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Here's rough translation of the interview to voice actors of "Slayers VS Orphen Drama CD", on "animate.tv"(in Japanese only).
I translated only Slayers part. (without Orphen part.) Thank you.
That masterpiece of fantasy will reawake as collaboration work! Drama CD "Slayers VS Orphen" will be released on July!
2001, spring----it was put on extra number called Fantasia Battle Royal, and was immediate sellout as soon as it's on sale. That legendary collaboration novel; "Slayers VS Orphen" will become drama CD. In addition to voice actors from anime, it has good voice actors for this CD. And, it will also have original image song! This time, I got comments from voice actors both who are gathered after a long silence and who are joined as new face.
People who have interest in it, and people who are genuine fan of "Fujimi Fantasia novel", don't forget to check "reserved edition only: Slayers VS Orphen" (A5 size, 360 page, from Fujimi Shobo company), as it has preview of drama CD.
[photo caption]
Here are voice actors who took part in recording of "Slayers VS Orphen". Mr.Shotaro Morikubo (Orphen) and Ms.Sayaka Ohara (Bonny) do recording separately, due to some scheduling problems. But, everyone has good teamwork. I'm fullness of the heart to see that voice actors together again....!!
Ms.Megumi Hayashibara (Lina Inverse)
I was surprised, when I heard "Slayers" is on my work schedule. Just like "No kidding!" *laugh* But, when I got the script and read it, I could hear characters voice. I had thought Lina was already sleeping, but she didn't sleep at all. I think it's about 5 years since Slayers was finished, right? After that, I experienced many different events. But, Lina is getting violent bravely without any change, so enjoy this CD!
Mr.Yasunori Matsumoto (Gourry Gabriev)
Well, I come back in really good sense. On the way to recording studio, I happened to meet Ms.Hayashibara and talked various things with her. But, when I entered the studio and the recording began, I didn't feel the sense of discomfort. It been a really long time to meet the member together, so I felt nostalgic. But, when I tried the recording, I felt time went back soon. I really enjoy the recording.
Mr.Hikaru Midorikawa (Zelgadiss)
Slayers is vigorous work, so after many years, as the role.....as voice actor, I worried about that. *bitter smile* But, like Mr.Matsumoto said, I didn't feel any sense of discomfort, so I felt relieved. I called the name of nostalgic magic, and I saw Majin-chan did characteristic gesture when she says lines same as before. It's not many recording to play with such nostalgic feeling, so I had very good time.
(notes by Tokitama: Majin-chan is nickname of Ms.Masami Suzuki.)
Ms.Masami Suzuki (Ameria)
Just like everyone already mentioned. I can't help but do gesture automatically during playing this role. (people around: *LOL*) In this year, I had chance to work with people who say "I watched 'Slayers' in my childhood.", so I felt nostalgic. Just about then, I was given this work, so I felt really happy. *laugh* If you feel nostalgic together and support us, I think I may be able to have the chance to do the reunion.
Ms.Maria Kawamura (Naga)
When I heard the title, I imagined "ALIEN VS PREDATOR". *laugh* And, I expected Slayers and Orphen unite and become more enjoyable. But, it was great than I thought, so I'm happy. And, I'm called after a long time, and such..... I wonder why I have little lines but only laughing from the beginning. *bitter smile* I'm happy if listeners enjoy this CD in festive mood.
[I skipped Orphen part.]
Drama CD "Slayers VS Orphen"
2005.07.21 on sale, 3150yen (tax included)
Selling agency: King Record company
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