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Vol.1: Shiro-majutsu-toshi(Seiruhn) no Ouji
[The Prince of the White-Magic-City(Saillune)]

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Shiro-majutsu-toshi(Seiruhn) no Ouji
[The Prince of the White-Magic-City(Saillune)]

Lina=Inverse was asked to help to beat monsters by Philionel=el=di=Saillune, the prince of Saillune, and his follower: Randy. But, Phil was shabby and over-40-years-old man, contrary to general image of "prince".....


Suddenly, Lina was chased by a girl with a spear: Canny, to "revenge her brother's dead". She said her elder brother was killed by a big man, who has ram's skull on and introduces himself as "Lina=Inverse".

Robbers Killer

Next job of Lina is to ruin a robber-group named "Dark Wolf". Erena, the client, seems to have some circumstance. Lina and Erena began to keep on with the legwork openly, and were attacked by Zores brothers, the assassins sent by Dark Wolf.

Nahga no Chousen [Naga's Challenge]

Lina's baggage was suddenly burned with the inn, by a woman wears "the costume of evil sorceress": Naga. Naga followed Lina, to beat Lina and succeed Lina's title "Undefeated Dark Lord".

Erusia no Shiro [The Castle of Elsia]

Lina and Naga, the serpent, got the job to beat the sorcerer with many undead monsters, who occupied the castle of Lord Elsia. But, Lord Elsia, the client, seems not to like that Lina blew enemies off with the castle itself, and he ordered to find substitute castle.

Akuyaku Fight! [Villains, Fight!]

On the way to Rorl City guarding Miena, the priestess and Lina's client, Lina ruined a criminal organization. Alliance of Criminal Organizations of Coastal State brought up the crisis by Lina, and ordered Gals=Bleader to kill Lina=Inverse. Gals began to recruit sorcerers on travel.

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Vol.2: Little Princess

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Hakuryuu no Yama (Dragons' Peak)
[The Mountain of White Dragon (Dragons' Peak)]

Lina was asked to slay a White Dragon, which began to do wrong some days ago. But, the White Dragon: Riol is very friendly dragon, and he said Blue Dragon may be true criminal.

Little Princess

Lina got a job as the guard of Raymia, the daughter of Lord Tulardia, to Tairel City. Raymia's father is the next lord, but formal coronation needs the attendance of all relatives. So, someone is trying to disturb Raymia returns home.


The job Naga got is to rescue villagers, who is missing in ruins said as monsters' den. But, Lina and Naga also got lost while they were surprised by Zombies and ran away.

Lina Massatsu Shirei [The Order to Kill Lina]

Lina and Naga was asked to beat self-appointed "Black Sorceress of Fear", who ties up with robbers and troubles villagers. Surprisingly, the name of the sorceress is "Lina=Inverse". Lina, Naga, and a woman who offered her help went toward the base.

The Child

Lina took charge of a intensive course of magical theory for biginners. One of participants: Crey said he want to become Lina's private pupil, and follow Lina. But, on the way, he was kidnapped.

Little Princess 2

By true Princess Raymia, Lina was asked to guard Raymia to Figaro City. As she is on travel to ask her relative: Lord Macgarel to lend money, Lina, one of reasons Tairel City's ruin, couldn't refuse that.

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Vol.3: Nahga no Bouken
[The Adventure of Naga]

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Hydra Chuui-hou [Hydra Warning]

Lina and Naga was asked to beat Hydra eats livestock. They go searching a cave where Monsters live, with Raul who was the best swordsman in the village. But, Raul is a man without guts.

Gin-no Tategoto [Silver Harp]

Lina and Naga was asked to guard Mihael, a bard being aimed for his harp. They took the job for the big reward. But, it seems several groups are aiming for the harp.

Chimera no Kyoufu [The Terror of Chimera]

A sorcerer: Diol asked Lina to help his study. But, what Diol is going to make is a Chimera made of Lina. Naga appear suddenly, and tried to catch Lina to help Diol. But, by chance, they 3 found Gyuran who came to steal Diol's study.

Fukusyuu no Yaiba [The Sword for Revenge]

Lina and Naga lost their way in snow, and stepped into old castle. Then, they 2 help Remy, a swordswoman loves swords. But, the sorcerer living there wasn't the one who killed Remy's father. They 3 tried to return to village anyway, but lost their way again.

Tadaima Minarai-chuu [Now in Probation]

Crea, a student sorceress and Lina's fan, asked Lina to help to solve unreasonable demand by her master: Graham. Lina and Crea went searching old castle, where said a vampire living.

Nahga no Bouken [The Adventure of Naga]

Lina and Naga took the job to guard Lecter, who is aimed by an organization for the paper points where Blast Sword is, and to help to get Blast Sword. But, in the night, Lecter was abducted. Lina and Naga went to Midas Town where left-memo show.

