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* SF-taste. MS is newly written story, and SS appeared serially in a magazine: The Sneaker.
(This medialist includes that of SheriffStarsSS series.)

Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

* Novel *

* MS series was ended with 5 volums. SS series was ended with 4 volumes. *
Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Illusts: Mr.Kenji Mitsuyoshi / Mechanical Design: Mr.Hideki Hoshino / Frontispiece Design:Naka Design Office * Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko

* Manga (Comic) *

(Original storyline.)
* 1 volume [=> manga list]
* Original Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Comic Artist: Ark Performance [Mr.Kenji Mitsuyoshi, Mr.Kouichi Ishikawa] * Kadokawa Comic Ace

* Radio Drama *

* 3 volumes * OriginalAuthor:Mr.Hajime Kanzaka/Scriptwriter: Ms.Aki Tomato * Bbestack
VoiceActors: Ms.Satsuki Yukino(Letticia) Ms.Tomoko Kawakami(Manny) Ms.Kotono Mitsuishi(Queen)etc.

* Official website *

I.T.E.M. ENTERTAINMENT (Website of Mr.Hideki Hoshino, the designer of machine.)
Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.1: SheriffStarsMS mission01

(=> cover illust)

About 100years was past from when human species get the speed faster than light. The number of colonial planets increased rapidly. And, in one of them: Planet Freed, the governor-general ties up with a Mafia: Ragain Connection.

Martin was searching his daughter: Corry who is missing under the influence of the Mafia. And, he relied on Trouble Shooters, because they are people outside the planet. The company accepted the request was "SheriffStar Company", a trouble shoot company which is on FREE of charge weeks as opening special sale of the company.

Eather=Marion and Sommy=Marion in team-MorningStar, sent by the 2nd campaign section, beat assassins from the Mafia by their ability which is out of the ordinary. However, meanwhile, Martin was abducted by an assassin: Rortreck.

Though Rortreck ran away, Sommy and Eather saved Martin. Then, they three got aboard their spaceship: "Morning Star" and went to DastBlow, the place Rortreck said where Corry is. Ragain, the boss of the Mafia, ordered to intercept, and he heard a surprising story about "SheriffStar Company" from Colard, the chief of the trial and pilot factory on Planet Phaside, came to report on the destruction of the factory.

Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.2: SheriffStarsMS mission02

(=> cover illust)

The next work told by Timothy=Meister, the president of Sheriff Star Company, is the escort of Aldeo=Clornet to the main office of Croft Company on Mars. However, now, he is in Planet Melkia on the internal war. Sommy made a strong protest, but Eather accepted the work.

In order to pilot "Morning Star" after Sommy and Eather go down to Planet Melkia, "Queen"(of cause, self professed. Real name is unknown), the equipment section's chief of SheriffStar Company, was sent.

Under the support by team-ShootingStar and the very rough operation, Sommy and Eather in shuttle: "Dragoon" went down to Mars. They two run away from the pursuit, by the function of diving fitted by the interest of "Queen". And, on the car designed as OPEN CAR (of cause, without any roof) also by the interest of "Queen", they two started to drive to Ronald City----in the rain.

In the city ruined by the attack of Marionettes, the auto-military unit rising in revolt, Sommy and Eather met three children. Adults, hiding in the basement or a hotel with the children, asked Sommy and Eather to escort the children to Cruss City said as a safe place. Some minutes from when Sommy, Eather and the children went out of the city----Ronald City was wrapped in flames by the bombing of Marionettes.

They united with team-ShootingStar, and went to Cruss City on shuttle: "Wivern". Then, they went to the city office to hear about the children's parents, and happened to meet Aldeo, the client of this work.

Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.3: SheriffStarsMS mission03

(=> cover illust)

Here's the satellite port of Planet Esydra, where Elpa Company, the 2nd biggest company in the universe, governs substantially. Cliff was worried about that Sasya, his lover, investigates the case in which her younger sister: Masya, so Cliff asked "SheriffStar Company" to investigate the case. The neck of Masya's remains, which returned from the police, was sewed up-----.

Masya had become delinquent by the repellence against the society which sets a great value on the academic career of an individual. Sommy and Eather went to the scene of the murder, with a gang of Masya: Jack, Cliff, and Sasya. They left timid Cliff, and they 4 enter the building, and saw a room which is covered with blood even to its ceiling. It cannot be by a contention of Mafias. They 4 continued the search among the building, and were attacked by a man with 4 eye and big mouth. He is also a gene-bio-weapon, alike Sommy and Eather. They killed the man easily, but Sommy felt the man's remains seem her fate.....

It seems that Croft Company know the case, in which Masya was killed, is the test of bio-weapon of Elpa Company, and sent Sommy and Eather here on purpose. And, Elpa Company attacked Sommy and Eather to test about which is stronger their bio-weapon and Croft's bio-weapon. In short, it's a war by proxy between Croft and Elpa. Even though to know it, Sommy had no choice other than to fulfill her duty.

When Sommy and Eather were looking for map to invade Elpa's laboratory, they knew that Sasya was abducted. And, they were called to recycle-center, to confront Elpa's bio-weapon again.

Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.4: SheriffStarsMS mission04

(=> cover illust)

A major stockholder of Croft Company, the parent company of SheriffStar Company, was dead. Next job is to support team-ShootingStar, which is escorting the only heir of the major stockholder: Lude. He is traveling alone in Harst continent of Planet Galet. Letticia and Lude easily beat some men came to attack. But, Manny, a bio-weapon like Sommy and Eather, was beat by one man in black with mask beat. Probably, the man is "Eathis", mass-produced clone of Eather.

That seems because of the factional strife in Croft Company. But, Randolf=Meister, the president of Croft Company, said he will take no action till next directors' meeting held 2 weeks later.

Is Letticia, the daughter of Croft's president, trustworthy? Can I injure "Eathis", who has completely same looks with Eather? Sommy was worried about that.

Sommy objected to Letticia's plan: to return to guard Croft's president. But, it turned to clear that Lude renounced the right of succession. After all, Letticia and Manny returned to Mars, and Sommy and Eather continued to escort Lude till they receive the order to stop the job.

Sheriff Stars MS * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.5: SheriffStarsMS mission05

(=> cover illust)

Team-ShootingStar was sent to know the fate of team-MorningStar which lost radio contact. Letticia and Manny was invited to the inside of MorningStar by Sommy and Eather, and met Revian=Colard. Colard offered them the medicine and how to make it; the medicine can keep the life of Marion-series: Sommy, Eather and Manny. They 4 accepted the medicine and decided to escape the control by Croft Company.

However, the information of their breakaway was known by Croft Company, and MorningStar and ShootingStar, which were sent to subdue pirates of Planet Sunviewne, were attacked and sank by Croft Company's spaceships pretending pirates. They 4 landed on Planet Sunviewne by shuttle, and joined hands with pirates which were drove away by Croft. About that time, Colard also landed on Planet Sunviewne to help Marion-series, the key to make Colard's ideal come true.

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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