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001First, what year, month, and day is today(the day you answer this 100questions)?
002What is your handle name(name on Internet)? Do you have other handle names?
My handle name is "Tokitama Izuru".
No, I don't have other handle names. I have used "Tokitama Izuru" since I began to use Internet.
Only For a short time, I used "Tiara" in a game, but almost no.
003How did you make your handle name?
Because I like the word "Tokitama"[=sometimes]. I first used it when I was a junior high school student.
I put Kanji[=Japanese type Chinese characters] as a phonetic symbol rather than for its meaning. Then, made first name: Izuru[=appear] because it can have meaning suit to family name.
(BTW, the meaning of Kanji is...."toki"[time], "tama"[orb, gem, ball], "izu"[fountain, spring], and "ru"[flow, stream])
It don't have meaning specially that I use "wi" when I write my handle name in Hiragana[=one of Japanese phonograms], I just like it.
004Please explain your character simply.
"my pace". And, I'm not sociable. (^ ^;)
005May I ask your distinction of sex and your age?
Female. After several years, I can drink alcohol legally in the Japanese law.
006What are your blood type and your sign of the zodiac?
Blood type is "B (Rh+)", and the zodiac sign is Capricorn. (And, the twelve horary signs is the Rat)
007Where is your birthplace? And, where do you live now?
The hospital was in Mie-Prefecture(Japan), the hometown of my mother. I live in Aichi-Prefecture(Japan).
008How many brothers and sisters do you have?
One elder sister.
009What is your job?
Student. I don't have job.
010What is your weak point?
High place, and hot spices.
011Do you belong in the circle(group) of Doujinshi?
Nope. I can't neither draw illustrations, nor write stories. (^ ^;)
012Why did you make your website?
Because I started studying HTML, I made one though it didn't have contents specially. To tell the truth, this website is still under construction.....maybe, forever. (^ ^;;)
013How did you name your website?
When I made my BBS on a Slayers site, I couldn't hit on a good title, and used an irresponsible name. And, I can't still hit on.....so, I keep using it. Some website made links to here, and now I can't change it.....(^ ^;)
BTW, the meaning of "Tokitama shan chi" is "Ms. Tokitama's home". Yeah, too simple title. (^ ^;)
014What is the goal of your website?
It's secretly under construction, so the goal is "to complete".....but, I don't know what means "to complete".
For the time being, I want to complete the summary of the first half of novels and translation of the summary.
015Does your website have secret pages hidden? If don't have, do you want to make one?
No. I like to search for the secret page (though I'm poor at finding it), but I have nothing to put in the secret page. So, I won't make one.
016Which is better to make contact with you, E-mail or BBS?
Hmm, I'm poor at E-mail, and prefer to BBS. However, I don't often check BBS. So, E-mail is better for the message in a hurry. .....After all, both are okey.
017What is your hobby?
Internet and reading.....Oh, it seems the very typical person with no hobbies. (^ ^;)
018When you are happy?
When I'm sleeping and access to the Internet.....how degenerate I am!
019What do you do, when you have free time?
Idle the free time away.
020How do you recover, when you get depressed.
Leave it as it is. After a while, it'll be recovered.
021What are the 3 places you want to travel to?
United Kingdam, Italy, and Turkey)
022What are the 3 dishes you like?
Well.....Niku-jaga, Hayashi-rice[rice with hashed meat] ,and Mabo-tofu[spicy tofu?]. (And, french fries of potato.)
023What are your favorite fruit, confectionery, and drink?
pear. Fran[a sweet like mousse pocky] and Mont Blanc. Cone soup and canned tea.
024What food do you hate, and why?
Wasabi[Japanese horseradish], ginger, pickles, etc.....I can't understand adults' tongue.
And, konnyaku and mushroom, because they're tasteless.
025What are living things you like and that you hate?
I like most tame mammals with fur. I don't like slugs and insects with legs more than 6. I hate mosquitoes most.
026What are your favorite color, number, and flower?
Blue, black, silver. 3,5,7. Sakura[=cherry blossoms].
027What is the season you like and that you hate? And why?
My favorite is autumn and I don't like summer.....because of common reasons. (foods and temperature)
028What are the subjects you like and that you hate?
I like Japanese, Arts, and History. I hate Physical education, Mathematics and English.
029What club activities have you belonged to till now?
Brass band club, handicraft and cooking club, Japanese tea ceremony club, broadcast club, and computer club.
030Remember your childhood.....how old were you in your oldest memory?
