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* Scenario of Slayers movies (RETURN, Great, and Gorgeous), which Mr.Kanzaka wrote.
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* 1 volume: "Slayers Original The Movie"
(Scenario of Slayers movies (RETURN, Great, and Gorgeous).)
Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Cover Illust: Mr.Rui Araizumi * Dragon Magazine Collection SP

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Slayers Original * story *

Gekijou-ban Slayers Original
[Slayers Original The Movie]

Slayers RETURN "Inishie no Hihou [Ancient Asset] (tentative title)"

Lina and Naga were asked to help Biaz Village, which had been occupied by "Zein", a group with Lesser Demon. Lina thought "Zein" is aiming at Elf's treasure. So, Lina took the job, and went to the village with Naga and Sarina, the client.

They 3 drive away Zahard, the agent of "Zein", and help villagers who was forced to serve as laborers. Sarina's father shows Lina and Naga the bracelet given by Elf. But Naga wear the bracelet without permission, and it never take off.

Becker, a villager, leads Lina and Naga to the head office of "Zein". Lina and Naga confront the boss of the organization: Galev, in front of the head office which looks like humble shanty. About that time, Galev's former subordinates is going to be concentrated to Biaz Village.

Slayers Great

Lina and Naga visit a strange town: Storner, which specialty is Golem. Lina and Naga help Laia out of out-of-control Golem, and press Laia to extend an invitation in return. Laia's father: Garia=Einberg is famous Golem artist, but he is on bad terms with his son: Hyui, because of the difference of the art style.

Lord Hansen and Lord Granion are in a dispute over the sovereignty of Storner Town. The king told two Lords to settle the problem by the battle of their Golem. Lord Hansen hires Garia to make the Golem, and Lord Granion hires Hyui. And, as the model of the Golem, Garia chooses Lina, and Hyui chooses Naga.

Slayers Gorgeous

In Coroladon City, Lina and Naga are involved in struggle between soldiers and a girl on Dragon. The girl on Dragon is Marlene, the daughter of Lord. The struggle happened, because of the escalation of family quarrel about increase in allowance. Lina is asked to lend a hand by Lord Calvert, and takes the job reluctantly. About that time, Naga goes to give Marlene guidance of how to laugh, and become Marlene's subordinate being lured by money.

Next morning, one of Marlene's subordinates: Thornfort comes to attack with more than a dozen Dragons. But, Dragons run away as soon as they know Lina's name, and Thornfort gets beaten up by soldiers. Marlene makes a sally with Naga and Dragons. And, Lina and Lord Calvert also make a sally with soldiers, but they miss each other.

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