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Vol.17: Chiisana Koi Melody
[The Law and Strong Melody]

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Chiisa-na Koi Melody [The Law and Strong Melody]

On Sorcerer Guild's request, Lina stole into the castle of Lord Tyrandor, who doesn't return expensive magic items of Sorcerer Guild. Just before to succeed to get items back, it failed because of the disturbance by Yujirn, an old man and a bard who want to become famous by singing Lina's exploits. And, Lina planed to beat nearby robbers, and get them as fake criminal who stole into the castle.

Jingi-naki Basyo-tori [The Booking Spot without Code of Conduct]

Sorcerer Guild of Uranbar City asked Lina to keep good place to see Animujia called rare flower. Lina thought it's easy task, and took it. But, another man: Lenard was also sent to keep good place from Uranbar Wiseman Guild, and Lina and Lenard fight for the good place. Lina was given sleeping drug, and before to sleep, Lina change the place around Animujia to a Golem not to let Lenard keep the place. But, Lenard also make a Golem, and attack Lina.

Kyodai Seibutsu no Yama [The Mountain with Giant Animals]

Dangerous experimental animals ran away from Sorcerer Guild. Lina was asked to catch the animals by Farnes, a member of research team. Farnes says she want to catch animals without to kill them, but Irenea, the chief of research team, says they should catch animals by fair means or foul. Lina and Farnes, and Irenea and Naga, who was hired by Irenea, found the experimental animals (huge rabbit, huge insect, etc.), and run after the animals. But, the animals were caught by other team.

Arashi no Mae ni [Before the Storm]

Maria, the girl who was Lenard's pupil, found new supplier of funds: Kairam, and asked Lina to beat a woman wears thorny shoulder guard and cheats Kainam. Lina, Naga, and Maria were lured by 200 gold coins, and join the scramble to get Kainam.

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Vol.18: Atotsugi Soudou Shinrin Renjah
[The Dispute about the Succession of the Ranger]

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Atotsugi Soudou Shinrin Renjah [The Dispute about the Succession of the Ranger]

The woman who ate Lina's fishes without permission: Camirla said she have to beat 100 goblins, in order to take over her father's job: ranger instead of her weak and younger brother: Terius. Lina was attracted by the reward: to tell where oriharukon's vein is, and agreed to help her. But, Terius doesn't seem to be in poor health at all. Lina know the situation by Terius, and Lina and Terius ran after Camirla, but Naga blocked their way.

Okuri-ookami-tachi no Gogo [The Afternoon of the Man who Pretends to Escort a Woman Home and Molests Her]

The daughter of Winbow City's lord: Ryustina was kidnapped by Selgey, the minister. The minister demanded the lord's position for the princess's return. Lina got angry at this pedestrian situation, and offered her help. With two knights: Yury, the man spinning a daydream in frustration, and Laints, the pessimistic old man jumping to conclusions, Lina went to where Selgey is. They three broke into the secret base of Selgey, but Yury and Laints scrambled for finding the princess and putting their wild fancy into practice.

Zelgadiss Rougetsu Soushi [Zelgadiss' Story under the Hazy Moon]

In a village, Zelgadiss was put the sword under his nose by Mac, the fledgling mercenary. Villager says the village is attacked by unknown monster lately. Zel and Mac, who took the job to beat the monster, ran after the monster that appeared at the edge of the village.

Sanrin no Hasya-tachi [The Supreme Rulers of Mountains and Forests]

Bulued, the ranger fired by the embezzlement of the budget, and his children: Camirla and Terius is looting in mountains and forests. By the request of Josh, who is also a ranger, Lina and Naga walk along the trackless path getting out of breath. Lina got tired and persuaded Josh to search the town, in order to rest. But, in the town, they happen to find Bulued and his children. Lina, Naga and Josh ran after each one of Bulued and his children. And, Lina succeeded to win Terius over to Lina's side, but conversely, Naga was won over by Camirla.

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Vol.19: Lunatic Festival

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Maou Kourin [The Advent of Dark Lord]

Lina visited a village to eat Ratel potato, a hidden specialty. And, Lina was called as legendary hero by villager and went to beat Jeikob, "The Great Dark Lord of Nibusu Village" with another hero: Merdel, the son of lamp's craftsman. But, just like Lina, a person took Jeikob's side for Ratel potato. The person is Naga, the serpent. Now, Lina and Naga begin the battle for Ratel potato.

Ai wa Tsuyoshi [Love is Strong]

Clark=Sandlit, the president of Sorcerer Guild of Prokiam City, asked Lina, who called as "the expert to separate soul mates", to part his son from strange woman. Lina's spirit was damaged by the silly always-flirting couple: Markas and Rachel who call Lina as "Love Cupid", and the silly couple follow about Lina though Lina tried to escape. Suddenly, Naga appeared but she also got mental damage. Just when Naga was knocked down, two people from the separate-couple trade: Gilmezia and Ruroug appeared.

