power is negative feeling of living things. Then, is the source of Shinzoku's power positive feeling?
And, if so, Shinzoku will recover by 'Life is wonderful' attack?"
(Kanzaka) Of course, they will recover. *laugh*
So, people worship Gods in places.
(T) "Is 'the contract for eternal life' to Mazoku's benefit?"
(Kanzaka) Mazoku eats negative feeling, so Mazoku hopes to spread negative feeling in the world.
And, the person, who wants to contact for eternal life, is usually bad person, so......

By unexpected happening, the interview was interrupted.

(T) .....phew. It finished. Please continue. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Well..... *laugh*
I remember, then, to extend such person's life is not Mazoku's benefit directly, but is the benefit indirectly.
(T) Maybe, it has partly repetition to that question, but,
"When 5 subordinate lords, generals, and priest were created?"
(Kanzaka) Most was created after Kouma-war.
(Note by Tokitama: Kouma-war = the war between 1/7 Shabranigdo and Aqua Dragon Lord. Thanks.)
But, only Dynast created one general and one priest after Kouma-war.
(I) It means 4 in all, right?
(Kanzaka) Yeah. Only Dynast has 4 subordinates.
(I) Then, they are weaker as there're many?
(Kanzaka) Yeah. *laugh*
(T) By simple calculation, Sherra is 1/4 stronger than Xelloss.....
(I) Then, Sherra can't deal with Xelloss at all?
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(T) Wow, you're strong, Xelloss-kun! There may be more fans by that.
(I) But, he won't appear any more. *laugh*
(T) Your words are severe.....
Oh, I remember. Topic is about Sherra, so would you talk again that story I listened on the phone before?
(Kanzaka) Oh, yes.
It was when Mr.Araizumi first read the manuscript of vol.9 of main series. Mr.Araizumi phoned me.
"I'm drawing illustration now. Sherra is with a braid, so.....
Well, uh....." He hesitated to say,
So, I said clearly.
"Imagine Ranma." *laugh*
Then, Mr.Araizumi said "Ah, it's as I thought." *laugh*
(T) Some fans said Sherra is just like Ranma. And, authors also actually imagined Ranma. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! I to VI" p79]
(T) "Do you have the plan to novelize of 3rd part?"
(Kanzaka) If you mean the novelize of Super Famicon version, there's no possibility now.
(T) Next question is about Lost Universe for once.
"Milly of Lost Universe often drop tea, but is Canal, Sword Breaker I mean, waterproof?
And, are the tea and other drinks without sugar? I thought the computer may be broken by burnt sugar."
(Kanzaka) Well, it isn't waterproof.
But, the key isn't uncovered, but touch panel type. So, the water won't soak soon.
However, there's possibility to soak the tea from the crevice. So, naturally, Canal hate to be dropped the tea. *laugh*
And, the tea is without sugar.
(T) "Canal sealed Dugradigdo and other ships, does it mean to transfer to other world, like Golun Nova?"
(Kanzaka) No. The power of both was neutralized, and all ships fell on the planet. It's very uncool situation of seal. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p2]
(C) "How was Lina in childhood?"
(Kanzaka) I think she was such child. *laugh*
(T) Umm, it's simple and easy-to-understand answer. *laugh*
Then, continue the question about Lina for a while.
(C) Yes. "Does Lina notice Gourry's feeling definitely?"
(Kanzaka) Hmm, about when?
(C) Well, then, in vol.8.
(Kanzaka) Well, of course yes in vol.8.
(C) Is it first love?
(Kanzaka) I don't know if it's first love...... Probably, Lina would first love neighborhood young man who gave Lina candy for the first time, I think. *laugh*
(C) "Does Lina has or had friend other than Gourry, Naga, Zel, and Ameria?"
(Kanzaka) She must have friends in her hometown.
(C) Hometown. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) I think there're many people who Lina regards as friend one-sidedly, or who regards Lina as friend one-sidedly. *laugh*
(C) "Does Lina hate slug?"
(Kanzaka) Well, after broadcasting of TV anime, it spread, but, hmm, well..... I answer nothing officially about it.
(T) There's not specially the setting about it, you mean?
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(C) "Does Lina wake in a good mood?"
(Kanzaka) wake up.....she seems bad. *laugh*
But, when she has good schedule, she will wake in a good mood. She is such "are you an elementary school student?".
(C) "'the day of month' doesn't come after vol.1. What happened?" *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Well, it's useless to come every time, so I just cut it in works.