I almost can't remember when I was in kindergarten.....probably, from about 7 years old, tough I can't remember clearly.
031If you can make your 3 wishes true, what do you wish?
First of all, "I'd like to get a magic item which can make all of my wishes true.".....it's very common wish.
032Till how old will you live?
I think 60 years old. .....but, average life span of Japanese women is over 80 years old.....hmm.
033Have you been to Doujinshi Sokubaikai, or Conventions?
I have been some middle-class Sokubaikai(Comic Live). I haven't been to Komike(Comic Market). I want to go to Komike once.....but it won't have many space for Slayers now.....
034Do you have cell phone or PHS? Which cell phone company do you use?
No, I haven't. I want Air'H of DDI Pocket(KDDI).....but, I hear that it's often busy after it began to fixed-charged Internet service.
035What is the magazine(s) you read?
I buy magazines only when it has a mail-order business of an original telephone card. I usually read magazines in a bookstore.(^ ^;)
036How long have you used the PC?
Probably, for 7 or 8 years.
037What is the web browser, OS, and specifications of the PC you are using?
Windows98SE, IE6, 450MHz and 192MB. (P.S. in 2002.July.5, Windows XP-pro, IE6, 800MHz and 256MB.)
038What do you usually do with the PC?
Mainly, Internet.
039How long have you used Internet?
For about 5 or 6 years.
040How do you access to Internet? (CableTV, ADSL, etc.)
Cable TV. (P.S. in 2002.July.5, ADSL 8M.)
041How many websites do you have on your bookmark?
Umm.....about 300.
042What website do you often visit?
(It was "Slayers World", but it's missing now.) "Slayers Dictionary", "AnimeNation", and "SlayersUniverse".
043How many times did you go to off-line meeting?
2 or 3 times.
044How long do you watch TV per a day?
Average 30 minutes.
045What kind of TV program you like?
Recently, I don't watch TV except news program.
046What are the 3 dramas you like?
I usually don't watch TV drama. (^ ^;)
047Who are the 3 people in show business you like?
I don't know well about people in show business. (^ ^;)
048What are the 3 anime you like? (except Slayers)
"Lost Universe", "Saber Marionette J to X", "Gensou-maden Saiyuuki".....though they often change.
049Who are the 3 Seiyuu(voice actor of anime) you like?
Basically, only Ms.Megumi Hayashibara. And....hmm.....Ms.Houko Kuwashima, and Mr.Akira Ishida, though I don't know well about they two.
050What will you do, when you happen to see the Seiyuu or people in show business?
I'll see for a while. I think I won't talk to.
051What are the 3 songs you like? (except songs of Slayers)
Time goes by (by. EveryLittleThing), DEPARTURE (glove), happy days (Mai Kuraki).....they also often change.
052What are the 3 manga(comics) you like? (expect manga of Slayers)
"Dragon Kishidan"[Dragon Knights], "Tenshi Kinryou-ku"[Angel Sanctuary], and "Seiden"[RG-Veda]
053Who are the 3 manga(comic) artists(authors) you like?
Just like the answer of 053. Ms.Mineko Okami, Ms.Kaori Yuki, and CLAMP.
054What are the 3 books you like? (except novels written by Mr.Kanzaka)
"The Third", "Shin Unmei-no Tarot"[Neo the Tarot of the Fortune], "Souryuu-den"
055Who are the 3 authors you like? (except Mr.Kanzaka)
Mr.Ryou Hoshino, Ms.Yuka Minagawa.....umm.....Ms.Mito Orihara.
056What are the 3 video or PC games you like? (except games of Slayers)
I haven't played much, because I don't have video game player. But, well.....FinalFanyasy, the Dungeon of Chocobo, and Seiken Densetsu[the Legend of Sacred Sword].
057What is your favorite radio program?
I don't often listen to radio. I sometimes listen "Hayashibara Megumi no TokyoBoogieNight".
058How long have you been a Slayers fan?
For about 6 years. From between the broadcasting of Slayers and Slayers NEXT.
059Why did you know Slayers? And, after it, how were you absorbed?
I forgot a book to read during the morning-reading-time, and borrowed Vol.2 of main series from my friend.....though, the friend already forgot she lent it to me.