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Vol.4: Madoushi-kyoukai no Inbou
[The Plot of the Sorcerer Guild]

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Vegetable Koubou-sen [The Offensive and Defensive Battle for Vegetables]

Lina offered her help to Lucas and Iria, a couple going to beat Black Dragon. That's why the Black Dragon would have many treasures, Lina thought. But, the Black Dragon was small-scale Dragon, who demands cabbage and chopped pork from villagers.

Madoushi-kyoukai no Inbou [The Plot of the Sorcerer Guild]

The revolt happened in the Sorcerer Guild of Kruasal City. Lina and Naga went to the Sorcerer Guild, but Hamingam, the president, said that happened against his abuse of his authority and mixing up private and public matters. Then, Lina and Naga cooperate with the rebel group which Rail belongs to.

Beast Master no Yuutsu [The Gloom of Beast Master]

Mirie, a Beast Master with abnormal character, asked Lina and Naga to guard herself till she crosses the border. Lina took the job for her interest to the skill of Beast Master. But, the enemy seems not going to capture Mirie to make use of her power, but going to kill her.

Zaihou Dakkan Dai-sakusen [Big Operation to get back Treasures]

Lina was asked by Crule, the vice-president of the city's Sorcerer Guild, to get back stolen excavations. And, Lina tempted by food and took the job. Crule concluded the robber must be Baisen, the vice-president as well.

Okosama Quest [Child Quest]

Lina and Naga was asked by Sharline, a beauty, to search for her daughter: Moriin. In neighboring village, they 2 easily found Moriin, who was going to be caught. But, Moriin thought Lina and Naga are kidnappers and ran away.

After the Riot

The revolt in the Sorcerer Guild of Kruasal City was put down. But, the remnants of Hamingam's group began to annoy Sorcerer Guild. In order to stop Grimas who seems the wirepuller, Lina, Naga, Rail and Bargrar, the person to persuade Grimas, went toward Patri Village.

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Vol.5: Tatakae! Bokura no Dai-shinkan
[Fight! Our High-Priest]

(=> cover illust)

Inverse Kyouiku Iinkai [Inverse School Board]

Lina and Naga, who spent all their money, took the job to beat robbers in order to make Jeffrey=Mailstar perform great exploits, from his mother: Josephine, the self-appointed wellborn madam who spreads high frequency. Jeffrey isn't obviously suitable to become a knight, but everyone, who say bad things about Jeffrey, are attacked by Josephine's mace.

Rescue Operation

Reirie, the daughter of Carl=Brian, the greatest merchant of Mareneid City, was kidnapped, and the kidnapper demanded 10,000 gold coins. Lina and Naga took the job to rescue Reirie and find her finally, but she is very overbearing girl.

Tatakae! Bokura no Dai-shinakn [Fight! Our High-Priest]

Lina was asked by Mailz, the priest of a religious body which believe in Flare Lord, to guard him while he go to a small shrine, where the ceremony to become the chief of priests is hold, and return. But, Mailz looks like the boss of villains, and he dances "the dance of battle" before any battle begins.

Naishi no Operation [Secret Operation]

Lina was gathering the materials of a certain medicine. Lina and Masha, a timid sorceress, went to the east lake to get the last material: the venom fang of Mail Serpent, but Naga blocked their way.

Dungeon Tanhou-ki [The Record of Labyrinth]

Lina and Naga was asked by Meril, the wise woman of Uranval City, to rescue her companies who got astray in the cave. But, Naga's spell destroyed the entrance of the cave, so they 3 was shut in the cave.

Sorezore no Kishi-dou [Their Several Chivalry]

By the formidable madam: Josephine, Lina and Naga were asked to support Jeffrey to beat a group called "Dark Knight". Lina and Naga were beat by Josephine's high frequency and took the job, but the member of the private knight team, Josephine hired to beat small fishes, was weaker than Jeffrey.

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Vol.6: Datou! Yuusha-sama
[Down the Hero!]

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Tatakae! Cook-san [Fight! Cooks]

Masyu, the cook of the restaurant: "White Mail", asked Lina to punish the opponent who annoy the restaurant. But, the opponent isn't the boss of criminal groups, but Madoc, Masyu's twin brother and the cook of "Black Ax".

Ushinawareta Shomotsu [The Lost Book]

By Fara=Lamirage, the priestess of Earth Lord, Lina was asked to help Fara to get the book by Luo=Graon, one of 5 great wise men. Lina heard that the organization also aiming the book hired Naga, then took the job.