(C) It comes, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yeah, if it doesn't come, it is..... *laugh*
(T) a serious matter, huh? *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p2b]
(T) "Lina can speak Goblin's language and Dragon's language, but how did she learn it?"
(Kanzaka) Half curiosity.
(T) It's the motive, isn't it? How about way?
(Kanzaka) Probably, well, there're some sorcerers study eccentric things in Sorcerer Guild.
(T) "Which is Lina like, her father or mother? And, Lina is like Luna, Lina's elder sister?"
(Kanzaka) Well, about (father + mother) / 2.
(C) It's pretty simple. *laugh*
(T) And, how about with Luna, Lina's elder sister?
(Kanzaka) Somehow alike.
(T) Appearances?
(Kanzaka) Except for the size of bust.
(T) "Please tell me details about Lina's parents."
They are managing a general store, huh?
(Kanzaka) Well. I think they were ordinary sword man and ordinary sorcerer.
(T) How is the disparity in age between Lina and Lina's elder sister?
(Kanzaka) Well.....there's the setting Luna is 17 years old when Lina is 15 years old.....so, 2 years, I think.
(T) "When Lina first see Naga, Lina said in narration that she used to meet a person, who has same sense with Naga, only once before. Who is the person? Perhaps, Thousand?"
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(T) Then, next is question about Naga.
"Please tell me full-name of Gracia."
(Kanzaka) Well, Gracia=Ul=Naga=Saillune.
(C) You answered easily. Ah, 'Naga' is in her true name!
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(T) "Although Naga know some famous sorcerers, why she sticks to Lina?"
(Kanzaka) Because Lina treats food to Naga.
(T) "Naga is popular with jellyfishes. Can she control Gourry, too? *laugh*"
(Kanzaka) .....Hmm.....
(C) Please don't be worried seriously. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Well, I think all ordinary people can control Gourry, in a sense.
If someone say "Gourry, please do that!", Gourry would answer "OK!". *laugh*
(C) I see. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) He says "OK!" no matter by who and what asked.
But, it's certain whether the mission is fulfilled or not.
(T) There's possibility he already forgot what to do just after he says "OK!". *laugh*
(C) It's just like a senile person! *laugh*
(Kanzaka) He runs away, and goes back saying "Oh, I took good exercise". *laugh*
(T) Maybe, because of that, Gourry has that physical strength now.
(T) I got another question about Gourry = jellyfish, from another person. *laugh*
"Naga's special ability appeared in January number of Dragon Magazine: 'to sense where jellyfish is' is effective to Gourry, too?"
(Kanzaka) Well, it's impossible, because they are different biologically.
(T) You have nothing to say about Gourry is jellyfish, huh? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Ah, it seems. *laugh*
(T) Then, let's continue question about Gourry.
(C) Well, before, you said Gourry's family is like "Hokuto no ken", huh?
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(T) It was the talk: the dispute about the succession of 'Sword of Light' is like that of 'Hokuto no ken'.
(C) "Which is the image of Gourry's elder brother, Raou, Jagi, or Toki?" *laugh*
(Kanzaka) I don't want to say Raou. *laugh*
.....But, I don't want to say Jagi, too.
(C) But, Toki, too..... *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Hmm.
(T) If he is Raou, his voice is same with Galev. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Then, his appearance and voice is Toki, and personality is Raou.
(C) Good! He is cool!
Is Gourry on good teams with his brother?
(Kanzaka) Naturally, bad teams, probably. *laugh*
(C) "Does Gourry has Elf as ancestor?"
(Kanzaka) Well, 1st movie has the atmosphere to marry, but I think calmly and notice the grow speed of human and Elf is different. So, when Raudy in the movie become of same age with Gourry, that Elf girl is still a little girl.....so, it can be criminal act. *laugh*
(T) *clap* I got it!
(C) Surely. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) So, I positively think Raudy was married with normal human, probably.
(C) But, they are not married although there was such drama, hmm.... *laugh*
(T) When I watch the 1st movie again, the story may come home to me. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p5]
(C) "Did Gourry have a girlfriend? And, did he experience love affairs except that with Sylphiel?"
(Kanzaka) Love..... Well, Gourry also be a human, so it may be, I think. But, I don't have clear setting about it.
(C) But, he seems to be popular with girls, huh?
(T) His looks are good, and it's natural considering from his age.
