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Vol.1: Slayers!

(Tokyopop's title: "The Ruby Eye")
(=> cover illust (new ver.)
* Vol.1 (old version) has 2 versions of cover illustration. Old one is the illust of Lina, and new one is Lina and Gourry's.
* Then, in 2008, new-covered version was released. So, Vol.1 has 3 versions of cover in sum.

Lina=Inverse was chased by robbers, because she stole some treasures from robbers' base. Just when Lina tried to blow robbers off by spells, a traveling mercenary suddenly appeared and beat robbers, following fantasy's custom. The mercenary: Gourry=Gabriev seems to regard Lina as "an ill-starred girl", and said he will go along with Lina to Atlas City.

In the night of next day. A sorcerer with some trolls attacked Lina and Gourry during dinner, in order to get robbers' treasures back, but Lina and Gourry easily beat them. Then, Lina and Gourry were visited by a man in white: Zelgadiss=Graywords and that sorcerer: Zolf. Zelgadiss said that he wants to buy robbers' treasures, which Lina stole, at the asking price, but the negotiations broke down. In the midnight of next day, Rodimus and trolls attacked Lina and Gourry, but Rezo, the Red Priest, drove them away. And, Rezo said that he should look after the "key" of Dark Lord's resurrection, but Lina declined it.

Next day, Zelgadiss, Rodimus, and Dilgear, the werewolf, attacked Lina and Gourry. Lina, who can't use magic temporally, was caught by Zelgadiss.

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Vol.2: Atorasu no Madoushi
[The Sorcerer of Atlas]

(=> cover illust)

Lina and Gourry arrived at Atlas City. The city was in the struggle for power of two vice-presidents of Atlas' Sorcerer Guild: Tarim and Daymia, because the president: Halshifom is missing. In order to get away from the fisticuffs in restaurant, Lina and Gourry went to Tarim's mansion to hear Tarim's story, following Lod who search Tarim's bodyguard. Lina wasn't going to take the job, but two Mazoku warn "Don't take the job" on the way to inn. So, Lina took the job, not to be thought as "She feared Mazoku and escaped".

Lina and Gourry went out to make a preliminary inspection of city, under the guidance of Lantz, one of Tarim's bodyguards who set Gourry up as the senior member. Rubia, who received them in Halshifom's mansion, was the woman whisper in Lina's ear "Please don't take part in the matter" in the crowd in this morning.

In the night, Homunculus for battle and Chimeras like wolves attacked Tarim's mansion. Lina and Gourry followed Mazoku with white mask: Seigram, and was lured to Daymia's mansion. And, Lina and Gourry fell into a pit in the room with Lune Breaker which seals magic.

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Vol.3: Sairahgu no You-ma
[The Ghost of Sairaag]

(=> cover illust)

Lina and Gourry was suddenly caught as wanted with reward by villagers. The person who offered a big reward for them is Rezo, the Red Priest, but he must have been dead. A pretender? Because of some mistake? Or----Rezo is alive? To know the answer, Lina and Gourry went toward Crimson Town, the place to receive the reward, while blowing off pothunters who come one after another.

On the way, "Rezo" appeared as a phantom, said to come to Sairaag City, and disappeared. Lina and Gourry attacked by Dilgear, a sorcerer: Vrumugun, and a walking fish: Rahanim, but Lina and Gourry evaded by disguise. Lina and Gourry met Lantz on the way, and they 3 met a pothunter girl: Eris who was laid in "the Forest of Miasma". And, they were attacked by Vrumugun, Mazoku: Vizea, Spider Man: Barz, Chimera: Goruas, and Lesser Demons. Then, Zelgadiss, who was offered reward as well, and Sylphiel, the daughter of the leader of Sairaag's priests, joined and the battle situation was reversed. But, just then, "Rezo" appeared.

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Vol.4: Sei-outo Douran (Battle of Saillune)
[The Riot of Sacred-Metropolis] (The Battle of Saillune)

(=> cover illust)

Lina and Gourry escorted Sylphiel to her relation's house, and met Philionel, the Crown Prince of Saillune, in the house. Phil was hiding, because he was attacked by assassins who seem to be sent by his younger brother: Christopher. Phil asked Lina and Gourry to inform Crophel, the chamberlain, and Ameria, Phil's daughter, of that Phil is doing well. Lina and Gourry stole into the castle, but attacked by a sorcerer: Kanzel. Then, Lina and Gourry became bodyguards of Phil, who returned to the castle.

Lina and Gourry toured the castle under Kanzel's guidance. Then, Lina was suddenly thrown in a strange space, but Lina escaped by a spell to summon. In the night, Zuma, the assassin, attacked Lina, but Gourry drove Zuma away. Next day, Alfred, the son of Christopher, asked Ameria to make an opportunity of conversation of Phil and Christopher. At lunchtime of next day, Lina and Gourry was attacked by strange monsters in a strange space, and in the night, Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Phil, and Alfred, who was talking about the matter, was attacked by assassins.

Just before scheduled conversation of Phil and Christopher. Suddenly, a big "insect" appeared and attacked----not Phil, but Lina.

