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* SF-taste. All is newly written story.
* The cover-illust of vol.1, 2, 3 has 2 versions. New version is CG-used (and anime-type) illust.

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* Novel *

* 5 volumes * Author:Mr.Hajime Kanzaka/Illust:Ms.Shoko Yoshinaka * FujimiFantasiaBunko

* TV Anime *

(Half-original storyline.)
* 1 series (26 episodes) * TV Tokyo * 1998.Apr.- Sep.
VoiceActors: Mr.Souichiro Hoshi(Kane) Ms.Megumi Hayashibara(Canal) Ms.MifuyuHiiragi(Milly) Mr.Hikaru Midorikawa(Rail) Ms.Masami Suzuki(OriginalCharacter:Nihna) Mr.George Nakata(Stargazer) Mr.Yasunori Matsumoto(OC:Yami wo maku-mono)etc.

* Manga (Comic) *

* 4 volumes [=> manga list]
Original Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Comic Artist: Ms.Shoko Yoshinaka * Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.

* MAGIUS Table Talk RPG *

(Original storyline.)
Author:Mr.Mitsuhiro Nakazawa, ORG * FujimiDragonBook

Lost Universe Geimu Ugomeku. [Lost Universe trick-dream(game) wriggle.] (ISBN: 4-8291-4349-5)

* CD-ROM *

Lost Universe Canal ON YOUR Desktop (ISBN: 4-04-908314-0)

* Official website *

Lost Universe presented byDOGA (Website of the company made CG for TV anime)
Lost Universe * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.1: Gen-mu Mezameru
[The Waking of Phantom-Dream]

(=> cover illust (new ver.)

"What point in the hell is my clothes strange!?" Kane shouted waving his black mantle. Here's a small bar on a frontier planet. Kane beat hoodlums who pick a quarrel about his mantle and succeeded to keep his faith. Then, he doesn't know why, but he was thrown into a police cell.

He was released by Rail, a police inspector of Universal Guardian, in exchange for an easy work to seek a person. However, the fact is that the "easy work" is a work concerned with a criminal organization----

Then, he was coaxed into buying new beams by Canal, the main control system of Swordbreaker, he was bombarded by battle ships as soon as they arrived at the solar system, and he was picked a fight by underlings of the criminal organization as soon as he went down to Mars .....

At last, Kane find Claiv, the runaway. However, he doesn't know why, but Kane was thought as an assassin from "Nightmare", the biggest criminal organization of the galactic system----?

Lost Universe * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.2: You-mu Ugomeku
[The Wriggling of Weird-Dream]

(=> cover illust (new ver.)

"----Bombardment!?" Kane jump out of his bed at the same time with hearing a blast. He can't understand what way can make a pressure cooker explode, but anyway---- the cause of the explosion is Milly, who had been fired from a detective agency and had signed on Swordbreaker as a gunner and an assistant. Kane repented to have employed her, though a little too late----

Kane, a Trouble Contractor, chose a work to guard a cargo ship of Ragld company without taking it too seriously. Mere Space Pirates are no match for Swordbreaker, a Lost Ship, but---- according to the talk of Rail, a police inspector of U.G., who Kane and Milly happen to meet in a restaurant, the Space Pirated are, he don't know why, but going on attacking although ships of U.G. are coming.

Moreover, Pirates tried to blow off Rail, who had started going on with the legwork, with a bomb and crushed ships of "Nightmare". They cannot survive having U.G. and "Nightmare" for enemies----Why do the Pirates act so boldly!?

Lost Universe * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.3: Kyou-mu Zawameku
[The Being Astir of Evil-Dream]

(=> cover illust (new ver.)

The new sighting device which had been applied for a patent by Ragld company. One week after from when Kane, Canal, and Milly had known that a part of Lost Ship's technology used in the device, an unidentifiable squadron suddenly attacked Planet-Regn. They crushed patrol ships of U.G. and destroy Ragld company----

According to the data which Canal got by hacking, radar devices of Universal Guardian and Force couldn't catch the squadron at all. It seems that the squadron also uses the technology of Lost Ship----

About that time, a request to investigate the inside of Willkins company was approached to Kane. Tempted by money, Kane and Milly sneaked into "Kelbim", the space pilot plant of Willkins company, and find a middle-size space ship. The streamlined body covered by black armoring with organic-like form. ----This is also a Lost Ship!?

Lost Universe * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.4: Aku-mu Umareru
[The Birth of Nightmare]

(=> cover illust)

A boy and a girl are walking in the dark with a light. They get astray----then, the boy meets the "darkness"----
This small event happened on the Planet-Ruzolde about 50 years ago. That is the beginning of all----

"Five lights and your fear will kill you. Don't fear. If you hold your life dear." All crew of F-183 mobile cruise unit of U.F. was dead just after they got the communication and a laser holography with reverse-pentagram form.
----"darkness" woke up. In order to scatter darkness and nightmare to the Galaxy again----

Kane and Milly told all by Canal took a work of Gazer-Konzaern, the ostensibly company of "Nightmare", and went to Ruzolde. During guarding a rare-metal transport ship, "Lagudo Mezegis", a Lost Ship of "Nightmare", suddenly came and attacked. Swordbreaker was involved in sudden self-explosion of the transport ship, then escaped from chase of "Lagudo Mezegis" by Phase-Drive. But, Swordbreaker lost its control and fall to Planet-Jennor!

Lost Universe * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 * Vol.5 *

Vol.5: Yami Owaru-toki
[The Ending time of Darkness]

(=> cover illust)

Long long ago. There is a civilization in the Galaxy. The difference of people's values made two big opposing influences----then, one of the influences succeeded to develop a new ship which has System-Dark Star, the system can kill people using "fear" as energy. The space ship, which named "Dugradigdo" from the legendary Dark Lord, killed people who had made itself by the system, with five guard ships named from five weapons of the Dark Lord----

In order to destroy "Dugradigdo" scattering ruin, a ship which has Erase-System and use "hope" as energy was made. And, the ship was given the name of the legendary God: Volfeed. The ship canceled System-Dark Star out by Erase-System and exhausts all energy, then----they got to sleep on a planet.

The Galaxy is filled with fear. The reverse-pentagram-form holography already destroyed all inhabitants of seven planets in succession. All people can do is to pray not to appear the holography over their head----"Fear" spread all around the Galaxy give "darkness" more power----

Rail who lost his family started a compulsory search of "Nightmare", and invaded to "Hekatoncheir", the headquarters of "Nightmare".

Stargazer bombarded fleets of U.G. and U.F., moreover he began to kill people pf Planet-Ruzolde and staff of "Nightmare". To get more "fear".

"Swordbreaker" approaches "Hekatoncheir". Now, the battle at the risk of the fate of the Galaxy begin----

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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