(Kanzaka) And, he goes around as she makes advances to him, and she says "I can't follow you.....no, you don't follow me!" and jilts. *laugh*
(C) "How long does Gourry train swordsmanship?"
(Kanzaka) Hmm. I think he trained somehow before. But, he doesn't train especially lately, I think. Though, he probably practices his swing not to get rusty.
(C) Wow, cool.
"Is there what Gourry hate?"
(Kanzaka) Umm. What Gourry hate is green pepper, huh?
(C) Ah, I remember. He ate picking it out. And, the guts.
He can't eat what children can't eat, huh? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Yes, he can't eat bitter food.
(C) Coffee, too?
(Kanzaka) Yes, probably.
(C) Wow, I should make a note. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p9]
(T) "Randy and Alfred were dead, Christopher fell from power, and Gracia, the 1st princess, is missing. That means Ameria has the 2nd right of successor of Saillune Kingdom now?"
Well, the 1st successor is Phil, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yeah. And, Alfred, the 2nd successor, lost the right by that matter, so that's right. No, it's not Ameria, but Gracia.
(T) Seemingly, people of Saillune don't think Gracia is missing, right?
(Kanzaka) Yes. People of Saillune just recognize she is away on a journey to train herself.
(C) How magnanimous country it is. *laugh* Ah, but, it's because of they have good intelligence network, huh?
(Kanzaka) Sometimes, guys like Gizan keep in touch between Saillune and Naga.
And, sometimes she gets living expenses.
(T) Well, who is Gizan....?
(C) Hey, he is that guy appeared in "The village where darkness live".
(T) Oh, I remember.
That means, Ameria is the 3rd successor, huh?
"Phil doesn't use weapon. Is it because of the reason same with Ameria? Or, from the first?"
(Kanzaka) From the first.
(T) Leave questions about Mazoku until later, and let's settle other questions about Slayers.
"Please tell me how old Luke and Millina are."
(Kanzaka) Luke is 21 or 22 years old. And, Millina is 19 or 20 years old. Well, maybe a little older?
Well, anyway, their disparity in age is 1 or 2 years. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p10]
(T) Well, next question is.....oh, Valgarv isn't in Mr.Kanzaka's category. But, well, anyway.
"Valgarv is an Ancient Dragon, so he was born from an egg. Though, why does he have the navel?"
(Kanzaka) That's an organ looks a navel.....no, no, wait a moment.
.....well, Valgarv's main body is in form of Dragon, and that's just the form when he transform into human's form. So, it's no problem that he has a navel in transforming.
(T) "Please write spin-off story of Valgarv!! VHS also be OK!!"
(Kanzaka) Well, I don't have copyright of Valgarv! *laugh*
I think it would have problem to use original character of TV anime without permission.
(T) Continue questions about Slayers.
"I heard Gaav wears sailor blouse and skirt is by Mr.Kanzaka's request. How did you feel?"
Well, I think it wasn't Mr.Kanzaka's request.
(Kanzaka) Yes, it wasn't my request. When I went to see after-recording of TV anime, staff are talking about strange eye-catch, and I heard some ideas. And, I said "Oh, by the way, I have received a postcard of popularity vote with the illust of Gaav wears sailor blouse and skirt." And, everyone burst into laughter, and Ms.Miyata, the directer of charactor design, said "It's what I'm looking for!" and suddenly began to take a note. I said "Aren't you really going to do it?", and Ms.Miyata answered "Of course, I'll do!" *laugh*
(T) In short, it's by Ms.Miyata's taste, right?
(Kanzaka) Year. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p22]
(T) "Because it was checked before broadcasting, it's recognize officially by the author the scene of Gourry*Lina in 26th episode of NEXT[heart] How do you think about Gourry's feeling to Lina which Gourry said, and kiss-scene after that?"
(H) Oh, that spinning scene, huh?
(Kanzaka) Hmm. Well, there're many scenes I admit, considering it's on TV. And, it sometimes happens that it's changed during making, after I received the scenario and checked.
(S) I see.
(Kanzaka) That episode about tennis-game in NEXT was completely different from the scenario I checked. *laugh*
(S) Then, it's meaningless to check the scenario, isn't it!?
(Kanzaka) Surely, "to spin" wasn't written in the scenario of the last episode of NEXT. *laugh*
So, the point is how it become to picture.
(H) It's different between writings and pictures, huh?
(Kanzaka) Well, it's okey because it's on TV, I feel.
(S) I see. You often say so, huh?
