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* Light-fantasy. All is newly written story.
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* 6 volumes * Author:Mr.Hajime Kanzaka/Illusts:Mr.Yoshitaka Taniguchi * FujimiFantasiaBunko
* "Cross Cadia World Guide Tsuki ni Tsubasa no Kage wo Min" (Short story which isn't published as a book. It was put only on 2003 December issue of Dragon Magazine.)

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TURNINGPOINT (Website of Mr.Yoshitaka Taniguchi, the illustrator.)
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Vol.1: Tsuki Meguru Chi no Raihousha-tachi
[The Visitors on the Ground where Moons move around]

(=> cover illust)

Sindred=Cairam, a student of Barges city military training school, was made half of sandwiches he ordered eaten by Mei, the girl sitting a chair on the opposite side of table before he was aware. Moreover, he was appointed to her 2nd subordinate by her. Sin thought it is the best way to ignore such a strange person and looked out of the window. At the same time, a destruction-type Cramble burst on his table.

The next day. Sin, who had finished the practical training of school and had gotten home, found Mei, who had gone away from the restaurant without noticed yesterday, on his bed. Sin was forced to protect Mei who had lost her memory and is being followed by somebody.

A Deiva came to attack following up her "smell". Mei, who must have been fatally wounded, launched a counterattack using Cramble without item. The Deiva retreated by breaking into by Lezeld, a student came from a country of Dragno. However, "I made Mei being on the edge of death."----The fact weighs heavily on Sin's heart----

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Vol.2: Kage Meguru Chi no Kaikousha-tachi
[The Encounters on the Ground where Shadows move around]

(=> cover illust)

The woman who was defeated in the battle for kitchen garbage against a stray dog: Lafra=Rifra pledged her loyalty to Mei, the passer-by who gave bread to Lafra=Rifra.

Sin rode a crambling-wagon for the first time by invitation of the transfer student: Ridny. So, Sin got home in good spirits. But, Mei, the freeloader, used savings without permission (though, Mei argues it's money buried she found), so Sin suddenly became poor.

One of 3 assassins of Deiva: Iris visited Mei as Ridny's servant, following the order: "If possible, search her true colors" by Bruzioras, the Foreign Minister of Deiva. However, Iris was sensed as Deiva by Mei, moreover Iris felt an atmosphere of menace of Lafra=Rifra on the roof. So, Iris retreated getting shaken. By the report of Iris and Ridny, who was beat by Sin in the lesson of swordsmanship, Assassins of Deiva took it for granted that Mei expected next attack, and recruited skilled subordinates. So, assassins stopped research about Mei, and began to defeat one by one.

First, Deiva transformed themselves into Guardian(police) and attacked Lezeld in the dormitory. And, next day, they transformed themselves into classmates and tried to kill Sin in school. But, it was prevented by Lezeld who also transformed himself into a classmate. Sin and Lezeld tried to go out, not to involve classmates, but Deiva collapsed the passage by Cramble. Assassins returned to their true form, as they are known as Deiva. And, they flew to Sin's house in order to kill Mei, but Mei had gone to shopping by chance.

Sin and Lezeld have a very narrow escape from the collapse of the passage, and dashed for Sin's house. On the way, they found Mei and Lafra=Rifra on shopping by chance. But, Sin seized Mei by the collar, in frenzy against Mei's easy tone.
----Collapsed passage of school. Many groans with pain. My friend also may be killed by Deiva's attack.
----If only Mei were killed---- Sin was haunted by the idea, even though he desperately tried not to think it.

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Vol.3: Kaze Wataru Chi no Hourousha-tachi
[The Wonderers on the Ground where Wind blow over]

(=> cover illust)

Sin was made boards the train to Northern Gaia, the country of Lezeld. Moreover, Sin is also irritated by himself who go with Mei and company with no reason. Naturally Sin was in the worst temper, but he saw the sea for the first time and recovered his temper easily.

At last, he began to enjoy the travel. But, before long, Deiva came to attack them, and blown off the roof and the wall of the train. And, Sin and Mei fell off the train which was running at a terrific speed to shake off Deiva. While Lezeld and Lafra=Rifra were looking for Sin and Mei desperately, Sin and Mei met a woman Deiva. The Deiva introduced herself as Sin and his company's side, and just said "Go to the east town, after you link up with your company." and went away.

Lafra=Rifra, a Riwarder, transformed to half-beast and sensed Mei's smell. So, Sin and his 3 company could merge easily, and began to walk toward the east. When they are tired out from walking through mountain path staying up all night, the town appeared in front of them.

