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Vol.9: Irihzu no Tabiji
[The Travel of Iliez]

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Irihzu no Tabiji [The Travel of Iliez]

New request is to escort a girl whose parents were died: Iliez to where her rich grandfather: Cofel. But, Iliez often tries to escape, and men stands in their way aiming at Iliez. At last, Lina and Iliez arrive at Merukado Town, but Cofel says the girl isn't Iliez.

Yami no Sumau Mura [The Village where Darkness Lives]

Lina and Naga were asked to help to boost the village economy by Gizan, the chief of public relations section of the project to boost the village economy. But, the village was hiding village of assassins before. Villagers are born assassins, so they can't think of normal souvenirs, and Naga proposes the event of treasure-hunting. In the night, members of opposition faction to boost the village economy attack Lina and Naga, and Aniss, younger sister of Gizan, was abducted.

Riyuu-naki Enzai [The False Charge without Reason]

Lina was suddenly fixed suspicions on kidnapping by Waizar=Freion, the inspector of Ruvinagald Kingdom. To dispel his doubts and evade Naga, Lina began to investigate the case. Lina, Naga, and Waizar requisition a boat and try to go to the island in the center of the lake, but Kraken appeared from the lake and stood in their way.

Ansatsusya-tachi no Yoru [The Night of Assassins]

Carlson, the merchant, received notice from Gizalumer, the assassin. And, Carlson hired guards include Lina. In the night, Gizan appeared while beating guards, and Gizan says he came to arrest Gizalumer, the member of opposition faction to boost the village economy. But Gizalumer didn't come in the night after all. In the afternoon of next day, Gizalumer finally appeared, but arrested by Gizan easily.

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Vol.10: Hakai-shin wa Tsurai yo
[Being the Goddess of Destruction has Hard Times]

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Utahime no Densetsu [The Legend of Songstress]

Singing voice is heard from the mountain. Lina was asked to investigate the voice by the village headman, and met singing "Living Mail": Natalie, who acts like a young girl, in crumbling ruins. Natalie was ordered to guard the ruins, but she says the sorcerer with Ogres sometimes comes to try to enter the ruins lately. Lina and Natalie run after the sorcerer.

Shiroi Ansatsusya [White Assassin]

The one-time court sorceress of Lyzeille Empire: Rosa=Laiman came to beat Lina. Rosa takes all villagers of Godoa Village as hostages, in order to lure Lina to the village. Lina and Naga go to Godoa Village. Who asked Rosa to beat Lina was "True Future", a human rights group.

Hakai-shin wa Tsurai yo [Being the Goddess of Destruction has Hard Times]

Lina heard the rumor of "The religion to worship Lina=Inverse", and went to meet Wilerne, the founder of a religion. Wilerne says she hits on to believe the Goddess of Destruction, and made Lina=Inverse the object of worship. Lina refused to become the Goddess of Destruction, but Wilerne exercise "The project to make Lina=Inverse the Goddess of Destruction" and subversives assuming Lina's name began to move in each place.

Utahime no Tabidachi [The Departure of Songstress]

Living Mail who acts like a young girl: Natalie ran away from the group of traveling entertainers. And, Natalie and Lina begin to fight back against the traveling entertainers. Evidently, the group of traveling entertainers is the remnants of the organization which developed Natalie, and wants to sell Natalie to get their working funds.

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Vol.11: Gekisou! Noriai-basha
[Violent Race! Stagecoach]

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Subete wa Shinjitsu no Tame ni [Everything is for the Truth]

Medio=Granship, belonging to the public relations section of Draiado City Sorcerer Guild, asked Lina and Naga to guard Medio and to help the investigate for the article of "Draiado Spokes", the organ of Driado City Sorcerer Guild. All articles of Dra-Spo are suspicious, and the rumor of mysterious fish in the lake, the target of this investigation, is spread by Medio himself. But, Lina and Naga dived into the lake and see huge fishes. Naga was surprised and shoot magic, and Lina was involved in Naga's magic and drifted to the cave under the ground.

Dasshutsu! Jippa-hito-karage [Escape! In the Lump]

By Sorcerer Guild, Lina and Naga was asked to rescue Lord Kairas, whose castle is being surrounded by King's army by the suspicion of the revolt. But, Kairas said he cannot escape by himself, abandoning his soldiers. So, for the operation to rescue Kairas, Lina slipped into the King's army. But, Ezeiru, the commander of a corps, seems to suspect Lina of the spy.