Even if there's story different from original, you accept willingly saying "Well, it's okey as it's anime."
(Kanzaka) Uh-huh.
(H) People except the author complain saying it's different from original! not only about Slayers, but also about other works.
(S) Especially, works of Fujimi Shobo company often have the story completely different from original.
(Kanzaka) One reason is that it's not good to change to pictures as it is.
If the first-person novel is changed to anime as it is, it will be surely bad. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p27]
(T) "Was English spell of Xelloss: 'Xelloss' recognized officially official?"
(Kanzaka) Hmm, somehow.
(T) .....somehow.....
"Please tell me how tall Gourry is!! I read through 'BLASTER!' again, but it wasn't clear, was it?"
(Kanzaka) Wasn't it clear?
(T) No, it already became clear the height of Gourry.
(E) If I remember right, it was on "Lina Tsuushin", wasn't it?
[memo by Tokitama: "Lina Tsuushin" is one of report books by fan club. Thanks.]
(T) Oh, I see. It was on a corner of old "Lina Tsuushin".
(S) Then, search it and write later.
(from vol.14 of "Lina Tsuushin". Lina = 147cm, Gourry = 182 cm, Zelgadiss = 178cm, Ameria = 155cm)
[memo by Tokitama: This data set the standard on Japanese height. (Japanese height is shorter than American, European, etc.) And, Lina = 147cm = 57.87inch = 4.82feet, Gourry = 182 cm = 71.65in = 5.97ft, Zel = 178cm = 70.08in = 5.84ft, Ameria = 155cm = 61.02in = 5.09ft. (I rounded off to two decimal places.) Thanks.] [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p28]
(T) "How much in Japanese yen is 1 gold coin in Slayers world?"
It's 40,000yen, huh?
BTW, 1 gold coin = 20 silver coin = 400 copper coin = 40,000yen.
(Kanzaka) Yes, that's right. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p32]
(T) "Is Dragon a distant relation of Ceiphied?"
(Kanzaka) No.
(T) "Is Katart Mountains the North Pole.....?"
(Kanzaka) No, it isn't.
(T) "There aren't Subordinate Lords in Katart Mountains, then who did make Mazoku in Katart?"
(Kanzaka) Surely, there aren't Subordinate Lords in Katart now, but it doesn't mean they haven't been there.
(T) And, Katart Mountains wasn't Mazoku's residence before.
(T) "Where Gourry from?"
(Kanzaka) Elmekia Empire.....I think I said same thing before.
(T) "Doesn't the pattern, which Milgazia wrote on Blast Sword to dull the sword, wear off or decrease its effect?"
(Kanzaka) Milgazia isn't a fool. *laugh* Don't worry, he wrote it not to cause such things.
(T) "Milgazia doesn't remember the name of human except Lina....?"
(Kanzaka) I think he remembers.
But, surely, he doesn't so care it.
(T) "The joke of Milgazia really can damage Mazoku? *laugh* If so, I want him to fight against Xelloss. *laugh*"
(Kanzaka) But, it has the opposite effect, if the opponent is Mazoku who likes bad puns.
(T) Sometimes, there's the man likes bad puns.
(Kanzaka) It's unwelcome situation if Mazoku laugh at Milgazia's gag. *laugh*
(T) "Please tell me the full name of Luke and Millina."
Oh, this is 4th person who asked same question today, at last!
(S) Mr.Kanzaka, you seem to be hoped for it.
(Kanzaka) ...............*sweat*
(T) Do you begin to think it's better to make their family names till next interview?
(Kanzaka) Ha ha ha. *sweat*
(S) It may be about time to give up. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p47]
(T) "What kind of cat do you like?"
(Kanzaka) Umm. I don't discriminate cats!
.....I want to say so, but I don't like only sphinx.
I felt a little creepy, when I saw it in "the exhibition of world cats" or something.
(H) I first saw it when I was an elementary school student. And, I was going to tear..... Its eyes are big, and it doesn't have fur.
(B) What?
(H) Because it's cat from Egypt. I don't know whether it's because of it's hot, the cat don't have fur, but have only skin.
(Kanzaka) In short, it seems a close-cropped cat.....
(B) Oh, no-
(Kanzaka) Yeah, it's very "Oh, no" cat.
(T) You mean, you like soft cats, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yeah, the soft fur is good.....
(H) Then, dogs don't have problem, huh?
(Kanzaka) Hmm. But, its size, how to act, and gestures isn't.....
