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* Higaeri Quest *
[One Day Quest]

* Light-fantasy of "summoned to another world" type. All is newly written story.
Higaeri Quest * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

* Novel

* 4 volumes * Author:Mr.Hajime Kanzaka/Illusts:Mr.Masahisa Suzuki * KadokawaSneakerBunko

* Manga (Comic) *

* 9 volumes [=> manga list]
Original Author: Mr.Hajime Kanzaka / Comic Artist: Ms.Yutaka Nanten * Asuka Comics
Higaeri Quest * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.1: Nariyuki makase no Ihoujin(stranger)
[The Stranger who Leave things to Chance]

"This is the very situation I'm look forward to!"
Eri got excited ignoring Rex stays absent-mindedly.

Rex summoned her just as a sample of "human of the other world". But, Eri succeeded to make him agreed to summon her again when the sign on the machine show "SUN AM 10:00", by to make Rex wore her watch and to threaten telling it's a self-explosion device.

----And, Eri's every-weekend trip to the other world started.

Eri thought it's just an interesting sightseeing. However, Rex is a member of a resistance with Prince Cluegar as the head, and they has the plan to attack one of 4 towers which make the barrier, in order to recover the castle from Gioram=Basker that attacked the Fainnel castle suddenly and started the experimentation of the barrier----

Higaeri Quest * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.2: Komatta monda no Toraware-bito(prisoner)
[The Prisoner is Trouble Maker]

(=> cover illust)

The bluff of "self-explosion device" came out, but Cluegar agreed to summon her like till now. On the other hand, Bezua, the chief of the tower of white wing and failed to defend the tower, is growing the hatred to Eri----

Eri made a plan to make a long travel during her summer vacation. However, Eri and Cluegar went out for a walk to the suburbs, and caught by slaves-hunter of Gioram.

Eri picked a quarrel during the auction of slaves. And, Lardy, a scholar researching human, had interest in Eri and buy her on impulse. And, Cluegar was bought by Meze, a merchant, with the price 10 times more than Eri's price.

About that time, generals of Fainnel are planning to help Cluegar out of Gioram's city. As one part of the plan, Rex stole into the barrier of Gioram----

Higaeri Quest * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.3: Kenbutsu kibun no Ryokou-nin(traveler)
[The Traveler in Sightseeing Mood]

(=> cover illust)

Eri spend most of her summer vacation in the other world, and was shocked by her marks of a surprise test of physics. And, she walks the city in the other world, reading a study-aid book. She accidentally helped a beautiful woman in the city. In fact, the woman is Lardy changing her figure to human's figure by magic. Baizar, the leader of prince's bodyguards, fell in love with Lardy at first sight, and Eri made fun of him.

On the other hand, Bezua grew impatient at the weak attitude of Zomd, the Laira=Gioram(White Light Lord) and the leader of the experimentation of the barrier. Then, Bezua went to the home country and ask Ziglad, the Grea=Gioram(Gold King) to send reinforcements. Bezua got the right to command the reinforcements and started to attack human's cities indiscriminately, ignoring the Zomd's intention----

Higaeri Quest * Vol.1 * Vol.2 * Vol.3 * Vol.4 *

Vol.4: Machigai darake no Chuusai-nin(mediator)
[The Mediator with Many Mistakes]

(=> cover illust)

It's autumn of 11th grade in high school, near to become "Jukensei (a student preparing for entrance examinations)". Both "entrance examinations" and "job hunting" are unwelcome things, but there's no other choice. However, Eri has another choice. That is----"emigration to the other world".

About that time, Gioram suddenly made a proposal for "armistice and peace". Are Gioram serious? Or----?

On the other hand, Bezua knew that "Zomd made a proposal to human" and decided to obstruct the plan. To Eri, to incompetent Gioram. Now, Bezua's hatred is against everyone----

Where will this "the meeting for armistice" go? And, which way will Eri choose----? The concluding volume of Higaeri Quest!

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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