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* Vol.1-3 has half-original storyline based on anime version, and Special has original storyline.
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Lost Universe 1

Kane caused trouble in a bar, and met Milly, a detective with an allergy to man. Milly was on the job to take back a runaway man, but she was fired because Kane injured the runaway man.

As a material witness of the trouble, Kane is placed on the wanted list. And, Kane is forced to take the job to rescue a girl from a kidnap gang, by Rail, a police inspector of Universal Guardian. Milly is asked the same request, and infiltrates the base of the kidnap gang. Milly and Kane run into each other, and they go together in the natural course of events.

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Lost Universe 2

Kane and Milly are looking for job, and meet Jack, a man playing the piano in a bar. Kane happens to meet Rail to know Jack is the wanted man with a prize, as a member of "Nightmare", the biggest criminal organization of the galactic system. And, Kane and Milly go to Jack's house.

Kane and Milly are driven up the wall by Jack, a retired hit man, but Jack surrenders to police. After that, the man, who goes for Kane and Milly to avenge Jack, blows out their hotel room, but they manage to return to Sword Breaker. While Canal adjusts the interior decorating of the space ship, Kane and Milly go make an excursion in the city in order to get Anise's mood back.

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Lost Universe 3

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"Nightmare" begins to take over the world, and dispatches fleets of space ships to each planets. Just when Kane and his company decide to confront Nightmare, one of Nightmare's Lost Ships: "Nezard" appears. About that time, Rail goes to Universal Guardian Museum and gets the confidential sentence of lost civilization.

Kane and his company go to the house of Alicia, the grandmother of Kane. "Dark Seeder" (Yami wo Maku-mono) comes to take Anise back, but he sees Milly and shows strange reaction. And, by Canal's cover fire, "Dark Seeder" goes away by "Golun Nova". Kane tries to use Plasma Blast again, but faints from exhaustion of will power.

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Lost Universe Special

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Rail asks Kane and his company the suspicious job to guard a scientist. Kane and his company protect Dr.Founi=Ness from Universal Force, and escort Dr.Founi to his destination. At a later date, something is wrong with Canal. In order to find the way to repair, Kane and his company contact with Rail and they are introduced to Founi.

Canal persisted in saying no to the call from Founi, but she have no choice but to go to Founi. On the way, they rescue a passing girl: Altina. Altina knows Founi, and asks Kane and his company to help Founi by Sword Breaker's power. In order to repair bad condition, Canal go to initialize herself in the structure of lost culture below ground of moon.

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