(T) Go to the next question. "Does Xelloss have any hobbies?"
(Kanzaka) I think, yes. To collect negative feeling, or glib tongue to deceive people, or the like. Well, it's half in profit and half in hobby, though.
(T) "Gourry seems not to cautious about Xelloss enough, although Xelloss is Mazoku. How in the world Gourry think Xelloss?"
(Kanzaka) He doesn't care too much, because Lina don't care.
(T) "Xelloss said he is not good at water and ice magic. Is it true? If it's true, why? And, what magic is he good at?"
[memo by Tokitama: It's said when Gylia City burst into flames, and Lina asked Xelloss to extinguish the fire. But, in fact, Xelloss set fire on purpose. So, he said that in order to refuse.]
(Kanzaka) Well.....I don't remember it.
(T) Assume it's said, and continue.
(Kanzaka) Anyway, Mazoku originally don't prefer to use spirit magic which use the power of spirit. In that way, he is not good at it.
(B) It means Mazoku don't dislike, but hard to use?
(Kanzaka) Mazoku don't want to use it.
(T) "In vol.15, Xelloss went away with a parting shot, just because Gourry took the words out of Xelloss' mouth. But, in vol.6, Xelloss was calm when Ameria took the words out of Xelloss' mouth. They are similar situations, but why is Xelloss' response different so much?"
(Kanzaka) Xelloss maybe affected by Lina and her company. At first, he went with Lina and her company as operations. But, in vol.15, he really took part for fun. So, at that point, he was probably enjoying it.
(T) "What class of Mazoku can create another Mazoku?"
(Kanzaka) Well.....
(H) Sherra could create Doolgofa, huh? Can middle class of pure Mazoku create subordinate?
(Kanzaka) No, all pure Mazoku can do, I think. Lower-class Mazoku can also do it, but it reduces his power and he may become weaker than lower class. So, lower-class Mazoku doesn't do it.
(H) Then, they can make mini-dora. *laugh*
(T) Zelami & Xellaemons.
(Kanzaka) And, when the master's power is not enough, the subordinate's form is distorted.
(B) .....I imagined and was disgusted a little.....
(T) Would King-Xello and Xellolino appear? And, Xellonicofu. *laugh*
(B) Xellonicofu is cool!
(T) Ms.Hayashibara should double play King-Xello.
(H) Why does Xelloemon become anime!?
(T) Xell-the-kids and Zelami are in love with each other.....
(B) Zelami sounds like gelatin. It's like fish's gelatin, and I dislike it.
[memo by Tokitama: The talk is based on Draemon's movie.]
(T) "Please tell me Milgazia's height (in human form) and length."
(H) Length?
(T) Probably, it means the height in Dragon form.
(Kanzaka) Probably, the height in human form is about 190 centimeters.
[memo by Tokitama: 190 centimeters = 74.8 inch = 6.2 feet.]
(T) Milgazia is taller even than Gourry.
(Kanzaka) About length.....Golden Dragon is small. So, about 17 to 18 meters from the head to the base of the tail. And, about 25 meters with tail.
(H) Wow, the tail is about 10 meters?
[memo by Tokitama: 17 to 18 meters = 669.3 to 708.7 inch = 55.8 to 59.1 feet, 25 meters = 984.3 inch = 82.0 feet, 10 meters = 393.7 inch = 32.8 feet.] [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p48]
(T) "Does Sylphiel likes only handsome boys?"
(Kanzaka) Hmm.....not so much. But she has a keen sense of duty and obligations, I think. The reason she loves Gourry includes Gourry's looks, but main reason would be that Sylphiel was helped by Gourry. And furthermore, Sylphiel was a girl brought up with tender care, in a sense. So she was unfamiliar to boyfriend, but Gourry suddenly appeared and helped Sylphiel. Then, Sylphiel fell in love, I think.
(T) Sylphiel would think her prince, who she dreams about, just appeared.
(H) How pity she is.....
(Kanzaka) Oh my god!
(H) Who wrote such a thing? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Nothing ever goes the way one wants it to.....
(B) Profound thought.....
(T) "What baseball club do you like?" Well, I think you don't watch baseball much.
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(B) Then, it should be Hanshin Tigers.
(Kanzaka) Why!?
(H) Do you like strong club?
(B) If so, Hanshin Tigers isn't good! *sob*
(Kanzaka) But, Kyojin doesn't have good reputation.
(H) Isn't it Kintetsu Buffalos? It's the club of Osaka.