Gekisou! Noriai-basya [Violent Race! Stagecoach]

Derazac City Stagecoach Guild was split into two guilds. And, one guild's boss: Roberts hired Lina to fight back against another guild's harassment. But, in the first and second time, Lina failed by coach's jolting and opponent's self-destruction. In the third time, Naga appeared as another guild's employee.

Gyuunyuu Aika (erejii) [Milk Elegy]

Some time after Stagecoach Guild became bankrupt, Roberts made Derazac City Deliver Milk Association. But, the milk to deliver is stolen one can a day. Lina witnessed the man who ran away, and the man seems Ranbard, the boss of another Stagecoach Guild which fought against Roberts' guild before.

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Vol.12: Kaseifu wa Mita kamo shinnai
[The Maid might Witness it]

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Kaseifu wa Mita kamo shinnai [The Maid might Witness it]

Lina sneaked into Mr.Brant's house, which is the secret base of thieves, as a maid. Lina began to search the house, while fighting in housework against Naga who became a maid as the daughter of the house: Daisy liked Naga. But, the claws of Daisy, who is at the age wants to get love, approach Lina.

Mihatenu Yabou no Sono tame ni [For the Unfinished Ambition]

A girl: Famiel dashed into the restaurant, where Lina was challenging to gluttonize broiled meat, and said her teacher was abducted by guys dressed like assassin. Lina made Famiel abducted on purpose, and Lina and Naga found the secret base of the kidnappers.

Houju wo Waga Te ni [Get the Orb]

Lina was complained about the double booking of job by twin adventurers: Lucy and Eisys, and Lina accepted the scramble for Rune Orb in the heart of ruins, betting the reward of that job. Lina won the scramble, but the Rune Orb was robbed by Naga who was brought over to Lucy and Eisys' side.

Jiyuu wo Sono Te ni [Get the Freedom]

Lina was treated dinner by Dirac, the teacher of lillian knitting of Famiel, because Lina rescued Dirac who had been abducted. During the dinner, Meldinarsa, an executive of Graseed Handicrafts Association, came to get the Dirac's skill.

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Vol.13: Aogeba Uttoushi
[It is Annoying to Look Up at Teachers]

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Aogeba Uttoushi [It is Annoying to Look Up at Teachers]

The president of Crandoll City Sorcerer Guild was anxious about sorcerers' good reputation is lost by Lina's atrocious behavior, and he sent educator: Goras=Zenomord to change Lina good sorceress. Naga poked her head to make more confusion, and new educator: Kahsha=Franagan appears in front of Lina.

PB Koubou-sen [The Offensive and Defensive Battle for PB]

Lina visited famous tourist resort: Irumard dukedom, and took the job to guard private beach owned by Lily. In the first day, Lina and Naga cleared away many sea urchins which was scattered as harassment. And in the night, poachers with a golem in the shape of big crab appeared in front of Lina and Naga doing all-night lookout.

Mottari to shite Koku ga naku [It's like Hard Cream and Doesn't have Plenty of Body]

Lina accepted Garbart's challenge to battle in cooking, because of her elder sister. But, the battle's rule is "the winner is the person who beats the opponent by bad-tasting dish".

Ameria Chihou Manyuu-ki [Ameria's Travel Sketches in the Provinces]

Passing Ameria punished the men who were attacking Diana: the merchant of Priam City. Diana told Ameria that Lord Zaien is taking part in drug peddling, and Ameria ventured into Lord's castle alone in the cause of justice.

Kimi no Yuku Michi wa... [Your Way is.....]

Lina got angry against "educator" comes one after another, and decided to go to Crandoll Ciry to negotiate with the Sorcerer Guild's president personally (or, to threaten in other words). But, the member of disciplinary committee: 425 educators stand in Lina's way.

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Vol.14: Haunted Night?

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Shinobi-yoru Yami [The Darkness Creeps up to Me]

Lina helped the princess who often cries: Lowry and her attendant knight who isn't motivated: Feldland. And, Lina offered to guard them to Kirugis City. With Naga who appeared to squeeze the reward, Lina fight against assassins from "Twilight Illusion", the black assassins association.