Lunatic Festival

By the president of Sorcerer Guild of Tesimo Village, Lina was asked to play the role of the spirit in the village's festival to wish for a good harvest. Lina thought it's easy job and took, but seemingly the festival is the evil ritual, and Lina throw attack magic into reflexively. In order to dispel doubts of Crevil, the chairperson of the festival's executive committee who came to Sorcerer Guild to complain, Lina and Crevil went to the house of Ragastain, the "adviser" who told villagers how to do the festival. After blowing off Naga and villagers wearing triangular hood, Lina confronted Ragastain.

Uchi no John Shiri-masenka? [Didn't you see my pet: John?]

Lina and Naga tried to went pass ignoring Ragiasorn, the pure Mazoku wearing female dress and squatting down at the roadside. But, Lina and Naga responded to Ragiasorn's words involuntarily. Lina and Naga asked the situation reluctantly, and Ragiasorn said his pet: John, a Dimos Dragon, was lost. Moreover, John's form was changed to a dog-sized animal by Ragiasorn and John uses Void Breath when he gets angry. Lina, Naga, and Ragiasorn followed Donald, the hunter going to present John to the lord.

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Vol.20Mission Possible

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Runaway Girl

By fruit store's lady: Kasha=Ridepark, Lina was asked to help to make the opportunity to talk with Kasha's runaway daughter: Marin. With Kasha, who is dressed all in black and acts like a professional, Lina went to the headquarters of criminal association: Nerlone Family, where Marin is. Lina met Marin, but Marin shudders at hearing the name of Kasha, and Marin confess that she ran away because she hates "training". Lina sympathized with Marin as Lina remembered her elder sister's training, and Lina decided to help Marin to fight against Marin's mother.

Mission Possible

Lina=Inverse was mistaken for Miriera's company, by Miriera, Cerenias Kingdom's foolish secret agent who stole into Lihard Kingdom. Lina blew off Lihard Kingdom's agents, then tried to go out of Lihard at once, but Lina was asked to guard Miriera. Lina and Miriera were surrounded by strange signs in the main road, but the signs were disappeared soon without attacking Lina and Miriera. Then, Lina and Miriera were attacked by Lihard's agents, who caught up with Lina and Miriera by horse.

Save The Books

By Sorcerer Guild of Shrigan City, Lina was asked to guard books, which is often broken by someone lately. In cooperation with Nikea, the librarian, and Malirn, the vice-president of the Sorcerer Guild, Lina kept watch on the stack, while getting angry at Gridai, self-important president of the Sorcerer Guild. But, the books in the stack, where no one entered, was broken again and again.

Senritsu! Ame no Ninjou-syukuba [Shudder! Humane Inn in the Rain]

Lina was be obliged to stay at small inn by a long rain, and she saw Marin=Ridepark again. Seemingly, Marin's father is testing Marin. Lina tried to run away because she didn't want to have relation with that family. But, Marin kept Lina back by force, and Lina took the job to support Marin by 100 gold coins.

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Vol.21: Nanji sono Na wa Sweet Potato
[Thy Name is Sweet Potato]

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Curse Bringer

Lina was asked to beat Mazoku who curse Lord by the leader of Lord Georant's bodyguards: Madic. But, the voice of curse was Naga's laughing voice, Lord's younger brother, who Lina declare as the mastermind, was really the mastermind, and they found the house of curse-sorceress: Soris. It seemed that the matter will be solved easily, but there wasn't Soris in his house, and he seems doing curse magic in other place.

Nanji sono Na wa Sweet Potato [Thy Name is Sweet Potato]

By the rumor of delicious cake, Lina visited "George's Cake Shop" in Curian Town. But, the shop is closed because George's "ideal material" was stolen by someone. Lina decided to take the job to look out sweet potato. Setting the question aside whether the thing shout and move tortuously is really sweet potato, Lina and George went to search Chimeras looted the farm.

Yaiba no Saki ni Mieru Mono [The Thing beyond the Point of the Sword]

Just when the young man was going to throw the sword away, black-haired and strange man spoke to the young man. They 2 met again in the restaurant of small fishing village. And, the village headman spoke to the young man: Gourry and black-haired man, to ask some job. But, the dish by the headman's treat was poisoned, and they 2 were attacked by villagers with arms. And, villagers began even to hunt all over a hill. They 2 tried to know the situation by catching one group of villagers, but the villager was killed suddenly by someone.