Then, for a while, I was a fan of only novels. The friend told me that TV anime of Slayers(NEXT) is on TV now, so I started to watch only first half of episodes. (Because I have to go to a cramming school.) At that time, I wasn't a fan of anime version. But, I read that TRY has original story only for TV anime, so I recorded it on VHS, though I haven't recorded anime on VHS. From TRY to LostUniverse, I was a fan of both novels, and anime and rented VHS tapes of Slayers and NEXT from a video rental store and went to Animate(a Japanese anime goods shop). But, after the broadcasting of LU, I returned to a fan of novels.
Now, I'm a fan of novels written by Mr.Kanzaka.
060Why do you like Slayers?
Because there're detailed settings. (Especially, the magics need to cast spells.) And, enemy characters also have good personality. .....Of course, I like the personalities of characters and humor.
061Do you think it was good that you knew Slayers?
It has both good side and bad side. .....anyway, it was good that I found a think to be absorbed.
062What didn't you do, if you don't know Slayers?
To record anime on VHS, to go to Animate and DoujinshiSokubaikai. Now, I only go to Animate.....but, I would probably went to Animate without becoming a Slayers fan.....(^ ^;)
063Do your friends know that you are a Slayers fan? Or it's a secret?
Only a few people around me think that I'm a fan of novels called Slayers. Many people around me think that I'm a fan of an anime called something. And, others don't know. I can't deny to be thought as an anime fan.....but, I like novels rather than anime.....(^ ^;)
064In Slayers, who are the 3 characters you like?
S-sama(Lei=Magnus=Shabranigdo), Author(Mr.Kanzaka), and Lina.
065Do you think it was good that you knew Slayers?
I'm not a big fan of certain couples. (^ ^;) If pressed, Gourry and Lina, Xelloss and Lina, and Halshifom and Rubia. (Lina is in two couple, so it seems that I have no couple support.....well, it's probably right.(^ ^;)
066What are the 3 songs of Slayers you like?
Give a reason, Slayers 4 the future, and Kono-sekai no Dokoka de.
067What are the 3 lines(words) you like in Slayers?
"Jikaku wa suredo, hansei wa sezu. [Though I become conscious of it, I won't search my conscience.]" (by Lina), the spell of DragSlave, "Kono ki ga watashi no bohyou desu. [My grave is this tree.]" (by copy-Rezo)
068What is your favorite scene?
The last scene of Vol.3, Vol.8, and Vol.15. of main series.
069What is your favorite joke?
"Ai to yuujou, doryoku to konjou, ato un to jitsuryoku, waza to speed, chiryoku ni maryoku ni zairyoku to kenryoku sae areba, yono naka katenai aite wa inai wa. [Love, friendship, effort, spirit, luck, capability, technique, speed, intellectual power, magical power, money power, and authority. Only with those, there's nobody you can't beat.]" (by Lina)
"Kono serpent no Nahga no kimochi wo ugokasu koto ga dekiru no wa, seigi to douri to shinjitsu to, genkin to tabemono to sono toki no kibunn, ato wa sono hi no kion to shitsudo kurai na mono yo! [What can change the mind of me, Nahga the serpent, are only justice, right, truth, money, food, feeling of then, the air temperature and humidity of the day!]" (by Nahga)
.....I like such long words. And, Ameria's long words on a high place, too.
070What is the scene you enjoyed most?
Well.....to cut the comment by L-sama in the announcement of the 3rd popularity poll. Though, there're many other scenes, I enjoyed.
071What is the scene you felt sad most?
The scene Lina says good-bye to Rubia in Vol.15 of main series. The afterwrite of Vol.15, too, because I think that this is the end of main series.
072Are you a fan of anime version of Slayers? Or novel version?
Novel version. Of cause, I like also the anime version.
073What medias(anime, book, comic, game, etc.) have you watched, listened, or read?
All of novels, TV anime series, movies, artbooks. And, about half of radio-drama and OVA series. I haven't played games. I read comic series written by Mr.Araizumi and Ms.Yoshinaka, but haven't read that by Mr.Ohtsuka. And, only 2 of Slayers Hyper series. About half of Magius, and Slayers Fight in about 5 centimeters thick. About one-third of anime comics, film books, and anime artbooks. About half of movie artbook and movie pamphlets. All of album and sound track CD of TVanime, and only one of sound track of movie. .....I can't remember other medias now.
074How many spell(of cause, full-spell) do you remember?
About 15. Once I remember most, but I already forgot many of that. (^ ^;)
075If you can use a magic(spell), which magic you choose?
Resurrection, because it's useful. I don't want Rey-Wing because I don't like high places. And, I think attack magics are of no use.