(B) Orix would be good, too.
(Kanzaka) I think I should answer honesty as "I don't watch baseball much".....
(T) Anyway, I'm one of Chunichi Dragons' fans.
(B) I like Hanshin.
(T) "Did Dynast create Sherra in order to find the fragment of Ruby Eye? And, in past interview (first part of TRPG replay 6), you said Sherra was created after Kouma war. But, I'd like to know a concrete date of it."
First, let's start with the purpose.
(Kanzaka) Well, it's because of kinda silly reason that more subordinates would be better than fewer subordinates.....
(H) It's a fool.
(Kanzaka) Probably, Dynast is most foolish of 5.
(B) Idiot....*laugh* Then, his naming sense is simple.
(T) Then, next question; when?
(Kanzaka) Probably, after things return to normal, so in less than half year after Kouma war. And, till then, Dynast has neither general nor priest, and both 2 of Hellmaster's subordinates was dead. So, "What should we do?" "Then, I should create many." or like this, Dynast made many subordinates by the reason like "easygoing father", I think.
[memo by Tokitama: "easygoing father" (Nonki-na Tousan) is the title of a four-frame cartoon.]
(T) "Easygoing father", oh I know it.
(Kanzaka) In the helmet of Grawsherrar is easygoing father's face.....*laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p51]
(T) "When Mazoku sealed in human's heart wake up, what will happen to the human's body?"
(Kanzaka) First, it exists as Dark Load with physical body. And when the body gets damage and broken, the space is filled by para-body made by Mazoku. And, at last, it becomes Mazoku without physical body, I think.
(T) "Why Rei=Magnas and Gaav woke up as Mazoku?"
(Kanzaka) Well, to tell the truth, Ruby Eye in Rei=Magnas woke up by almost same reason with Luke. And, Gaav woke up.....probably, because Fibrizo said "Get up[heart]"
(H) What? Then, Rei=Magnus also had his girlfriend?
(Kanzaka) Well, I don't know whether it's his girlfriend or company, anyway, the person was treated cruelly, if anything by human, in the war Fibrizo produced. And, "Argh damn, that's disgusting! Then now, I will become Dark Load!" uh, something like that.
(H) All are like Devil Man.
[memo by Tokitama: "Devil Man" is the name of an old manga series and it's leading character.]
(Kanzaka) Yeah.
(T) "About the cloths in Slayers world, do they use elastic gum, hook, snap fastener, and zipper? And, what kind of underwear does the men and the women wear?"
(Kanzaka) I think they don't use elastic gum.
(B) They would use string instead of it.
(Kanzaka) What is snap fastener?
(B) I don't know.
(H) It's the buttons which shut with a snap, like this.
(Kanzaka) I think they don't use snap fastener and zipper, but use hook. So, they use only hook in the above.
(T) And, how about the underwear?
(Kanzaka) I'd like to say "Both men and women use suteteko [=a type of men's underpants resembling loose Bermuda shorts]" *laugh* But, I shouldn't do so as a human.
(H) Suteteko? Shouldn't I be attracted?
(Kanzaka) Well, anyway, I think they use underwear, which is made of cotton cloth, silk cloth, etc. according to the living standard.
(H) A loincloth?
(Kanzaka) The underpants, I think.
(H) I hope other people aren't hearing our talking. *laugh*
(B) Is it briefs-type, or trunks-type?
(Kanzaka) The elastic gum isn't popular, so, if anything, it would be trunks-type to be laced up by string.
(B) It's like the swimsuit, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yes. So, women would use the panty which ties its sides with strings. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p52]
(T) Well, next question is suddenly about Slayers. *laugh*
"It's said that the interference by higher Mazoku is one of the ways to kill the man, who contracts with Mazoku for eternal life. And, Drag Slave can kill Halshifom.
But, isn't Halshifom killed by the spell of five subordinate lords, who are in higher rank than Seigram?"
(Kanzaka) Of course, Gaav Flare or the like can kill Seigram. But, I hadn't made Gaav Flare at that time yet.
(B) It's brutally honest answer. *laugh*
(T) I read the sequel to the question. "If so, the spells won't destroy the city, and Rubia didn't need to kill Halshifom, I think....."
Well, that's exactly right. *laugh*
(H) How poor, Rubia. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) If it works, that story would be very simple.
(H) Maybe, Seigram is too fast to be hit by Gaav Flare. If Gaav Flare misses, it will burn the building.
