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here's rough translation of the interview to Megumi Hayashibara on "chara-ani.com"(in Japanese only)chara-ani.com/interview.
Oct/11/2001, it was interviewed the recording of theme song for "Slayers Premium" which will be released Dec/22. The theme song is "feel well" sung by Megumi Hayashibara who play Lina=Inverse. Here's the interview of Ms.Hayashibara about this song which somehow differs from past songs of "Slayers", and has a heartwarming-happy mood.

----Please talk shortly about this song "feel well".
(Hayashibara) Past songs of "Slayers" are in very quick tempo without time to breathe, and which press hard. So, there may be some people be surprised saying "Wow? Is it a song of "Slayers"!?", when they listen to this song.
"Slayers Premium" isn't given a position like "after Try", "during NEXT" and something at all. But, both anime(by "Try") and original novel series finished already, so I think "I'm happy to meet again characters of Slayers.". So, it might become a heartwarming song, I guess.
When I get a demo-tape from Mr.O, the person in charge, saying "Please write lyrics for it." and listen it for the first time, I thought "What? Is it a song of Slayers?". However, in the middle of listening it, I imagined characters of Slayers walking just like the lirycs:"swinging their arms greatly" and a person fall down, etc. Then, I wrote the lyrics with that image. And, I thought up the title of the song "feel well"(=ii kanji) from the image of the song.

----What were you thinking when you sing this song?
(Hayashibara) I first thought this song is easy to sing, but it was very difficult in fact. I can't remember what points were difficult, anyway, it took a long time. I wanted to express that mood, so didn't want to make it firmly.....
I made a version which is sung better in my mind, but the composer ordered "not in the nuance flows easily, but in the nuance softly, here and there, and somehow happy, please sing again.", and I thought "Oh, it's also good.".
I didn't sing "toh" but "to" in the word:"yukkuri to(=slowly)". But, "to" also didn't become "softly, here and there, and somehow happy" *laugh* So, I sang it in the studio, imaging blue sky and big clouds.
It was difficult that to sing easily (it's differ from "it took a long time to go to the world of the song."). Because I'm conceited greatly, for example, the history I have played and something. I wanted to tell everyone the very warm part of Slayers. But, it was stiff while I was thinking "I want to tell!". After I thought "Anything is OK[note]", I could sing happily.

----How did you think when you listen to completion?
(Hayashibara) It's a good song. I think this song is also suitable for Slayers.

----I think Slayers is almost regular, because this is 5th movie.
(Hayashibara) No. It's not regular at all. Because there was the mood to end after 4th movie, I was surprised at this movie at this time. Moreover, characters storm on the screen isn't Lina and Naga like in past movies, but characters of TV series.
I very enjoyed the after-recording after a long time. It was finished soon while I thinking "Ah. happy!". It isn't enough. I want to play Lina more. I think "Please make it regular more!" *laugh*

----In "Slayers Premium", what scene is the most impressive for you?
(Hayashibara) When characters are eating. When I practice in my house with a rehearsal-tape, Lina, whom I was so familiar with, seems sleeping in my heart. So, I couldn't get the feel of Lina well. But, I became Lina soon after I went to the after-recording studio and heard the voice of Ameria, Gourry, and Zel(Zelgadiss). And, I was surprised at me can recite the spell of Drag-Slave. Well, probably, I know it by heart. I thought "Oh, here here! I found Lina!".

----I heard that "feel well" will be played in ending of the movie. How mood do you think it is?
(Hayashibara) I can't image at all. I want to watch it soon! I'm looking forward to watch it.

----Here's the last question. The message for fans?
(Hayashibara) For a while ago, I stayed at a hotel. I happened to bring a tape of the song with me, so I heard it with my walk-man(player) under the blue sky and floating cloud. It was very good.
I personally think this song is good not only for 99 percent people know "Slayers" but also for 1 percent people don't know.
In the lyrics, there is the point which people love Slayers will be overjoyed (people like novels will say "Wow! It is...!"). Please wait looking forward to.

[star]"Slayers Premium" theme song CD will be in store 12.5.2001!
1. feel well
lyrics: MEGUMI, composition and arrangement: Gou Takahashi, song: Megumi Hayashibara.
2. rumba-rumba
lyrics and composition: Sora Izumikawa, arrangement: Noritsuka Tokawa(? I can't read well.), song:Megumi Hayashibara.
3. Anata wa Tako-go (=you're octopus's language.)
lyrics: Jun_ichi Satou, composition and arrangement: You Imaizumi, song: Yuri Shiratori.
4. feel well (instrumental Ver.)
5. rumba-rumba (instrumental Ver.)
6. Anata wa Tako-go (instrumental Ver.)

KICM-3020 // 1143yen (and tax)

[star] "Slayers Premium" will be put on screen Dec/22/2001 all around Japan!
And, before the release, Oct/20, the preview was put on screen! Check!
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