076If you can have a one-week trip to the world of Slayers, how will you spend the one week?
First, I have lunch in Lialancer and see the sights of Lina's hometown. Then, I go to the capital city of Zefielia to see the sights. I want to go also to Saillune, but I won't be able to move from Zefielia to Saillune by a week, as there's no plane and train.
077If you had born in the world of Slayers, what job have you had?
Townsman B, or Villager 2. (^ ^;)
078How much money did you spend for Slayers?
Unknown. But, it won't so much, because I didn't buy anime and bought CD and comic in a used store.
079Do you write stories or draw illustrations of Slayers?
I wrote a story once, but I knew I'm poor at writing stories and stopped writing. And, I can't draw illusts of characters. (I can draw only magic circle and nyara-nyara.....things everyone can draw.)
080What website of Slayers do you often visit?
It was "Slayers World". But, it was missing. Now, these are "Slayers Universe", "SlayersDIC", and "AnimeNation".
081Why do you visit website of Slayers? BBS, to get information, to see illusts, or....?
To post messages on BBS, or to get new information. I like also ranking. I don't often read fan-stories and see fan-illusts.
082Have you write a fan letter to Seiyuu or anime creators of Slayers?
No, I haven't.
083Have you play games of Slayers? And, how did you think?
No. I'm poor at simulation games, so I want to play the game for SuperFamicon or PC-98.....but, they aren't in stores now. Far before it, I heard a rumor that PC-98 version is in 5-inch floppy discs.....(^ ^;;)
084How many times have you gone to the cinema to watch the movie of Slayers?
3 times. I first watched "SlayersGorgious" in a movie theater. And, I went to watch "SlayersPremum" twice, because of the present for the audiences in the order of arrival.
085Do you want the 4th season of Slayers?
I want to hear the voice of Luke, Millina, Meffy, Sherra, and other 3 confidants. I don't want TVanime any more, but I want the 2nd part of main series as OVA or radio-drama.
086Do you think that Honpen(main series) of novel should have continued more?
I think 15 volumes was enough. And, there's still spin-off stories continued. (^ ^)
087How Gaiden(official spin-off short story) do you want to read next?
The story about when Luke first met Millina.
088Why, do you think, L-sama(Lord of Nightmare) made the worlds?
Umm.....she was boring(?)
089Do you want Lina's elder sister(Luna=Inverse) appear?
I think she should appear only in rumors.
090Do you have friends who are Slayers fans, in your real life?
No. But, some of my friends know Slayers.
091How many people did you make as a Slayers fan?
I rent novels to some people, but they didn't become Slayers fans. (^ ^;)
092Are you tired to answer questions?
Somehow. I think 50 questions was enough, though I made this.
093What series have you read the novels written by Mr.Kanzaka?
All except for "O.P.Hunter". (I haven't read "The fantasy III", but the story is in "O.P.Hunter".) I'm looking for the hard-covered edition because the pocket edition don't have afterwrite.....but, it's difficult to get the hard-covered edition now.
094What is your favorite series in novel series written by Mr.Kanzaka? (except Slayers)
It may be "CrossCadia", though there's only 1 volume now. I like also "HigaeriQuest". I like fantasy rather than SF.
095Who is your favorite character in Mr.Kanzaka's works, except Slayers?
"Eri Murase" and "Lardy" (Higaeri), "Hikari Ragou" and "Akimitsu Mishima" (Yami no Sadame), "Queen" and "Timothy" (SheriffStars), "Canal", "Stargeither" and "Nezard" (LU), "Lezeld" and the Foreign Minister of Deiva(I forgot his name) (CrossCadia).
096What couple in Mr.Kanzaka's works, except Slayers?
I don't have much interest in couples.....umm....."Lardy and Zomd", if pressed.
097What is the Mr.Kanzaka's work you want to make it more media-mixed? In what media?(anime, comic, or..?)
I want to make "CrossCadia" or "HigaeriQuest" as TVanime.
098If you happen to see Mr.Kanzaka, what will you do?
I'll say "Please write your autograph", and he will pretend that he isn't Mr.Kanzaka. I want also to point at a direction and to shout "There's a cute cat!".....though I won't do it actually. (^ ^;)
099Have you written a fan letter to Mr.Kanzaka? Because of the New Year's card?
Sometimes. When I have a mind to do or when he published a new volume. Of cause, the New Year's card is one reason.
100Please say a word.
Thank you so much for reading all. (^ ^)

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