Aa Yuujou no Koujou-sen [Ah, Friendly Battle to Take the Castle]

By Sorcerer Guild's request, Lina and Naga help to put down the revolt by the minister in Lagudo Kingdom. As Naga blew off the enemy with friends, Lina and Naga disliked each other, and began to exchange attack magic forgetting the job.

Datou! Yuusya-sama [Down the Hero!]

Next job of Lina and Naga is to beat Wolen and his company, self-appointed heroes commit robber. Lina pretended a client and lured Wolen and his assistant: Sammy to the cave where Naga, acting the role of evil sorceress, is waiting.

Itoshi no Konjou-nashi [Dear the Man without Guts]

Lina was asked by Elemy, rich lady has no sense of money, to help to search her boyfriend: Gardner. But, Gardner is the man completely without guts, and he got stomachache if Lina was going to settle it by the battle.

Konjou-naki Tatakai [The Battle without Guts]

Gardner asked Lina to help Elemy, who is going to marry for political reasons. Elemy's father says he will approve the company of Gardner and Elemy, if Gardner gets Elemy back. Lina and Gardner stole into the mansion of Elemy's partner: Baris, but Gardner feared the guard and escaped.

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Vol.7: Ganbare Shiryou-jutsushi(Necromancer)
[Go for it, the Ghost-master(Necromancer)]

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Kage-naru Kyoui [The Menace of Shadow]

"Shadow Reflector" is said to had been made by Shazard=Rugandy, the genius for development of Magic Item. Lately, the data of where the legendary mirror is was found. By the request by Sorcerer Guild, Lina and Naga chase Ragan, the vice-president of the Sorcerer Guild, but Ragan got "Mirror".

Inverse Ren'ai Kyoushitsu [Inverse Love Lesson]

Lina and Naga took the job to guard Lecter, the son of a rich man. But, for some unknown reason, Lecter fell in love with Naga, and he asked Lina's advice.

Zekkai no Shitou [The Fight to the Death in the Desert Island]

The sightseeing boat was broken, and Lina and Naga drifted to an uninhabited island. The ship came to rescue was also attacked and sunk by Plasma Dragon, which Naga had summoned, and the number of victims increased further. Lina and other people worked out the plan to beat Plasma Dragon.

Aki no Mikaku no Soudatsu-sen [The Scramble for Autumn Food]

The best producing district of quality mushroom: Nigitake is being troubled by robbers of Nigitake. Lina was attracted to Nigitake, and decided to help to arrest robbers of Nigitake.

Ganbare Shiryou-jutsushi [Go for it, the Ghost-master(Necromancer)]

By the request by Sorcerer Guild, Lina and Naga searched who make and leave Zombies and Skeletons. The person: Winny is a Necromancer who is weak in Undead Monsters. Winny asked Lina and Naga to help her to overcome the phobia about Undead Monsters.

Guts da (moto)Necromancer [Hang on, (former)Necromancer]

Winny gave up becoming Necromancer and started training to become priestess in a shrine. But, Undead Monsters began to appear around Shrine, and Winny is suspected by student priests, including Rufinia. Lina searches who summoned Undead Monsters.

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Vol.8: Osoru-beki Mirai
[The Fearful Future]

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The Guardman [The Guard]

By the biggest merchant in this area: Lorden, Lina was asked to guard the warehouse, which is often broken into by thieves. Incompetent chief of guard: Clord didn't stand guard in the night, because he fears the dark like children. Lina and Clord began to lie in ambush in the night, and after 4 days, the thieves appeared at last.

Kyuuketsu no Machi [The Town of Vampire]

In a town, Lina and Naga was thought as Vampire, and attacked by soldiers. Lina refused the request to beat the Vampire, but Naga took it by giving tit for tat. Lina and Naga declared Leone, the count, must be the Vampire, but the conjecture was wrong.

Herb no Oka no Koubou-sen
[The Offensive and Defensive Battle on the Hill of the Herb]

The cunning villager: Silvy asked Lina to pick some herb which can cure the sick being prevalent in the village. Lina accept the request with bad grace, because Lina drank the water extracted tea, the cause of the sick. But, Naga blocks the way of Lina and Silvy who stole into Judack's private land, the place the herb is.

Osoru-beki Mirai [The Fearful Future]

Lina was hired as the guard of Sirene, the rich man's daughter who laughs loudly just like Naga and act haughtily. Lina becomes disgusted with Sirene is too much selfish, and makes a group of robbers to abduct Sirene.

Saikyou he no Michi [The Road to be the strongest]

Lina helped a freelance fighter: Lag, who was picked a quarrel by hoodlums. Lag said he stole the property of Gulca, the legendary fighter, to make Gulca accept Lag's challenge, and so Lag is chased by hoodlums who Gulca hired.

Slayers Ura-banashi [The Backstage Talk of Slayers]

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