(T) Gaav Flare doesn't burn the building, if I'm right.
(B) And, Gaav Flare follows the target, so has high hit probability.
(Kanzaka) Some men can avoid it, but the man must be in considerable level. But, I now remembered that Seigram can cross spaces, so he can avoid Gaav Flare.
(H) Then, it's pitiful to say the author had't made it yet. So, it should be because Lina judged he will avoid it and didn't use it.
(Kanzaka) Probably, Lina judged Seigram will avoid Gaav Flare by crossing spaces. Good idea!
(H) Yes. *laugh*
(B) Phew. It was on a tightrope. It's dangerous. *laugh*
(T) "In Slayers world, there are not Shinzoku's subordinates, like Mazoku's five subordinate lords, and priests and generals?"
(Kanzaka) Right, God made four dragon lords, and they are left as it is.
(T) "Does Gods' existence remain in legend? And, Gods doesn't appear just because of barriers, huh?"
(Kanzaka) There's the legend. And, there're Gods themselves out of Lina's world.
(B) I see.
(T) "I read on some interview with Mr.Kanzaka that Lina's sister heard the rumor about Lina and waiting Lina's return while sharpening a kitchen knife. Is Lina safe after novel's last volume and backed her home? *laugh*"
(Kanzaka) I can't say such awful thing.....
(H) Because of it, that scene was the last of Slayers, huh? *laugh*
(B) It's like the last scene of "Bram Stoker's Dracula", the movie. "I have been waiting for you."
(T) Lina says "I'm back!"
Lina's sister *smile*
=> Death.
.....like that. *laugh*
(T) "What is the name of Lina's father?"
(Kanzaka) Ehehe. It's secret.
(H) You must have idea, because your face is serious.
(Kanzaka) Oh, you read my thoughts! Well, I can say.
But, if I do so, it lost the meaning that I didn't write his name on purpose.....
(H) That means he will write the sequel, so we shouldn't hear it now.
(T) It may not mean simply the sequel of that spin-off.
(Kanzaka) It's secret, please don't ask details.
(H) May I ask how old is Lina's father?
(Kanzaka) I don't have the setting. *laugh*
(H) How long ago was that story?
(Kanzaka) Probably, when Lina was doing various things in special series.
(T) "Before, you said there're 5 people who Lina think she can't match. It's Lina's father, mother, sister, and who are the left 2 people?"
(Kanzaka) Luna's colleague, and queen.
(H) Queen? You mean the queen of Zefielia....?
(Kanzaka) Yes.
(T) Luna's colleague is a waitress, or a waiter?
(Kanzaka) She is a waitress.
(H) Is she an ordinary person?
(Kanzaka) Well, yes and no. *laugh*
(H) "Can't match" is about physical strength; skill?
(Kanzaka) Well, about sword skill, rather than physical strength, I think.
(T) "Please talk something about Elmekia Kingdom, which rarely mentioned by novels."
(Kanzaka) Well, there're many sand.
(H) Tottori? *laugh*
(Kanzaka) My image is like that. *laugh*
(B) Then, Elmekia's specialty must be Asian pear.
(Kanzaka) There's Mizuki Shigeru Road. *laugh*
(B) Oh, I visited the road some time ago! It was great.
[memo by Tokitama: "Tottori" is one of prefectures of Japan. Asian pear is the specialty of Tottori. Mizuki Shigeru Road is in Tottori, and the road has many statues of characters of "Gegege no Kitarou".]
(T) Well, putting aside it, please answer the question.....
(Kanzaka) In my image, it's like the town in desert area. Probably, they can make mud-brick house, because it rarely rains.
(B) Then, it's just like Egypt.
(T) By the way, although Elmekia doesn't appear in novels, many characters are from Elmekia.
(H) I think Gourry, too.
(Kanzaka) To tell the truth, I use Elmekia as their hometown, because Elmekia doesn't appear at all. *laugh*
(T) "Is the illust contest and inviting ghost story, which you said in after-write before, still continued?"
(Kanzaka) Ongoing recruitment.
(H) Hey, I didn't think it's continued up to now.
(Kanzaka) I don't send the prize anymore. But, personally, I want to continue.
(T) Then, suddenly, you will receive ghost's FAX from stranger. *laugh*
(Kanzaka) Nooooo!
(B) It's the bullying. *laugh*
(T) "Millina hates red-haired person. Could it because Lantz chased about Millina old days?"
(Kanzaka) Probably, something happened in old days. Something which isn't good memories. But, it's not about Lantz, I think.