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Vol.5: Shirogane no Majuu
[The Silvery-white Demon-Beast]

(Tokyopop's title: "The Silver Beast") (=> cover illust)

Lina and Ameria easily beat robbers appeared in byway. But, a woman: Mazenda appeared, sealed Lina's magic, and disappeared with a word "Come to Mine Village". They 3 went toward Mine Village, but people say the village is the base of the false-religious organization, which worship Dark Lord.

They 3 made a disturbance in the meeting of the false-religious organization, and attacked by Gilfa, Vedul, and Gurouz. While Gourry held enemies in check, Ameria and Lina escaped, but they 2 was attacked by Balgmon and Feltiss. Lina was helped by a mystery priest: Xelloss, but Ameria was abducted by Balgmon.

Lina bought the talismans to boost magic-capacity from Xelloss by force. And, Lina joined hands temporary with Xelloss, who looking for the copy of Clare Bible. But, in the night, Xelloss went away to chase Mazenda, who attacked the inn. Lina trespassed upon the headquarters of the false-religious organization, and was found by Vedul, but Lina, who got back magic-power, drove him away by spell. But, Vedul and Gilfa attacked Lina again. The person who helped Lina was----Zelgadiss.

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Vol.6: Vezendi no Yami
[The Darkness of Vezendy]

(=> cover illust)

After Lina beat robbers with Ameria, Zuma, the assassin, came to attack Lina, in order to complete his task. But, Xelloss suddenly appeared and drove Zuma away. Though everyone say not to give up your life, Xelloss says he want to travel with Lina. Lina and her company went to Vezendy following to Zuma's words: "Come to Vezendy, otherwise someone will die." And, they are hired as live-in guards by Radock, the merchant looking for Lina because of a letter from Zuma: "If you don't want to die, hire Lina=Inverse."

After they talked about the job to Zelgadiss, who didn't want to show his face to others and put up at an inn, Lina, Gourry, Zel, and Ameria was thrown from the restaurant of the inn into a strange space. And, 3 Mazoku: Gduza, Duguld, and----Seigram came to attack. Gourry broke Seigram's mask, so 3 Mazoku withdrew.

Lina was thinking about something lying down on the bed, after she took lessons of sword from Gourry. She suddenly felt that something is wrong. She looked out through the window, and found----Zuma, the assassin.

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Vol.7: Maryuu-ou(Gaav) no Chousen
[The Defiance of Chaos Dragon(Gaav)]

(=> cover illust)

Lina and her company went toward Gylia City, the city with the oral tradition about Lord of Nightmare, in order to get "trump card" against Xelloss, Raltark, etc.

Lina asked Ameria to gather information in shrines, and Zel and Gourry on the street. And, Lina met a boy on the way to Sorcerer Guild. Lina heard that the king: Dils III sent messengers to Dragon and Elf and teach soldiers Black Magic, from the boy, and Lina thought the king may be going to carry the attack against Mazoku in Katart Mountains. The reinforcement of Dils' military strength seems to have begun about when a general called Rarshart.

Lina and her company began to confirm the rumor. And, Lina suddenly was called to the castle, and was asked to lecture on soldiers. But, Mazoku suddenly came to attack Lina, and Gylia City was wrapped in flames by Mazoku's attack. Lina found Xelloss, and went about looking for Gourry, Zel, and Ameria. Xelloss cornered Rarshart, the general of Chaos Dragon, but Rarshart escaped when Xelloss had his attention caught by that Gourry, Zel, and Ameria suddenly appeared. And, Gourry, Zel, and Ameria knew that Xelloss is Mazoku.

Following Xelloss' guidance, Lina and her company went toward Clair Bible in Dragon's Peak. But, Raltark, the priest of Chaos Dragon, and Rarshart came to attack. While Xelloss, the priest of Greater Beast, held them in check, Lina and her company went to Dragon's Peak.

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Vol.8: Shiryou-Toshi no Ou
[The Lord of the Ghost-City]

(=> cover illust)

Fibrizo, the Hell Master, destroyed Gaav, the Chaos Dragon, and disappeared with Gourry abducted with Golun Nova. Lina, Ameria, and Zelgadiss went toward Sairaag City to help Gourry. But, Lina went out to beat robbers, and was attacked by Rarshart, and Mazoku: Moldirag. ----The travel to Sairaag seems not to go smoothly.

Rarshart lured Lina and her company by Fibrizo's form, and avoided even Ragna Blade. But, Rarshart withdrew by the barrier was broken by Lina. Lina and her company met Sylphiel on the way. And, Sylphiel said that there's rumor which says there're a city in Sairaag which must have destroyed, and Flagoon, the Holy Tree, was disappeared. Sylphiel went to Sairaag by herself, in order to confirm the rumor and help Gourry.

Lina noticed that Rarshart can't kill Lina by Fibrizo's order, and made Ameria and Zel went ahead to Sairaag. Lina, who destroyed Rarshart by Ragna Blade, arrived at Sairaag, and saw the city completely as before.

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