Tooki Hi no Kecchaku [The Conclusion of Old Days]

Walter=Highland appeared in front of Lina, to have his revenge of that he had been struck by Lina in their childhood. Walter said he made criminal organization to revenge himself on Lina. Lina got into the head office of the criminal organization to get treasures. But Lina was thought as the terrorist by the villager who has neurosis of child-raising, and villagers chased Lina.

Haunted Night?

Lina lost her way in the mountain, and asked for a night's lodging to strange house, to take shelter from the rain. The maid of the very strange house: Ratina told Lina ghost stories, and in the middle of that, real ghost appeared. Lina decided to search the house to investigate the mysteries of the house.

Beast Strike

The boss of "Twilight Illusion": Bazuel send his familiar: Pess, the Chihuahua, to revenge himself on Lina and Naga. Lina and Naga had a tough game, because they couldn't beat cute Chihuahua.

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Vol.15: Eipuriru no Jiken-bo
[The Case Book of Eipril]

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Eipuriru no Jiken-bo [The Case Book of Eipril]

In Cerurian City Sorcerer Guild, some of "Degree Robe" were stolen. Eipril, called as "Little Purple Cells", was appointed to the investigator of the case. And, Eipril began to investigate it with Lina as the assistant. To try to unsettle suspects didn't result in the solution of the robe-stolen-case, so Eipril made the plan to use Lina as a decoy. Lina's degree robe: the pink and frilled robe appeared in front of Lina again.

Pride of Darkness

By the mayor's request, Lina and Naga went to beat Vampires who frighten people. But, Lina and Naga was invited by one of Vampires: Alexandre, and visit the activity of "Vampire High Society Club", the group aims for the coexistence and co-prosperity with human. But, while Lina and Naga was touring Vampire's castle being escorted by Mariateze, the instructor of etiquette, the army of human crowded to the castle.

Lina-chan♥ Oshare Dai-sakusen [Lina-chan's Great Fashion Strategy]

Not to let Martie, the designer with the sense like Naga, do as she pleases, Lina took the request by Tatiana, the designer sticks to formal style. Martie hired Naga, and Tatiana and Martie keep breaking opponent's ateliers.

Honkaku-suiri-dorama dato omotte yomu-to gakkari!
Eipuriru no Jiken-bo 2 * Bijin-kangofu Yukemuri Sannin-shimai Osage de Mitsuami Sailor-fuku Megane-kko Renzoku-ryouki-satsujin-jiken * Chinami-ni Title to Naiyou wa Mu-kankei desu.

[If you expect serious detective drama, you will be disappointed!
The Case Book of Eipril 2 * Beautiful nurse, Hot spring, Three sisters, Braids and pig tails, Sailor-style school uniform, The girl wearing glasses, Serial and bizarre murder * By the way, the title has no relation to the story.]

Lina was invited to dinner of the house of Eipril's uncle as the compensation of the reward. Mark, Eipril's cousin, showed the statue made by Orihalcon to Rachel and Robert, two of Mark's friends, and Lina and Eipril. But, in the night, the statue was stolen. Though the name of who stole the statue is written on the 2nd page, can Eipril find the burglar?

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Vol.16: Scramble Grill

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Nemuru Takara wa Ta ga Tame ni [For Whom Untapped Treasure is]

Sid was going to monopolize the right to excavate ruins as historical investigation nominally, and his son: Need has bad feeling toward Sid and was sacking treasures from ruins. To save the freedom to hunt treasures, Lina decided to help Need to find the evidence of Sid's putting treasures on the black market. But, Sid doesn't show his true colors easily.

Scramble Grill

A sorcerer: Grimwald developped "the grill never gives out smoke, even if fishes are grilled on it". Lina took the job to escort Grimwald on his travel to deliver the grill to his sponsor. The magic item shouldn't be so useful, but two groups come to get the grill.

Jujutsushi no Mori [The Forest of Curse-Magic Sorceress]

Michelle, the curse-magic sorceress who helped Lina fell in a river, said she is having difficulty in being thought as the person who burned livestock because she usually behaves suspiciously. Lina took the job to clear Michelle of the false charge and to teach Michelle ordinary behavior. But, villagers turned into a mob and Naga crowded to catch Michelle.

Hige, Futatabi [Beard, Again]

History Investigation Department, which had been dissolved before, revived as Neo History Investigation Department with Need as the chief. In order to take the treasures Lina found, Lina tries to find the evidence of Sid's putting treasures on the black market, again.

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