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Prices in Slayers World

(This data is till vol.23 of Slayers Special.)
I calculated by the rate: 1 gold coin = 20 silver coin = 400 copper coin = 40,000 yen (from fan-club's interview)
(For currency conversion from Japanese yen, please visit =>Yahoo! Finance Currency Conversion)

Item (in reasonable price)

bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment
SP 6 p48deep-fried cuttlefish1 silver coin 2,000 yen price of Fara's eating secretly from Lina's lanch course. Cuttlefish is expensive food? .....maybe, Lina demanded the price of lanch course.
SP 16 p133"The grill never gives out smoke, even if fishes are grilled on it" (in reasonable price)1 silver coin 2,000 yen The cost of materials is 20 gold coins (=800,000 yen).
Main 2 p731 leev1/10 gold coin 4,000 yen currency around Atlas City
SP 17 p188huge casting net2 gold coins 80,000 yen the net isn't strengthened by magic.
Main 1 p192rapiermore than 500 silver coins more than 1,000,000 yen "It's not enough even to buy a rapier."
Main 4 p76rapierless than 550 silver coins less than 1,100,000 yen "You can buy even a rapier." It seems a reasonable price.
SP 5 p731 pair (2 disks) of Regrus disks100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen Magic Item like transceiver. Expensive..... BTW, 10,000 yen is enough to buy 1 pair of transceiver.
SP 22 p134The sword made of Oriharukon1,600 to 8,000 gold coins 64,000,000 to 320,000,000 yen In short sword size. The price is when it's sold to curious and rich noble.
bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment

Price Index (?)

bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment
Main 10 p26reward to capture habitual robber and handed him over to the public office.5 silver coins 10,000 yen The robber came to rob Gourry's sword.
SP 2 p200an example for small debt.5 silver coins 10,000 yen When a lord borrow from another lord.
SP 3 p158reward, which the student sorceress: Crea can pay.6 silver coins 12,000 yen as the reward to help to search the castle where Vampire lives. It would be reasonable because she is student.
SP 20 p104money carried in the pocket of Miriera, Cerenias Kingdom's foolish secret agent.6 silver coins and 2 copper coins 12,200 yen
SP 12 p79prize money to eat 10 plateful of roast meat within the given time10 silver coins 20,000 yen an event of the restaurant
SP 17 p164very low reserve fund (advance payment)2 gold coins 80,000 yen correct amount is unknown, because Farnes would pocket a rake-off.
SP 11 p143not so bad amount as a reward50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen The job to harass the opponent who harassed the client.
SP 8 p155The money in about 10 robbers' pocket.10 gold coins 400,000 yen The sum isn't enough to ask a job at all. 40,000 yen per a robber.
SP 23 p90not big money, but not small money for a villager of small mountain village.10 gold coins 400,000 yen The reward to help kidnapped girl. Maybe include the reward to beat robbers.
SP 9 p95The big money for ordinary people. (maybe it's a small sum for professional mercenaries and sorcerers.)dozens of gold coin more than 400,000 yen The first prize money of treasure-hunt game of assassin village.
SP 6 p48"not so bad" reward20 gold coins 800,000 yen The reward to help to get an item, and beat competitor (include Naga).
SP 15 p15not bad reward for Sorcerer Guild. (Sorcerer Guild's reward is usually very low.)20 gold coins 800,000 yen It's not very bad even in normal market price.
bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment
SP 5 p46considerable sum of money50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen The fee contingent on success to rescue Reirie from kidnapper. (it's paid to each person.)
SP 13 p87pretty good reward (the reward to guard private beach)50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen 5 gold coins (= 200,000 yen) for each person per a day. The term is 10 days.
SP 15 p155The reward which isn't a small sum at all.50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen The job to beat a designer who spread strange fashion.
SP 5 p42money enough to live a life of ease10,000 gold coins 400,000,000 yen The ransom for Reirie, the daughter of rich merchant Carl. The wealthy person have to sell out all chattels to make the ransom, so it may not be "enough to live without working", but "enough to live it up extravagantly". Then, commodity price may be lower than Japan.
SP 16 p98The reward which isn't a small sum at all.100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen The job to escort the cliant being aimed for the item he has.
SP 19 p55clearly big money100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen It's not the amount which a small village can pay easily.
SP 20 p250The amount which Marine doesn't seem to have in her pocket.100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen She has it actually, though.
SP 11 p78All property of Lord Kairas1 or 20,000 gold coins 400,000,000 to 800,000,000 yen all things in his treasure house. (not include his castle itself etc.)
SP 13 p138Jack's debt for gambling and women20,000 gold coins 800,000,000 yen His private beach was dispossessed in payment for debts. I wonder how he could borrow such a big money, even he has mortgage.
SP 12 p234annual earnings of Graseed Handicrafts Associationtens or hundreds of millions of gold coin 400,000,000,000 to 36,000,000,000,000 yen The organization is aligned with more than 80% of fashion company used by royalty and titled nobility. 10,000,000 gold coins = 400,000,000,000 yen, 900,000,000 golc coins = 36,000,000,000,000 yen.
bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment


bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment
SP21 p16reward to ask Naga to keep laughing all through the night in the indicated place.1 gold coin 40,000 yen It's effective to cause headache around there. Scheduled term was 20 days. (= 20 gold coins = 800,000 yen)
SP 12 p273to beat the pursuers from Graseed Handicrafts Association.2 gold coins 80,000 yen Lina took the job to rob treasures of the association.
SP 8 p32to ask to hand a robber to the public office in the night.10 gold coins 400,000 yen If to ask to Lina when the public office is closed.
SP 17 p207contingent fee to beat each experimental animals.10 gold coins 400,000 yen Sorcerer Guild's requset. There're 5 experimental animals which run away. (= 50 gold coins = 2,000,000 yen)
SP 23 p19advance payment to teach attack magic, breaking rules of Sorcerer Guild10 gold coins 400,000 yen personal request by Sorcerer Guild's president. And, show a secret book as future payment.
SP 4 p217to ask Naga to hold secret communication.20 gold coins 800,000 yen some gold coins are given every time Naga give information.
SP 11 p130to help King's army to beat Lord who rose in revolt.20 gold coins 800,000 yen
SP 3 p169enough money to make Lina or Naga go over to the other side. (advance payment)50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen advance payment by Vampire. (for each person)
SP 5 p13to help Jeffrey to beat a band of thieves, includes hush money.50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen for each person. It's written as "30 gold coin" in page 11.....is it the rest after to pay the charge of inn and restaurant?
SP 7 p51to help Lecter's love.50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen He fell in love with Naga....
SP 13 p69to ask Naga to beat Lina. (contingent fee)50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen Naga couldn't beat Lina after all, though.
SP 17 p126prize money to win the return match to stake out a spot.50 gold coins 2,000,000 yen
SP 4 p61enough money to make Naga go over to the other side.100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen to take the side of Sorcerer Guild's vice-president who rose in revolt.
SP 14 p85to regain the stolen pot treasured by the family. (contingent fee)100 gold coins 4,000,000 yen advance payment is 5 gold coins. (= 200,000 yen)
SP 10 p29to ask Naga to help to beat strange Living Mail.30 gold coins 1,200,000 yen after taking a liking by 100 gold coins = 4,000,000 yen. (p58) substantially, total 130 gold coins. (= 5,200,000 yen)
SP 7 p12to prevent Ragan from getting "Shadow Reflector".200 gold coins 8,000,000 yen on a first-come-first-served basis.
SP 17 p235prize money of the scramble of Kainam=Iriol.200 gold coins 8,000,000 yen The reserve fund is 10 gold coins. (= 400,000 yen)
bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment

Rip-off, Asking price, and Others

bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment
Main 15 p127charge to repair a greenhouse. (special price by Xelloss)2 copper coins 200 yen to make up for coins which Lina lend to Xelloss. It's very low price.
SP 2 p194small money scattered to drive blackmailera back.some copper coins handreds yen Barel, the commander, scattered.
SP 22 p19rip-off price of a kabob2 silver coins 4,000 yen kabob of lamb and onion. 10 kabob is 1 gold coin. (40,000 yen)
SP 22 p30rip-off price of an apple10 silver coins 20,000 yen
SP 13 p165rip-off price of "vegetable salad"10 gold coins 400,000 yen "It's better than to eat Garbart's cooking that whole cabbage is served as 'vegetable sarad' and 1 gold coin is charged."
SP 10 p184to ask Naga to tell where Wilerne is.20 gold coins 800,000 yen It's the price suggested by Naga. One Fire Ball is enough instead of money.
Main 9 p156Nameless magic sword which can use Diem Wind530 silver coins 1,060,000 yen It's the price Lina offered for Luke's sword.
Main 1 p192Sword of Light550 silver coins 1,100,000 yen the price offered by Lina. It's priceless normally.
Main 10 p117reward to help Larvas or Beisam.200 to 300 gold coins 8,000,000 to 12,000,000 yen the price offered by Lina.
SP 22 p131buying price of the sword made of Oriharukon (stolen article)400 gold coins 16,000,000 yen It's in short-sword size, and dull.
SP 13 p225rip-off price of fruit service of inn.10,000 gold coins 400,000,000 yen It's too high price even though it's rip-off.....
SP 13 p228rip-off commission of tasting and comment.100,000 gold coins 4,000,000,000 yen It's the counterattack against the above rip-off.
Main 4 p76Talisman of Demon Blood5,500,000 silver coins 11,000,000,000 yen Lina bought the talisman from Xelloss. The contents of Lina's bag is great.
Main 9 p157Nameless magic sword which can use Diem Wind53,000,000,000 silver coins 106,000,000,000,000 yen the price offered by Luke oh.....
bookthingprice Japanese yendetails Comment

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