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Touch Yourself

(Theme song of Slayers Royal: the 3rd game, Inserted song of Slayers Special: OVA 1st series.)
lyrics: MEGUMI * composition: Hidetoshi Satou * arrangement: Keiji Soeda * song: Megumi Hayashibara
In the darkness swirling,
I'm going toward my tomorrow shining.
While I want liberty,
I want restraint.

To love a person.
To be loved by a person.
I got used to want something,
and I lost my way in loneliness.

A person meets another person,
then becomes a human.
This encounter
isn't an accident.

@ If you want to be stronger,
If you want to be more kind,
Please prize yourself
more and more.
If you want to know the reason of your life,
If you want to be treated kindly,
You should love people
more and more. @
My soul is crying.
But, I keep walking without to notice it.
Because I'm given no recognition,
there's no reason to hesitate.

For many reasons
and many memories,
I went a long way round.
But, it's not useless at all.

Remember the day you came here
by your own choice.
If you can believe your choice,
the day you can smile will come.

# When your heart is hurt,
When you hate yourself,
surely, surely,
It's the very time when human will find tomorrow.
It's okey to stop and take a rest
until the day you can begin to walk again.
surely, surely,
The day will come soon. #
@ Repeat
# Repeat

* Touch Yourself * Shining Girl *

Shining Girl

(C/W song of "MIDNIGHT BLUE")
lyrics: Satomi Arimori * composition: Hidetoshi Satou * arrangement: Shou Goshima * song: Megumi Hayashibara
My heart is always full of dream,
and I am always excited with my arms opened.
I'm not discouraged by hard things and sad things.
"Cheerfulness by nature." I'm proud of it.

Even in the night I'm getting depressed, I call in my friends
and I have a spree together till daybreak.

@ I'm JUST Shining Shining Shining Girl.
I never regret. I want to try with my belief in myself.
I'm JUST Shining Shining Shining Girl.
Without to forget smiling, I want to meet the shining premonition.
All the way. @
I sometimes make a blunder.....but,
I recover soon. Everybody is amazed by my speed.
I shed tears,
only when I'm very joyful.

The weather of my heart is fine and occasionally fine.
Let's blow the cloudy sky off.

I'm JUST Shining Shining Shining Girl.
I never give up. I want to try with my belief in tomorrow.
I'm JUST Shining Shining Shining Girl.
Without to forget my vitality, I want to feel the time my heart palpitates.
All the way.
@ Repeat
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