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* This is the collected short stories by some authors, which is based on the setting contributed by Dragon Magazine's readers.
* Mr.Kanzaka's work is only "Ashita no Daimaou". All stories appeared serially in Dragon Magazine.

Ashita no Daimaou * story *

* Novel *

* 1 volume? * Title: "Totsugeki Anthology Shousetsu Tsukuruze!" [Dash-Anthology Make the Novels!]
("Ashita no Daimaou" is a short story put in the book: "Shousetsu Tsukuruze!".)
Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Illusts: Mr.Hiroshi Hiroyama * Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
(The book is corrected short stories, and has also stories written by Mr.Yoshinobu Akita, Mr.Syouji Gatou, Mr.Ichirou Sakaki. Illustrators are also different.)

* Official website *

TINY TREASURY (Website of Mr.Hiroshi Hiroyama, the illustrator.)
Piyopuh Honpo (Website of Ms.Naoko Kanazawa, the comic artist of "Syousetsu Tsukuruze!".)
Motsu-nabe no Higeki (Website of Mr.Yoshinobu Akita, the author of "Spell Break Trigger!".)
Ugo-Ugo Sakaki-kun (Website of Mr.Ichiro Sakaki, the author of "Weekend Messiah".)
gatoh.com (Website of Mr.Syoji Gatoh, the author of "Metal Soldier".)
C-Base 2nd (Website of Mr.Syungo Sumaki, the illustrator of "Spell Break Trigger!".)
Ashita no Daimaou * story *

Ashita no Daimaou ROAD TO DEMON LORD [The Future Demon Lord]

(=> cover illust)

It's the world where Demons (Mafias) are beat by Heroes (Policemen) one after another, and are sealed as the punishment. Morigana=Azumobued, the daughter of Demons Lord: Gradegoa=Azumobued who was sealed by Hero: Licald, entered the 3rd High School of Fureneid City, in order to succeed her father as creditable Demons Lord. It's the test imposed by her father to enter the high school, where only people with enough power are approved to enter, and to graduate from the school with top honors.

In the class of first day's afternoon, Morigana tackles the task to pass through a labyrinth, with her classmate: "the son of Hero" Rask=Licald, "Elf" Masya, "alchemist" Toris.

(contents) Syousetsu Tsukuruze!

* I borrowed wallpaper of this page from grand Fukuya[happy] cafe. Thank you so much!
Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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