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Writing Speed of Mr.Kanzaka

(This data is till vol.2 of SlayersSM. (2009.01)
All Series Total 2.9month/volto Graph 79 volumesfor 19years 0monthsaround 2009.04
Slayers (all) 5.0month/volto Graph 47 volumesfor 19years 0monthsaround 2009.06
Slayers (main) 8.9month/volto Graph 15 volumesfor 10years 4months(completed)
Slayers (SP/SM) 6.8month/volto Graph 32 volumesfor 17years 6monthsaround 2009.08
DOORS 7.0month/volto Graph 2 volumesfor 7months(completed)
Abyss Gate 8.0month/volto Graph 2 volumesfor 8months(completed)
Cross Cadia 7.8month/volto Graph 6 volumesfor 3year 3months(completed)
Sheriff Stars (all) 6.1month/volto Graph 9 volumesfor 4years and 1month(completed)
Sheriff Stars (MS) 12.0month/volto Graph 5 volumesfor 4years 1month(completed)
Sheriff Stars (SS) 12.3month/volto Graph 4 volumesfor 3years 1month(completed)
Lost Universe 19.0month/volto Graph 5 volumesfor 6years 4months(completed)
Yami no Sadame wo Seou-mono 14.5month/volto Graph 3 volumesfor 2years 5months(completed)
O.P.HUNTER No DataNo Data 1 volumeNo Data(completed)
Higaeri Quest 8.3month/volto Graph 4 volumesfor 2years 1months(completed)
(I didn't count "GUNDAM NOVELS -senkou to natta senshi-tachi-" and "Ashita no Daimaou -ROAD TO DEMON LOAD-" etc. because the amount isn't enough to 1 book. And, I didn't count "Slayers VS Orphen" etc. because it isn't published as a book.)

Others (related items)

(English version) Slayers
(1st part of main series)
5.7month/vol 8 volumesfor 3years 4months(completed)

(Note 1)

* All figure was calculated simply in months. So, please think just as the estimate or joke.
* It may includes the miscalculate.

(Note 2)

* "Writing Speed" was calculated only with novels already published. Mr.Kanzaka has other work (to check scenario of TV anime, to write scenario of movie and comic, etc.), so losing speed doesn't mean he gets laxy......probably.
* "Writing Speed" is the average of the total of the passing time till next volume. (rounded off to one decimal place)
(i.g. About "Yami no Sadame wo Seou-mono" series, there's 12months between the release of vol.1 and vol.2, and 17months between that of vol.2 and vol.3. So, to round "(12+17)/2" to one decimal place is "14.5months per 1volume".)
* "Slayers Delicious" series was put in Special series, and "The Fantasy III" was also put in O.P.HUNTER. So, these were excepted.
* The baperbacl version of "O.P.HUNTER" was excepted, as its contents is same with the hard cover version.

(Note 3)

* It's not a mistake these graph begin from 0.
* "Speed (month/vol)" is the average of writing speed till the volume.
* "Interval" is the passing time from previous volume to the volume.
* The unit of the vertical axis is "month".
* "@" is my comment for "Speed", and "#" is that for "Interval".

(Note 4)

* The passing time from 1st volume to the newest volume.

(Note 5)

* It's the figure of the release data added writing speed. It's mere a personal estimate.

* I borrowed wallpaper of this page fromSystem-[f]. (closed?) Thank you so much!

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