They wanted to take ship from the town, in order to avoid Deiva pursuit. But, the town was a part of battlefield of 50 year-ago big war, so townspeople don't have good sentiment toward Dragno, and no one set sail to Northern Gaia. The master of a restaurant introduced a man who will set sail to Northern Gaia, but the man was the master(priest) of Rion.....and, his "edifying sermon" seems to keep for a long time.

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Vol.4: Kaze Sawagu Chi no Toubousya-tachi
[The Escapees on the Ground where Wind is noisy]

(=> cover illust)

Sin, Mei and Lafra=Rifra arrived at the birthplace of Lezeld=Ginos=Lejizanor: Northern Gaia, and they are given temporary house by Triginos, the sovereigns of Dragno. But, Sin and his company feel suspicious about observation by Dragno. Just when Sin and his company shook off shadows pretending shopping, they were attacked by Cramble.

Sin, Mei and Lafra=Rifra escaped from the city, and female Deiva: Gisoul joined to them. They four decided to go to the birthplace of Lafra=Rifra: Eastern Gaia. On the other hand, the Foreign Minister of Deiva: Burujioras visited Dragno's country to chase Mei. Lezeld was given the role to guide Burujioras and his party.

Burujioras and his party caught up with Sin, Mei and Lafra=Rifra on the run. And, during the battle, Cram Blade was stuck to Mei's stomach accidentally. Burujioras and his party retreated by Lezeld's words. But, Mei was seriously injured by Cram Blade, although the blade is effective only to Deiva. In order to release Mei's special power, Gisoul threw Mei into the moon-drop-fish, and then----the light expanded, and the law of Cramble was broken.

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Vol.5: Tsuki Nemuru Chi no Hangyakusya-tachi
[The Rebels on the Ground where Moons are sleeping]

(=> cover illust)

In order to break the seal of Rufardrion: the "moon" which is worshipped by Jade-moon-clan of Riwarder as a God, Jade-moon-clan, which is led by Nenes=Totoru, helps Sin and his company who want to go to "moon" to help Mei's parents. But, it is regarded as the treason against Gods by Bright-moon-clan, and Bright-moon-clan cooperated with Burujioras and his party, who are ordered to kill Mei, and pursued Jade-moon-clan's camp.

The "road" to the moon called as Croneon, where Rufardrion lives, is sealed, so Sin and his company went toward the moon called as Varta, where Ryukyuto lives. While Jade-moon-clan forces Bright-moon-clan to stay on, Sin, Mei, Lafra=Rifra, Gisoul, and Lezeld, who joined halfway, arrived at the "road" to moon.

Sin, Mei, and Lafra=Rifra jumped into the "road" ahead, and Gisoul and Lezeld took the job to force Burujioras and his party to stay on. But, the 5th moon went down before Lezeld run after Sin, Mei, and Lafra=Rifra, and the "road" was closed.

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Vol.6: Hoshi Meguru Chi no Houmonsya-tachi
[The Visitors on the Ground where Stars move around]

(=> cover illust)

Sin and his company are led by Mei, and keep going through the white passage. The way out is to the area of Rufardrion, the God who was sealed for the punishment of having a child with Deiva. Sin and his company convince Ryucsenor=Rigudo, Lashir=Fractal, and other Riwarders who serve Rufardrion. And, they go to Rufardrion together.

Other 4 Gods send their Riwarders to Rufardrion's area, in order to prevent the release of Rufardrion. Thereabout, Burujioras and Guitz following Mei make a surprise attack on Riwarders, and rob the wristbands as the pass permit. Sin and his company is found by opponent Riwarders, so they give up the disturbance tactic and try to bulldoze their way through.

Burujioras and Guitz are "invited" by Gods, and led to the front of crystal column. Mei's father, who was sealed together with Rufardrion, is Deiva's retired king: Zolgameil.

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Cross Cadia World Guide "Tsuki ni Tsubasa no Kage wo Min"
[Watch the Shadow of the Wing on the Moon]

(Short story which isn't published as a book. It was put only on 2003 December issue of Dragon Magazine.)
(It has no plan to be published as a book. The number of page is about 5, except illustrations. The timeline is vol.2 from other view point.)

"I" am a reporter of the gossip magazine called as "Barges Weekly". One night, I witness the wing cutting across the moon. I think the wing is the Deiva who caused the incident about 1 month ago, and begin to poke around to get the scoop.

I visited the house of the student who was involved in that incident, but the student is out. But there's a girl called as Mei, and she says "(Deiva) came with a box of cookie." Another woman with strange cloths: Lafra=Rifra says "I haven't seen (Deiva)." I finally catch Sindred on the way home from military training school, but he demands to treat a sandwich set.

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Summary and rough translation: Tokitama * Copyright reserved.
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