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* Slayers VS Orphen *

* This is the joint work written by Mr.Hajime Kanzaka and Mr.Yoshinobu Akita.
* The book was sold only as reserved edition.

Slayers VS Orphen * story *

* Novel *

* 1 volume (It was put in Dragon Magazine the extra number of April 2001: Fantasia Battle Royal.)
Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka, Mr.Yoshinobu Akita / Illusts: Mr.Rui Araizumi, Mr.Yuuya Kusaka * Fujimi Fantasia Bunko

* Voice Drama *

* 1 volume * Original Author:Mr.Hajime Kanzaka, Mr.Yoshinobu Akita
VoiceActors: Ms.Megumi Hayashibara(Lina) Mr.Yasunori Matsumoto(Gourry) Mr.Hikaru Midorikawa(Zelgadiss) Ms.Masami Suzuki(Ameria) Ms.Maria Kawamura(Naga) Mr.Shotaro Morikubo(Orphen) Ms.Mitsuki Saiga(Dorothy) Ms.Mikako Takahashi(Constance(=Coggie) Ms.Sayaka Ohara(Bonny) Mr.Takuma Takewaka(Keith) Mr.Yuji Ueda(Voim) etc.

* Official website *

Motsu-nabe no Higeki (Website of Mr.Yoshinobu Akita, the co-author.)
Slayers VS Orphen * story *

Slayers VS Orphen

Lina and Orphen were thrown out into uninhabited city, and were invited to the castle beyond the fog. The master of the castle: Voim (nickname: "Poimono") asked Lina and Orphen to live in his city. Voim is the person who summoned Lina and Orphen from other worlds.

About that time, Ameria, Gourry, Coggie, and Bonny was going toward the castle, and met insects in the sewer. The insects said they are also summoned from other world. They 4 headed for the heart of the castle, in order to beat Voim and get back to their world.

Lina and Orphen shot attack magic to Naga and Keith by reflex action, and ran away. But, while Lina and Orphen were fighting against Voim's subordinate, Naga and Keith caught up with Lina and Naga. Lina fights against Keith, and Orphen fights against Naga.

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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