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* Original storyline. Short stories with Lina and Gourry.
* The contents of new-covered version is SAME with the old version. But, it has different size and cover illust, and is added postcard, seal, four-frame cartoon, and after-write. (And, it includes the illust of Gourry which used for bookmark of Fujimi Fantasia Bunko.)

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Slayers (Araizumi ver.)

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Subete wa Sakana-ryouri no Tame-ni [All is for the Sea Food Dinner]

Lina and Gourry stop in a town and meet Leon, Gourry's former mercenary buddy. Leon is hired by Ludens, the lord of the town. Lina and Gourry know Ludens buy up all Milser fish in order to enrich himself, and go to Ludens castle to eat Milser dish.

Kuro no Kaitou [The Black Thief]

Lina and Gourry take the job to get back goddess statue from a thief; Black Fox. Black Fox disappear leaving word; he will steal a kiss of Lina tomorrow. Next day, Lina see throw Black Fox's disguise as maid, but Lina is caught up in the crowd of Black Fox's fan, so Gourry chase Black Fox alone.

Tayorinaki Misshi [Unreliable Secret Emissary]

Gourry took the job of 50 gold coins by carry a leather bag. But, Gourry doesn't remember both address and client. The content of the leather bag is locked iron box with an emblem of Lord Brakion. Lina and Gourry flauntingly carry around the box, and men who aim for the box appear.

Nerawareta Gourry (Zen-pen) (Kou-hen) [Targeted Gourry (first part) (latter part)]

Lina and Gourry visit the commercial city; Reizard, and encounter Isabela with flashy carriage and handsome guard. Isabera wants Gourry to join up with her guard, but Gourry easily say no. However, Lina and Gourry are put to sleep by dish with Bluerry fruit which is material of sleeping medicine, and Gourry is taken away. Lina wakes up, and goes to Leestain castle.

Jinrou no Mura (The Village of Werwolf)

Lina and Gourry are arrested by jumping a bill, and take the job to beat Werwolf in order to pay the bill. Because Werwolf runs off into the village, Lina thinks there's the villager who became Werwolf by being bit by Werwolf. And, Lina gathers villagers together to find Werwolf.

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