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* Collected short stories. Light-fantasy, horror(?) in present day, and near-future type. "O.P.HUNTER" is newly written story, and other stories appeared serially in a magazine: The Sneaker.
* The contents of paperback and hard cover are same, but paperback doesn't have after-write. Paperback and hard cover has differen cover illust, and paperback was added some color-illusts.

O.P.HUNTER * story * The Fantasy III *

* Novel *

* 1 volume * Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Illusts: Ms.Yuriko Suda, Mr.Motoo Koyama, Mr.Akihiro Kimura, Mr.Akira Maesaki / CoverIllust: Ms.MineYoshizaki
Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko (hard-cover version is from "Kadokawa Shoten Shinsyo-ban Hard Cover Series".)

* Manga (Comic) *

(storyline follows novels.) * 2 volumes [=> manga list]
Original Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Comic Artist: Ms.Hiroko Touda * Asuka Comics Deluxe

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DEGITA ROUGE (Website of Mr.Akihiro Kimura, the illustrator.)
O.P.HUNTER * story * The Fantasy III *


(=> cover illust (paperback ver.) (=> cover illust (hard cover ver.)

"Yoru wo Wataru-mono"
[The Man goes through the Night]

(Illustrated by Ms.Yuriko Suda)

A swordswoman: Iris dropped in a village, and knows that "sorcerer": "Venom" commits crimes. There cannot be a man can use "magic", as "magic" already went out of existence long ago. So, Iris thought she found easy job just to beat fake-sorcerer, but Rail, the swordsman who dropped in the village earlier than Iris, got the job.

But, next day, Rail, who went to beat the sorcerer, was found a dead body. The village headman asked Iris to recruit some skilled fighters, but Iris made a pretext and went to beat Venom.

"Kaze no Fukumama"
[Leave Myself to Wind]

(Illustrated by Mr.Motoo Koyama)

A hunter: Kieth=Cloud was suddenly called as "the Hero of Light" by messengers, and was summoned to the castle. And, Kieth was pressed to beat "Dark Messiah" by "king's order".

To test the skill of two followers without seeing battle: Mary, the priest, and Craus, the sorcerer, Kieth and they two went to beat goblins. But, they three happened to encounter two members of "Dark Bless", and went to war.

"Sugata naki-mono----The Silent Thing"
[The Thing without Shape----The Silent Thing]

(Illustrated by Mr.Akihiro Kimura)

Mika Kitamura's friend: Ritsuko saw strange monster in underground shopping street. Then, an office worker in the neighborhood died of heart attack. Ritsuko insisted that his death is by the monster threw itself on the office worker. But, Mika couldn't see the monster though she was with Mika then.

After about one week, that monster appeared in the platform of subway. This time, Mika also see the monster, and the monster kill Ritsuko and grinned at Mika before to disappear. Mika consulted Ayaka, one of Mika's friends and enthusiast for occult, and Mika was made to have many occult goods as "charms".


(Illustrated by Mr.Akira Maesaki)

It's in near future after the civilization ruined by sudden drying up of oil resources. Sin and Mei are treasure hunters uses blue H.E.C (Heat Engine Car = thermal power car), and called as "O.P.Hunter" (= Oil Products Hunter).

Sin and Mei invaded territory of Kai, the owner of a tidal-powered electric plant. Kai leave O.P.Hunter at large in order to know where the undiscovered oil products are in his territory, and ordered Gorda and Saike to follow O.P.Hunter. Sin and Mei stayed the night in small village, and was attacked by Kai's subordinate: Kouga brothers in this night.

O.P.HUNTER * story * The Fantasy III *

* The Fantasy III *
(The Fantasy 3)
* This is the collected short stories by some authors. Mr.Kanzaka's work is only "Kaze no Fukumama", and it was put in "O.P.HUNTER" later.
* This book has 2 pages of Mr.Kanzaka's after-write, and it's in this book only.

* Novel *

Title: "The Fantasy III"
Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka, Yoshiki Tanaka, Tokio Tsumori, Junki Takegami, Shinobu Saeki
Illusts: Motoo Koyama, Sachiko Kamimura, Tomomi Kobayashi, Mutsumi Inomata, Akihiro Kimura / KADOKAWA FANTASY

* Official website *

(Official website of Mr.Yoshiki Tanaka)Wright Staff
(Personal website of Ms.Sachiko Kamimura)Yaneura-beya he youkoso
(Personal website of Ms.Tomomi Kobayashi)Hana no uta wo kiki-nagara
(Personal website of Mr.Akihiro Kimura)DEGITA ROUGE
(The summary of "Kaze no Fukumama" is in the upper of this page)

((Contents)) The Fantasy III

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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