Sweet Potato II

Lina was asked to beat failure of breeding which run away, by George, the cook of cake shop. He says the failure of sweet potato (?) eats dead plant, and it may eat all buildings made by wood if it is leaved as it is. Lina and George went to the dead villages which supposed as where Sweet Potato (?) is hiding, with 5 soldiers who were training in the mountain joined by chance.

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Vol.22: G Hunter Folkus

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Fosuude Hanjou-ki [The Record of Fosurde's Prosperity]

Lina visited Fosurde, the tourist attractions of waterfall. And, Lina helped Dorothy, a girl being picked a quarrel by hoodlums, and stopped at Cranberry Inn, which is run by Dorothy's mother: Merina. Because of the harassment to Cranberry Inn by Dylan, the owner of Viking Hotel and who want to monopolize the tourist industry in Fosurde, Lina got angry and fight against men send by Viking Hotel, with Naga who also got angry at Viking Hotel and blew stalls off.

G Hunter Folkus

Lina beat quarry of Goblin Hunter: Folkus, and accompanied Folkus to his master's house, in order to explain the situation. But, his master was falling on the floor, and he said the sword succeed to Goblin Hunter called Goblin Slasher was stolen by Gainas, the fellow pupil of Folkus. Lina was made to help to get back the sword. Lina and Folkus caught Gainas in Turm Town, but the sword was already sold off.

Kindness no Matsuei [The Descendant of Kindness]

Lina and Naga was made to take the job from the World Union to be Kind to Animals, and went into the ruins under the ground, in order to find Keru-chan, the pet dog of Nicky who is the leader of branch of south Ralteague and wears cat-ears. Past groups to rescue Keru-chan are the members of the World Union to be Kind to Animals, so they couldn't beat Kobolts as they are a kind of animals, and they were wandering in the ruins. Lina, Naga and men of rescue group escape through the tunnel by Bephis Bring, but Nicky and her company was watching for them on the ground.

[Kemono-mimi yo Saraba] Good Bye Animal-Ears

12 leaders of Ralteague Branch of World Union to be Kind to Animals appeared, in order to punish Lina who beat uncommon Kobolts before and made the cause of sub-leader's silent approval to being cruel to animals. Though Lina ignored the written challenge, the leaders wearing animal-ears attack Lina one after another.

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(No title. Short story for 200-year anniversary of Dragon Magazine)

(Short story which isn't published as a book. It was put only on 2002 September issue of Dragon Magazine.)
(It has no plan to be published as a book. The number of page is about 1/4, except illustrations. It's a kind of added bonus for infographic topping.)

Lina and Naga visited a town, and there are many signboards and drop curtains with the word "200". The town is in their festival, but no one knows the origin of the festival and the meaning of "200". Lina and Naga go to ask to the wise old man.

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Vol.23: Break of Destiny

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Oldies Pride

Milton, Montell City Sorcerer Guild's president, is going to have a showdown with Keel, because of too much love to their grandchild. And, Milton asked Lina to instruct attack magic. Lina was attracted by the permission to read the secret book: "Apocalypse of the Beast", and accepted to instruct although to teach attack magic is forbidden by Sorcerer Guild. But, when they were choosing magic, Milton sprained his foot. Lina was obliged to shoulder Milton and pretend as one man, and went to battle. But, Milton also appeared being shouldered.

Break of Destiny

In order to eat tasty winter vegetable: snow asparagus, Lina went to Risiald village, snow asparagus' growing district. On the way, Lina helped kidnapped girl: Marilyn. Lina took the job to beat robbers for all-you-can-eat snow asparagus as the reward, and lend a hand to Marilyn's father: Clive. Clive is former member of robbers and is needed by robbers, so robbers kidnapped Marilyn again. Lina and Clive went to the indicated place of left letter.

Kaisen Zen_ya [The Night Before the Start of War]

On the road, Lina was suddenly surrounded by "The Dark Beast" like Goblin, Minotaur, Harpy, etc. And, Lina was helped by Megiga, a Manticore who speaks strange human language. Megiga said that Golba, it's also one of Manticore, viewed human as a threat, and gathered "The Dark Beast" to do something. Lina decided to help Megiga who want to stop Golba, and began to gather information in the town. And, Lina and Megiga found the ruins which seems the base of Golba's group.

Return of Jijii [Return of Grandfather]

In a restaurant, Lina and Naga happened to meet the grandchildren of Keel and Milton, and parents. The 2 families said they are scared of grandfathers, who had strong muscles suddenly, and ran away from grandfathers. Lina and Naga managed to hold up the 2 grandfathers, who came catching grandchildren's cry, and decided to help the families. They went back to Louise town again, in order to find the cause of their grandfathers' strong muscles.

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