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* SF-taste. MS is newly written story, and SS appeared serially in a magazine: The Sneaker.
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Vol.1: SheriffStarsSS mission01

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"On the Ground without Law"

Only about 100years was past since when humans get speed faster than light. Human, who already gained ground on everyplace in the solar system, suddenly began to gain ground to planets outside the solar system. The sudden settlement caused many problems---- and, Planet Phaside, settled by two countries' cooperation, has the blank area of justicial power, by the territorial dispute. And, many criminals, with a Mafia: Ragain Connection as the central force, continue inflowing to Phaside.

Letticia=Meister and Manny=Marion was sent to Phaside, by the information about the trouble told to SheriffStar Company, a trouble shooter company on FREE of charge weeks. They two made trouble with the Mafia, by to help members of the vigilante group, then they went to ruin the base of Ragain Connection.

Colard, the chief of the trial and pilot factory on Planet Phaside, felt interest in the Wyvern's movement of avoidance, which must be impossible for common people, and lured invaders in a hall. Letty and two member of the vigilante group start the battle against proto-type Arm Fang. On the other hand, Manny chasing Colard, start the battle against biological weapon.

"Work Over Time"

On the way to the place, to rendezvous with Shooting Star. Queen was enjoying watching Space Pirates running away, seeing the Space Ship: Valkyrie, suddenly changed to Dragon's form.

But, one of such Space Pirates's ships: "Black Howk" was stubborn and shot its main battery toward Valkyrie. ----"Valkyrie", the supply ship belonging to the equipment section of Sheriff Star Company. Incidentally, it's demilitarized.

Queen made emergency contact with Shooting Star, then she and her companies hid in the secret passage and control the ship by handy PC ----and continue to make fun of Pirates. However, accidentally, Pirates found the secret passage.

Sheriff Stars SS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.2: Sheriff Stars SS mission02

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"The Unknown"

Some tourists was killed in BlueEye's Lake in Planet Gilgamess. One fisherman said "They must be killed by Gilgazaras.", and so----many people came to Norzes City, in order to see the unidentified being. Letty, given a suspicious work: the research of Gilgazaras, was going to conclude that it's just an accident by a halfhearted research. ----however, Manny looked at the photo of the dead body, and conclude that it's the wound by being bitten by animal.

Letty and Manny wore Powered Suit, accidentally united with a group of local people seeking Gilgazaras. But, the boat, they was on board, was capsized by a driftwood which was afloat, and they was thrown into the lake. In the Letty's vies, there's an unidentifiable shadow moving, and water dyed red. Letty struggle along to the forest by the lake. But she was isolated by the breakdown of her communications equipment and Powerd Suit. And, in the night, Letty, attacked by "something", found shelter in Powerd Suit, and she drove it away by a mine. In the next morning, there's a track like a huge serpent crawled.

Letty found Mcniel: a member of that group of local people seeking Gilgazaras, and began to walk toward the city. On the way, they met Colard, who already quit the Ragain Connection, but he has interest in Manny, so he left to search Manny. Then, Letty and Mcniel heard a scream, and found black beings, which have the total length of some meters, and bloodstained cap of Zalis, Mcniel's friend. The black beings, now, descended on Letty and Mcniel!

"Escort V.I.P?"

Next job is to escort Saimon, a politician's 3rd son, to Planet Rordel-land. Letty thought it's unusually simple job. But, soon, she found that Saimon is too fond of women and noisy, so her blood pressure went up rapidly. Saimon tried to enter the rooms of Letty and Manny, and then Letty finally lost patience and attacked and sank Saimon by the electric shock of stun-gloves.

Some days later, Saimon was taken away from the hotel by two men. Letty said "There's no problem as long as Saimon wasn't with woman, and I don't care even if he has a hard time", but Manny was afraid that she can eat less number of tofu as the punishment, and persuaded Letty. So, Letty unwillingly began to search Saimon. Then, Letty and Manny took Saimon back in safety, but two men got away.

Next day, on the way to Daling to supply with goods, unidentified spaceship attacked Shooting Star. Shooting Star was caught by tractor-beam, but Letty made Shooting Star run against the unidentified ship!

Sheriff Stars SS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.3: Sheriff Stars SS mission03

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"Mine Work"

Next job is "to mine" and to guard the transport mineral, against robbing of rare metals in transit at Planet Ridel. Letticia complained saying "Why do we have to mine, too!?", but she had no choice other than to nod, by the word: "order" and huge amount of to repair weapons Letty and Menny had broken.

With team-MorningStar who took the job by same reason, they all were made wear working clothes in "traditional formal style" by Queen's taste. And, they was made mine with a pickax at first, in order to "sense by body" by the order of Warner=Graham, a staff of the equipment section. Sommy, Eather, and Menny seem to like "to play with soil", but Sticky and Tura, 2 members of the bridge crew of Valkyrie (Queen's subordinates), and Letticia got tired out.

During the dinner, someone attacked them, and they 4, subordinate-1 (Sticky) and subordinate-2 (Tura) chased the attackers. But, one of the attackers: Snake seems to be a friend of Sticky....?

"Shadow on the Planet"

Planet Everl, which was called off its development, caught criminals' attention, and changed to the place for illegal auctions. EuropaColony Union, the owner of Everl, asked to disturb the dealings. But, to disturb it means to pick a fight with many Mafias, so there's no company take the job, except for only one company. It's SheriffStar Company, to which Letticia and Menny belong.

They 2 arrived at the planet, they saw a shuttle of criminals, who all were killed except for only one member. The survivor, who taken back by Letty, said his shuttle had been attacked by a woman, who is similar to Menny but 4 or 5 years older than Menny. On the planet, there's also Colard riding a shuttle in lobster form, and he was looking for "a woman hangs around on foot".

Maybe, the "woman" is the clone of Menny, produced by Colard who got blood of Menny!?

Sheriff Stars SS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.4: Sheriff Stars SS mission04

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Letticia press her elder brother: Timothy for the answer about Menny's ability. But, Letticia can't find what she can do for Menny, so Letticia just became silent. Team-ShootingStar took the job to guard Lude, the successor of important stockholder of Croft Company.

Lude seems on the way to cross the continent by hitchhiking. When Lude was looking for the car, 3 men in black attacked Lude, Letty and Menny. Letticia and Lude easily beat the men, but one of the men beat Menny. Ordinary human can't beat Menny, the being created by genetic recombination in order to battle. The enemy has odd eye, same as Eather's. But, the enemy withdrew, because Sommy and Eather suddenly appear to help.

After police's investigation, Letticia ask her father: Randolf to settle the factional strife in Croft Company. But, he said to wait till 2 weeks later, when directors' meeting will be held. About that time, Timothy asked Colard to help. Letticia worried about the possibility of plan to assassinate Randolf, and parted from team-MorningStar to go to guard Randolf with Menny.

(Note 1: First half of SS04 is another-viewpoint version of first half of MS04. This page has only the summary of first part, so it maybe seems completely same. But, latter part is different, because both teams do different thing.)
(Note 2: SS series was completed by this 4th volume. After this volume, two series (MS and SS) join and become one series.)
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