(H) I thought it must because of Lantz.
(Kanzaka) He is innocent. *laugh*
(T) "Meffy ordered shredded cabbage. Does she dislike lettuce?"
(Kanzaka) Probably, she likes lettuce. *laugh*
But, lettuce loses freshness soon..... Especially in that world, where don't have good circulation, fresh lettuce is hard to have.
Probably, Meffy checked surrounding circumstances before she entered the town. And, she thought the town grows many cabbages but doesn't grow lettuce, so cabbage is the fresh vegetable to eat in the town. So, she ordered cabbage. But, I hope she cares other things, too. *laugh* [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p58]
(T) "Can Naga use Ra Tilt and Resurrection?"
(Kanzaka) To tell the truth, she can use them.
(T) "When did Naga learn Levitation? (taught by Lina?)"
(Kanzaka) No, Naga must listen to Lina's spell secretly, and practiced it behind the curtain.
(T) "At the point of main series' end, Naga had returned to Saillune?"
(Kanzaka) Probably, she returned.
(T) "You have the plan to show up the true identity of Naga, don't you?"
(Kanzaka) "Don't you? *laugh* Well, I don't have the plan to show it up in novels now."
(T) "How old was Gourry when he left home?"
(Kanzaka) 17 years old, I think.
(T) "Aside from aptitude, how much is Gourry's magic capacity?"
(Kanzaka) Just one step short of Drag Slave class.
(B) Oh, it's great!
(H) Why he can't use magic?
(Kanzaka) Because he can't remember spell.
(B) Oh.....I see. *laugh*
(T) "About why I asked that. First, it has influence on the power of Blast Sword. Second, it has influence to the magic capacity of the child of Lina and Gourry, I think."
(B) This questioner is full of worldly passions.
(H) If they have a child, it will be great bloodhorse.
(Kanzaka) Maybe it has some influence, but there is more factors.
(T) In short, there is factors other than gene, but there is possibility to be inherited, too.
"Are Remmy-san still searching her older brother?"
(Kanzaka) Yes, she keeps searching.
(T) "If she is already in the stage of searching her brother's revenge, it's frightening....."
(Kanzaka) Probably, she keeps searching endlessly without awakening. Maybe, she already forget the purpose of searching.
(T) "Eipril is belong to Sorcerer Guild, so she would be a sorceress. But, what is her specialty? (She can't use even Levitation.)"
(Kanzaka) Probably, her speciality is theoretics. For example, analysis of Chaos Words or Dragon's language. She is in such analysis sector.
(T) It is the so-called academic sorcerer, huh?
(Kanzaka) Yes. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! VII and IX" p70]
(T) "Why did 5 dark loads assign their subordinates to priest or general? Is there different in the role or ability between priests and generals?"
(Kanzaka) Nothing special. Well, probably just by the interest of first Ruby Eye. [Page Top]
["BLASTER! X" p4]
(T) "Lina's elder sister know herself is 'Ceiphied Knight', doesn't she? Then, why don't she go to hunt demons? And, how much of Ceiphied's knowledge does she have?"
(Kanzaka) She would know it. But, the sense of duty or mission is another matter. Absolutely, the container is human, and she don't have particular reason to hunt demons.
Not as log as demons invade extensively and her hometown is going to ruin. Now, demons operate in each place just on a small scale, and her younger sister automatically beat demons.....so, it's kind of "No problem". *laugh*
(T) I'm getting her image like Nao of "My-HiME". *laugh* She has the ability of HiME, but just snares and hunts guys.
(Kanzaka) *laugh* Luna won't hunt, though.
(T) How about the knowledge? I heard that Luna inherits just power and few knowledge, huh?
(Kanzaka) She inherits almost no knowledge. About the power, she has high potential, but can't overcome a limitation of human.
(T) But, to avoid "Drag Slave" by jumping sideways is obviously overcome the limitation of human, I think.....
(Kanzaka) ....Well, you know....waitress builds up her physique during work standing, so just add some effort!!
(T) I see. ....Hey, no way!! *laugh*
Well, to remind too much is rustic, so let's go to next question.
"I became curious during reading "Oldies Pride", does Lina's grandfather and grandmother living? And, has Lina met them?"
(Kanzaka) Probably, they are dead.
(T) Before Lina was born?
(Kanzaka) Yes. And, Lina's father and mother was working together as mercenaries from the first, in my image. [Page Top]
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