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Kanzaka, Hajime

(Family-name: "Kanzaka" comes first in Japanese order of name.)
(His name is written also as "Hajime KANZAKA" in English order.)
Birth: 1964.July.17th Sex: male
Home: Osaka, Japan (Hometown: Hyogo)
Job: Novelist of light-novel, various works for media-mix (check script of TV anime, write script of anime movie, write story of video game, etc.), a member of jury of "Fantasia full-length novel grand prize", etc.
Works: Slayers, Lost Universe, Sheriff Stars, Cross Cadia, Higaeri Quest, etc.
* When he was a junior high school student, he was enthusiastic about Gundam.
* When he was a high school student, he wrote a SF novel, and it became the base of "Slayers".
* He became an ordinary office worker, after graduating from college.
* He applied for "the 1st fantasia full-length novel grand prize", and "Slayers!" got the 2nd prize. (the result was announced in 1988.)
* 1988, he debuted as a novelist by "the prince of Saillune" on Dragon Magazine.
* He retired from office, a while later from when his income as a novelist became more than his salary as an office worker.
* 1995, "Slayers" series became TV anime. And, his name appeared in novelist section of the list of millionaires
Note: He has an official fan club: Mega Brand Project.
* He is a collector of T.C.G (Trading Card Game) and Ganpura (plastic model of Gundam).
* He really loves cats. And, he has small dried sardines in his pocket, in case of he meets a cat during walking.
* He is one of fans of Mr.Kou Hiura, a novelist. He likes video game. He is a camera-hater. He likes to cook. He really hates udon with curry. (memo: "udon" is a kind of Japanese noodles.)
* He is sometimes called as "The most modest novelist".
* His name appeared in novelist section of the list of millionaires, for some years since 1995, the year "Slayers" became a TV anime. (He dislikes to be called as "millionaire", so take care.)
* It's certain that his name will go down in history of light-novel.
* Many readers enjoy his "atogaki" (after write). And, some readers even read "atogaki" first, before to read the story.
* In return for fan-letter, he will sent back a New Year's Card with illust he wrote. (He likes doodling, so his illust is good.)
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Araizumi, Rui

(also written as "Rui ARAIZUMI" in English order.)
Birth: 196?.Feb. (it's said the age difference between Mr.Kanzaka and Mr.Araizumi is 1 or 2 years.) Sex: male
Home: Tokyo, Japan (Hometown: Tokyo)
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist, character design of anime.
Works: Slayers (illust, comic-lize), Muteki-ou Tri-zenon (draft of chara-design), Chou-tantei Hayabusa (illust) etc.
Note: 2 artbooks. ("SLAYERS", "SLAYERS DRA-MATA")
* When he was a student, he debuted as comic artist.
* He wrote an adult comic. (titled as "Chotto-dake Specter". It was serialized on a magazine named "Pumpkin", then it published in 1988.) Maybe, it's his 1st work.
* He publishes doujinshi. (group-name is "Rui Rui Kikaku", "Rui Rui Tei", "Uraryon Kikaku" etc.)
* He is good at crane-game, so there're many gifts of UFO catcher in his room.
* His handle-name is apt to be misunderstood as female, and is sometimes divided by mistake, like "Araizu Mirui".
* He likes cats. He doesn't cook at all.
* It's said he has some assistants.
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Yoshinaka, Shoko

Sex: female
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist, Anime Character Design.
Works: Lost Universe (Illust, comic-lize), Slayers (comic-lize), Bukan-bengoshi El Win (illust), Gokuhi 4-gouki syoumetsu-chu (original comic, anthology of Evangerion), Game Comic Collection (original comic, adult anthology of Silva Saga), etc.

Tommy Ohtsuka

Birth: 19??.March.14th Sex: male
Job: Comic Artist
Works: Slayers Special (comic-lize), Slayers The Knight of Aqua Lord (comic-lize), Slayers Premium (comic-lize), Rescue Angel (original comic), etc.
Note: Official site (Studio Zombie no Space Runaway!)

Suzuki, Masahisa

Sex: male
Job: Illustrator
Works: Higaeri Quest (illust), ARIEL (illust), Suna no Tami no Densetsu (illust), YURIHIME (illust), Star Handler (illust), Universal Army (illust), etc.
Note: 3 artbooks. ("ARIEL ILLUSTRATIONS", "Gokuraku Yuugi", "TROPICO")

Nanten, Yutaka

Sex: female
Job: Comic Artist
Works: Higaeri Quest (comic-lize), Cowboy Bebop (comic-lize), Ouji-sama no Kikan (original comic), Fuyu no Opera (comic-lize), etc.

Suda, Yuriko

(a.k.a. Kurumigi, Kurumi)
Sex: female
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist
Works: Yoru wo Wataru-mono (illust, put in O.P.HUNTER), Ikai-hanjou-ki Hiyokoya Syouten (original comic), Makyou-gakuen Fuuun-ki Hyper Helf & Helf (original comic), Onegai!! Majin-sama (original comic, Yaoi type), etc.
Note: 2 artbooks. ("Citrus Celery", "WAI WAI WAI")

Koyama, Motoo

Sex: male
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artst
Works: Kaze no Fuku-mama (illust, put in O.P.HUNTER), Ozanari Dungeon (original comic), Pakurikon (original comic), Angel Note (original comic), etc.

Kimura, Akihiro

Birth: 1970.March.21th Sex: male
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist
Works: Yami no Sadame wo Seou-mono (illust), Sugata naki-mono --The Silent Thing (illust, put in O.P.HUNTER), Emerald Dragon (illust), Train Raider (illust), Project Remover (illust, comic-lize), Alnam no Kiba (illust), Rainege Saga (original comic), etc.
Note: Official site (DEGITA ROUGE) 2 artbooks. ("PURE WHITE", "ROUGE -Wing of Millennium-")

Maesaki, Akira

Sex: female
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist
Works: O.P.HUNTER (illust), Nyan-Nyan Kageki-dan (original comic), Sugar Boys (comic, anthology, Yaoi type), etc.

Touda, Hiroko

Sex: female
Job: Comic Artist
Works: Kanzaka Hajime Collection (comic-lize of O.P.HUNTER), Gokudo-kun Manyuki THE BADDEST (comic-lize), Magic School LUNAR! (comic-lize), etc.

Mitsuyoshi, Kenji

Sex: male
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist
Works: Trouble Shooter Sheriff Stars (illust, comic-lize), TERMINATOR 3 (comic-lize), Takuhai-ya Poo (comic-lize), Reggie Miller Monogatari (comic-lize), Shaquille O'neal Monogatari (comic-lize), etc.

Taniguchi, Yoshitaka

(a.k.a. Tanimeso)
Sex: male
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist, Design
Works: Cross Cadia (illust), ZOIDS Web Comic (comic-lize), Summon Night (design assistant), etc.
Note: Official site (TURNING POINT)

Hiroyama, Hiroshi

Birth: 1981.July.19th Sex: male
Job: Illustrator, Comic Artist
Works: Ashita no Daimaou (illust, put in Shousetsu Tsukuruze!), Unlimited Fantasm (comic-lize, anthology of Fate/stay night), etc.
Note: Official site (TINY TREASURY)

Shinma, Daigo

Sex: male
Job: Illustrator
Works: Jabrow no Daichi ni (illust, put in Senkou to natta Senshi-tachi), Cryptonomicon (illust), Juggler (illust), INNOCENCE (illust), Uchuu Seimei Zukan (illust), etc.
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