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Vol.24: Chitei Oukoku no Kyoui
[The Threat of The Underground Kingdom]

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Ma no Umi no Hotori-nite [Beside the Demon Sea]

Lina dropped in a port town, and asked by the captain of merchant ship: Bilgo=Fotoff to help to salvage the treasure from wrecked ships in the Demon Sea. While Lina dives to search wrecked ships with Tania, a member of a crew, Lina feels the sign of huge "something". Lina's party captured easily the pirates who attacked just when Lina's party found the wrecked ship, and increase staff. But, before long, the huge "something" attacked them.

Ghost Life

Lina and Naga took the job to beat ghosts. But they are invited by Iara, the girl who faked to be ghost, and join to play ghost in order to annoy Frebits, the man defrauded Iara's father of the premises. But, Frebits hired the professional ghost hunter, and they came to the premises.

Chitei Oukoku no Kyoui [The Threat of The Underground Kingdom]

The too-much-fancy and isolated shop in the heart of the mountain. Lina fired by curiosity, got into the shop, and was met by Naga wearing maid's uniform. It is the weapons store for Monster. Gant, the Dwarf and the owner of the store, orders Lina to help the store, in order to make Lina the accomplice to forbid someone to talk about the store. Lina and Naga get angry with the harassment by the rival store, and dive into the hole, but countless earthworms rush to them like the avalanche.

Ima, Soko ni Iru Nyoubou [Now, There is the Wife]

Lina meet the captain, Tania, and other crew. And, Lina is asked to guard them while they carry the cargo to the goal. It's because the captain's ex-wife caught the rumor of their treasure, and sent threatening letter which demands to get her cut. The captain is scared of the ex-wife, who can command killer whales. And, suspicious wave appears around the ship on the night sea.

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Vol.25: Kishido no Susume
[Encouragement of Chivalry]

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Shiroi Yoru no Kemono [The Beast of Snowy Night]

Lina stepped in a small inn in the snow. The landlady and her son seems to be hiding something. Lina decided not to touch on it, in order to avoid trouble. But, Mezzwood, a natural historian who is belong to near Sorcerer Guild, visited the inn for the research of the unknown monster called "Lavaz" which appear in this village. Lina declined to cooperate with Mezzwood, and was asked to save "Lavaz" by the landlady and village headman.

Byouin Kitan [The Strange Story of Hospital]

In Dubuon City, the previous capital of Ralteague, Lina catches a cold. So, Lina visits the biggest general hospital in the world for both treatment and tour. But, in the hospital, there are frequent sightings of strange things like Cyclops and a box. And, the doctors asked Lina to search the affair. Considering from that affair happens in quick succession soon after Lina's hospital admission, the affair seems human-induced, but....?

Kishido no Susume [Encouragement of Chivalry]

Lina was weltered in sea slugs, as being involved in the harassment from hoodlums who announce oneself "Right Knights". And, Lina swore the revenge for them. Lina extracts the promise of reward from neighboring stores, and begins to search the member of them. But, Bankis, the member of regular knights and the person in charge of investigation, wants Lina stay out of his way and impede Lina by contraries. Apparently, Bankis wants to crack down on his son: Zilva who commit an irregularity.

Igyou no Sumau Mura [The Village where Irregular Shapes Live]

Lina visited Sunpa Village for its indigenous mushroom. And, Lina was asked to get rid of monster, which kill animals in mountain with rapidity. In Lina's research, the being killing animals was identified as Bankis and Zilva, two knights during their training in the mountain. In order to "convince" them, village headman released 3 men with irregular shapes: Sunpa Void Three Demons, who had been sealed in basement.

Vol.24 * Vol.25 * Vol.26

Vol.26: Missing Saint

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Missing Saint

The Sorcerer Guild found the remain which seems to have relation to Centi, the "Missing Saint". But, someone sabotages their excavation activity many times, and Tifal, the vice-chairman of Sorcerer Guild, hires Lina as a researcher half in fun. It seems many member of excavation team be envious of the engagement of Michael, the senior member with suspicious iron mask and pincers arm, and Tifal, the beauty vice-chairman.....

Mazemono Wine Tanbou-ki [The Memoria of Impure Wine]

Lina and Naga visit Monrose town, the famous wine production area, and meet Leovil, the freelance wine worker. They go into a restaurant at Leovil's expense, but the restaurant serves impure wine. They 3 are filled with anger and headed to Simon=Santemillion, the warehouseman of this area.

Sitting Duck

Armes is the man headed to Tork City in taking seriously suspicious letter, which says to offer legendary "Flare Dragon Sword" at a low price. As they have same destination, Lina decides to help Armes, who is the gullible rich man. But, two masked men and Naga calling herself as ordinary town girl block the way to Tork City.

Michi naru Chimer ni Kosei wo Motomete [Seeking Personality to Unknown Chimera]

Lina meets Tifal, the vice-chairman of Sorcerer Guild, again. And, Tifal asks Lina to help her. Tifal says she saw a laughing woman with spiny shoulder guards and found true personality in the woman. And, seeing the attitude of Tifal, Michael went to visit the sorcerer who studies Chimera and get ultimate personality. Lina says yes to Tifal's request, and begins to search Michael.

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